Best Shoes for Dental Assistants & Hygienists in 2020

Are you about to kickstart your career?

Have you been employed as a dental assistant or dental hygienist recently? Then you need to keep in mind a few things before you walk in the door of the hospital or clinic and start making the most of your work.

Being in a field related to medication which requires a lot of hard work, of course, comes great responsibility in terms of being hygienic, staying sanitized, etc.

Since dental Assistants or hygienists have a lot of things to do, they need to be always on their toes, thus, shoes have a really important role in the life of a dental assistant or hygienist.

Hence, choosing from the category of best shoes for dental assistants or hygienists at the store will help you always stay on your toes.

Comparison of Best Dental Assistant Shoes

Dental Assistant ShoesOur RatingsCurrent Price
Nurse Mates Women's Slip-On Loafer9.9/10Check Price
Hawkwell Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes9.8/10Check Price
Comfortable Work Shoes - Nursing9.8/10Check Price
Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog9.7/10Check Price
Nurse Mates Medical Professional Shoe9.6/10Check Price


As the year 2020 comes in, a lot of dental students will graduate from dental schools and start applying for jobs. But is that enough? No, right.

You need to start making a list of all the things you need that are essential for the job be it a pair of gloves because you don’t want to have someone else’s saliva on your hands, do you? Or a surgical mask as you can’t let the patient take in the germs while they are getting their teeth fixed. And are you planning to go barefoot to work? You need to have those perfect shoes too.

All the dental hygiene schools make sure that they have his topic covered in their curriculum as hygiene and comfort at work are of utmost importance.

One cannot lack in these areas when working at such germ sensitive jobs.

Even if you notice any dental clinic or hospital, dental nurses are wearing a particular kind of shoes that make them suitable for the environment.

A proper training session is conducted at the time of orientation about the type of clothes and shoes that must be worn.

Shoes for dental hygienists have some specifications as they are designed especially for the job. They are embedded with soles that make them very comfortable shoes.

As you commence your career as a dental assistant or hygienist, you must start with buying the perfect pair for the job.

Best Shoes for Dental Assistants

Here is a review of some dental shoes that are best suited for the job of a dental assistant.

These would give you a brief on the kind of shoes that you must go for while buying one for yourself and what all needs to be looked for in a pair of dental shoes.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafers

These loafers from Nurse Mates for women are one of the best dental shoes. These are made to resemble a sneaker-style slip-on shoe. Nurse Mate nursing shoes offer a different level of comfort and fit perfectly around the foot as they adjust themselves according to the shape of the foot, hence, these are good for those long working hours.

Best Shoes for Dental Assistants

One can buy these without a doubt.

Its sturdy grip makes it easy to run at the times of emergency without slipping on those glossy floorings of the clinic.

Since they are made up of rubber, it gives them great flexibility. Also, the cushion present makes it comfortable for the heel and provides great support.

Lastly, its solid color variants i.e. black and white make it fit for the nature of the job.

Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

These nursing shoes come under the slip-resistant style.

This makes these perfect for those rush hours when the hospital or clinic is flooded with patients and you have to run back and forth to manage the chores.

Hawkwell Shoes for Dentists

Hawkwell’s nursing shoes provide just the kind of comfort one needs while being on those long duty hours. They are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the customer.

With its added durability, these make one of the best dental shoes.

They have a lightweight EVA bottom sole that does not make you feel held onto the ground but makes it easy to be on your toes.

The nursing shoes have a fairly decent heel height to add to the style of the shoes and at the same time give a bit of texture.

Its soft synthetic leather cover on the upper end reduces the time of cleaning the shoes since the leather makes it easy to clean with just soap and water.

One of the best features is its soft foam padding on the inside that provides all-day comfort and its slip-on technology makes it handy to take on or off without any fuss.

Apart from the comfort and great support that comes with these pairs, it has some very fine clean lines and a neutral arch design that adds to the appearance.

 So, with comfort, one even gets great fashion looks.

These are available in two tones- white and black and each color comes in two variants. One is a usual slip-on while the other comes with extra elasticity to offer easy slipping in of the foot of any size.

 It even comes in an affordable range making them the best dental shoes in every aspect and feasible for all kinds of people.

Sticky PRO Comfortable Work Shoes

It’s not unusual that all of us wish to save our money as much as possible but the essentials need to be bought, right? However, what if only one pair can suffice for more than one job? Won’t that be great and economical at the same time?

Best Shoes for Dental School Students

The Sticky PRO women’s shoes are just the ones that fit under this category.

Even their look is very sleek and smart, a perfect pair for your work.

What better than a pair of work shoes that even add details and elements to your look?

These shoes are tailor-made for nursing as well as cookery jobs. These imported shoes can be your dream shoes.

Their synthetic surface abstains from getting worn out too soon, thus, proving to be a great investment.

Even though they have a platform of about 1 inch, being finished with a rubber sole that is embedded in it makes it comfortable to wear. The platform is only to add some volume to the entire look of the shoes and provide a little bit of height to be useful for people with short height too.

Like the rest of the shoes listed above, these two have a slip-resistant outsole, hence, great for those marathons on-peak hours in the clinic or during hectic dinner serving hours.

As the upper and outsole of these are waterproof, you don’t need to worry about spilling those vinegar sauces while making that beautiful entrée or perhaps the blue liquid used to gargle after that root canal.

Along with this, even the footbed is made with an absorbent material to keep your feet dry all day long.

The sole has a shock absorber and anti-torsion system to give your feet the ultimate experience of a lifetime. And, being lightweight just adds to the whole treat! It enhances the support to the arch and the entire feet.

Do you still think there can be a better pair of shoes? Did we miss out on any other detail? Did you even ponder upon these things at first?

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clogs

Although there are better shoes than Crocs in aspects like durability and some are specifically made for the dental work, still, Crocs has some exceptions too, that can work pretty fine for the job. The design of Mercy clogs makes it different from the rest.

Crocs Clogs for Dentists

The heel gives a bit more coverage than the usual Crocs so it gives a better girth to the foot. These are more streamlined in their design than other pairs from Crocs.

As these come with a back strap, it gives sufficient open surface to the feet to breathe easily and given the Crocs standards, are very comfortable.

The metatarsal area of the shoe is closed, so there are no peepholes for the sharp instruments to get in from. Your feet are safe! Its thick and hard material offers great protection from any other kind of sharps.

Their rubber sole makes them the go-to shoes. As the material is quite smooth, it is really easy to wash them with soap and water.

These too are water-resistant so go ahead, jump in that puddle on your way to work, won’t make you dirty!

They are 100% Croslite and the beaded Croslite footbed constantly massages the foot. The outsole has a good grip. As the clogs are from the slip-on category, they are easy to wear and have an adjustable heel strap detail. One can even choose to not use the strap and make them wearable with a sporty outfit other than the workplace.

There are ventilation ports that allow the foot to breathe and keeps the foot dry as air is regularly passed.

These have a decent heel height to add some detail to the final look of the shoes. The shafts are comparatively wider at the arch, approximately 2 inches, to provide sufficient room for the feet to move and stay in comfort. It even has a platform height of around half an inch.

It comes in a variety of statement colors that work just fine with the workplace environment. The price is moderately fair.

Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoes

So far, we have talked about shoes that have certain features that let them slide under the category of dental shoes smoothly. But certain shoes are made exclusively for medical jobs.

Dental Assistant Shoes for Women

 One of them is the Nurse Mates Velocity shoes that are professionally curated for the job. Since these are designed especially for medical-related jobs, their prices are averagely high than some other shoes.

These shoes have more running shoe kind of a make which makes them significantly different from the sneaker-style shoes that we have discussed above.

Even though these come with laces, they are stretchable enough to let you slide in easily and one can even adjust the tightness as per their convenience.

The Nurse Mates Velocity shoes are exquisitely designed leather shoes that offer corrective orthotic functionality to keep the foot in a soothing up class posture for great stability and unexcelled support.

Being the professionally curated pair of shoes that they are, special care is taken while designing their look to make them as quirky as possible yet subtle with the range of colors that it is available in.

The shoes are made up of full-grain leather or printed polyurethane uppers with a curved toe. The round toe makes enough room for the fingers to move and stay relaxed.

The soft cotton lining gives extra comfort to the foot. The foot can be easily adjusted due to this smooth lining.

The dual-density foam footbed aids in shock absorption and the embedded composite shanks add to the stability. With the lightweight EVA bottom, they become more suitable.

The outsole is so designed to ensure safety and is slip-resistant. All in all, these shoes are exactly what one needs in a hospital environment.

All these shoes offer great comfort and stability which is undoubtedly the need. In addition to this, their durability and added flexibility increase their value as a product.

You can certainly lookout for more shoes that have more or less these features in them to have the best comforting experience for your feet.

How to choose Dental Assistant Shoes

As the name suggests itself, an assistant is supposed to assist a patient physically before the dentist comes in and starts with his or her dentistry stuff!

An assistant must prepare a patient emotionally because you don’t want the patient to scream in a shrill and squeaky tone and make your ears go numb (obviously!).

The job is pretty hectic and demands a lot of hours where a dental hygienist or assistant is supposed to keep standing and help the dentist, prepare the patient, manage the paperwork, sterilize all the instruments to be used, run from here and there if something comes up suddenly; clearly, the dental work shoes need to be very comfortable.

Stats show that the average dental assistant or hygienist takes about 12000 steps a day. Do you know what that means? It is nearly equivalent to walking five long miles. There is a lot of walking back and forth from escorting the patient from the waiting room to the operating room, going to the office area to get the files of the patients, getting all the instruments required and so much more.

 However, if you wear the right pair, the Tooth Fairy might as well give you a visit and help you fly.

A pair of shoes that have a rough or thin sole may hurt the feet. Even a tight fit pair of shoes can get itchy when worn for hours.

So, the following aspects must be kept in mind while shopping for a pair of dental shoes.

–    Dental hygienists or assistants must opt for a pair that has some sort of mesh-like detailing or holes that make the shoes breathable since one has to keep wearing them for long working hours.

–    The shoes must be easy to wear, preferably lace-free to stay away from the discomfort of tying laces again and again.

–    Comfort comes at the top of the priority list while buying dental shoes. It is desirable to have a pair of shoes that have a cushion embedded in it or perhaps a thick soft layer of a sole that soothes the heel after hours of standing.

–    The shoes must not have a tight grip otherwise one can face itching problems as it abstains the feet from getting air.

–    It is beneficial if the shoes are made up of cloth or are canvas shoes as these add a layer of comfort. Sturdy or bulky shoes are often heavy and difficult to manage in such jobs.

–    Wearing light-colored shoes is important as you need to align with the aesthetics of the hospital too after all!

–    Sneakers too are a good option because they are made to provide support to the foot. Your foot needs to find room to slide in easily and sneakers fulfill this purpose, they adjust as per the shape of the foot.

–    One must even keep switching between different pairs of shoes so that the feet do not get used to only one pair. This prevents the feet from getting any boils or blisters which generally appear if one pair of shoes is worn daily.

All those looking for dental shoes must closely follow this and keep a check of all these factors while buying their pair of dental shoes. These prove to be helpful and you’ll only realize it once you start working.

Final Words

While you are too excited to start with your dream job, you need to be well prepared to face all the hardships that come with it. But, if you’re in comfort won’t it be a little less stressful and painful to manage?

You won’t go barefoot, right? Or you don’t want to be in discomfort when the patient is in discomfort, you got to take care of your feet first to take care of the patient.

So, think wisely and buy the shoes that best suit your comfort and fits in based on the requirements of the job.

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