Can You Join Military with Flat Feet?

If you have flat feet and want to serve US Army, then the biggest question that comes to your mind will be, Can you join US Army with Flat Feet?

If you want to join US Military and you have flat feet then you have to consider many things as compared to other candidates.

So, let’s get started and learn about the flat feet regulations in the US army.

Why Flat Feet is Regulated in Military?

can you join army with flat feet

Some of the reasons why flat feet are being regulated in the military are mentioned below:

  • The fallen arch can collapse and pain when you have flat feet which are caused by weakening of the tendons and ligaments.
  • The overall performance of the serviceman can get affected because of the flat feet. It can cause pain in several areas which include ankle, leg or even in the spine.
  • Military recruits have to go through several tough training. The tough training includes walking, climbing, running and marching. This means that every time a serviceman travel by foot and have discipline training before joining the duty. The conditions can get worsen which eventually can become a hurdle.
  • It can be hard and difficult to maintain in the most extreme cases even when the shoe inserts are used. This acts as a liability when a war like condition arises.

How Flat Foot is being rated in US Army?

There are two conditions which arise when a person is not able to meet the physical requirements. This is based on the active US military guidelines for flat foot.

Symptomatic flat feet is the first state. In this, the person has regular and excessive pain or symptoms like this. These symptoms can be a result of various physical activities which include running and marching.

If you suffer any deformity or pain from such activities, you might not be able to serve the military. But, the person can still enlist and continue the service if he recovers from that condition and it will not make that person disqualified.

Secondly, if you have asymptomatic flat feet, in this condition, there is no absolute pain but wearing orthotics or shoe inserts are essential or support of the arch and in pain relief.

You can have the standard foot inserts, but, are certified although prescribed inserts or orthopedic or footwear are suggested, but, there are chances that you can be disqualified on this basis. However, this state is rated as zero and soft, there is still a high chance of happening.

Can You Join US Army with Flat Feet?

Can flat feet people join army

Yes, you can join the army with flat feet! That is the answer to this question to be precise. The flat feet depend on your physical health first. There are still certain jobs in which people with flat feet are still not recommended.  In the recent era, it has become possible for flat people in the military. There are several people who have served military with this condition and several are serving.  There are several military doctors who have agreed to the question that people with flat people can serve the military.

But, if this question was asked 20 years back, then, the answer would have been no. But, it is now dependent on the doctor’s opinion. You should always rely on a medical doctor for such condition.

So, it can only be determined by a qualified medical doctor. So, be sure enough to consult a doctor before joining the army program.

Things to be kept in mind before Joining Military

You can join the military with flat feet. But, there are some jobs which are not recommended for the people having flat feet. Before proceeding, you should be sure enough to keep your condition in as the physical training can be enduring and tough.

So, before thinking about joining the US Military test, be sure to consult a medical doctor.

Final Words

The condition of flat feet can easily be managed if you don’t have any pain or discomfort and have no sign of impaired mobility.

The several studies have shown that people with the flat feet condition have been successfully providing their services in the military. This can’t disqualify you if the current duty as long as there is no pain while doing any of the physical condition.

Along with that, you should also read about some of the best tactical boots for flat feet people, this can be helpful to you.

But, if you want to be sure, you should consult a certified military doctor in order to move ahead.

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