Asics vs Brooks: Difference Between Asics and Brooks Shoes

Foot comfort is the greatest satisfaction and requirement in the world of running. Various manufacturers in the industry produce various different shoes. With the rise in manufacturers and different brands of running shoes, choosing the right pair of shoes may be challenging.

It is now the time to review in order to ensure the runners receives the best footwear possible to remain healthy, happy and active without sacrificing too much money or comfort. On today’s list, Asics and Brooks are the two popular models that continue to be seen on the streets and trails alike. When determining which shoe is better and honestly either one is the good option, it is very important to know what makes the shoe wearable, comfortable, and also good for the body. So are you confused about what to buy? Here are a quick comparison and their main differences too that will solve all your issue. All you need to do is check the best shoes as per your needs and requirements and you will all be there!

Difference between Asics vs Brooks


Over the last few years, Brooks shoes have started to close in on the Asics running shoes. The reason being, Brooks offers more stability. For the longest time, Asics was known for the interior comfort and stability. Over time, Brooks has made the interior of their shoes significantly softer than Asics.


While compared to the lightweight Asics, Brooks carries the heritage of high durability with a protective running shoe for most of the runners. You will find it unresponsive and stiff whereas Asics provide only decent support or feel.

Not to discourage you from considering Asics though as it offers the maximum support in the long run.


Brooks running shoes provide a softer, comforting and smooth ride to the neutral runners while the Asics provide a quiet ride coupled with the maximum protection from the rugged road for the long runs. Both shoes will provide you great comfort but concentrate on your running time.


Both the shoes provide maximum cushioning for your feet in that, Asics and Brooks feature mesh with no-sew overlays for the complete structure and also the best support to your toes.

Asics shoes are available mostly in cool, calm colors but there is much more to know in these shoes other than the good looks. The supportive cushioning and breathable mesh will keep your feet comfortable and cool as you challenge yourself with those long runs.

These shoes are designed for the runners who tend to put more pressure on the outer side of the foot when running and pushing off, which is known as supination. Performance-wise, the shoe is durable and reliable thanks to the outsole’s high abrasion rubber and the midsole’s SpEVA foam material. Padding on the shoe’s collar and tongue offers an extra layer of comfort and more secure fit.

Runners with overpronation have specific arch support requirements. When those needs aren’t met, the joy of running is replaced with the discomfort in the knees and other joints. Fortunately, Asics is kind enough to provide plenty of options to the runners with this issue.

The durable rubber tread handles slippery terrain well, while the heel counter keeps you stable, even though you are an overpronator. Asics shoe has gel cushioning that acts as a shock absorber, so you can run as hard as you want without discomfort.

Disadvantages of Asics

A few insoles of Asics shoe isn’t removable. Hence, check before you purchase. A few heels comes to a V sharp shape which is uncomfortable. These shoes are heavier than some other trail running shoe options. This is especially when you consider men’s footwear.

Some people need to go up or down a half-size while ordering, based on their history with the brand. You will need to clean the shoes manually instead of throwing them in the washing machine. Asics can feel too stiff and sturdy for the midfoot runners.

Advantages of Brooks

Brooks is a brand that has a wide range of running shoes for all type of runners. From designing sports attires and accessories to manufacturing durable and versatile running shoes, Brooks has managed to conquer the athletic space.

Brooks is great for knee pain, flat feet, heel spurs, hip pain, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pronation and more. The great structure and technology of the shoe provide optimal support and stability for runners to walk and run.

Their BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing durability and responsiveness. Most brooks shoes provide seamless clean look. All the brooks shoes have removable insoles and these are great for accommodating custom orthotics. These are also offered in medium and wide widths. Brooks specializes in making. The Asics are coupled with fluid-fit on the upper interior to anchor your foot in place while the Brooks have 3D compatible overlays printed on the top interior in order to provide a complete structure and support to your toes which is just like in Asics.


Although Asics and Brooks provide the best support behind the heel, Asics have the robust heel counter to firmly lock your heel down and the anchor in its place as your sport.

Also, its midsole is coupled with Sturdiness to provides you the maximum cushioning. Compared to the Asics, Brooks has the great midsole cushioning with the additional super DNA to protect your feet from the rugged terrains that you may encounter as you run.


Asics shoes are cushier than the Brooks in the forefoot and heels with the difference being greater by twenty percent approximate. Meaning, if you relatively prefer a soft ride, Asics is a better choice compared to the Brooks.

Rubber Outsole

The exterior of your running shoes must be of significant consideration given that the running involves a lot of terrains from smooth to the rough transition. The rubber outsole of the Asics and the Brooks differ in a lot of ways. Asics have primary traditional outer soles with a rift of separation between the forefoot and the rear foot whereas, Brooks has an outer sole that provides full of anchor contact throughout your sporting activities. You can hence, expect to receive more of a smoother transition from the heel strike to the toe-off when you wear Brooks compared to your sporting events in Asics.

Pricing and Affordability

Well, a few Asics are easier on the wallet than others. If you have enough money, go for Brooks but if you are looking for a great value, consider buying Asics. Both these shoes work great for the beginners and also the long-distance runners.


Brooks offers more stability while compared to Asics. Brooks fit more comfortably for most of the people.

Advantages of Asics

Shoes which are especially cushioned. Brooks carries a lower price point along with the high-quality shoe.

All the Brooks running shoes are considered lightweight. Featuring deeper grooves and more ground contact, Brooks shoes are designed to reduce the impact while simultaneously improving the flexibility, comfort and traction.

These are the high-durable shoes that will last easily up to 400+ miles. The Brooks shoe dries quicker than 16 seconds. Brooks also have Knit upper’s 3D look, varied pattern and heat-activated function. It is very smooth around the ankle with a solid heel counter.

Disadvantages of Brooks

A few shoes have high arches. Hence, check properly before you buy them. It rubs against the foot’s lateral side that can cause discomfort. The shoes can get heavy when wet with rain or sweat. The midsole may seem stiff to some during the heel to toe transition. A few shoe toe box is narrow and tight.

Final Words

Therefore, walking is a beneficial activity for overall health and appropriate walking shoes can boost the walking rule to a great extent. Choosing the right footwear is very important as it ensures the absence of foot-related issues, back and knee problems.

When it comes to picking the best shoe, you really need to know your feet. Minimalistic designs are popular in the community as they do not distort your feet too much while running and this will help to prevent the future physical problem. Both Asics and Brooks have features to make running more comfortable to all. The trick is finding the one that suits your workout and feels good on your feet. Either selection could fulfill the role.

A Londoner, extreme sports and shoes aficionado whose been dealing with flat feet I have plenty of experience looking up for information and trying out the best shoes to perform sports at the highest level. Not trying to give medical recommendations just describing what has worked for me. Enjoy!

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