Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet in 2020: With Reviews

Tennis is a game which can be a friendly match between friends on a lazy Sunday or a nail-biting match between tennis legends that draws in a lot of revenue and keeps the broadcasters rich.

No matter which type of tennis game you opt to play, you need tennis shoes. Imagine wearing the wrong tennis shoes and looking like a fashion felon or worse still- getting injured! Ouch!

Talking about injuries, if you tend to get ankle, feet and leg injuries frequently while playing, you might have flatfeet.

But, don’t you worry, for we have compiled a list of best tennis shoes for flat feet tennis players that will work like magic.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

ASICS Gel-Excite 4 running shoes

The name ASICS is an acronym of the Latin phrase “Anima Sana InCorpore Sano” which, when translated to English gives us “A healthy soul in a sound body”.

It comes as no surprise that a brand which believes in such values would gift humanity with such exemplary running shoes. But what really adds the cherry on top is not just the quality but the attention to detail and comfort.

From the very first glance, the colours hold your eyes captive. The 15 colour choices offered means that you can find your perfect match regardless of whether you like to keep things muted or like to be the life of the party.

But these shoes not only make a fashion statement, therearfoot gel cushioning system takes care of your feet by reducing the force of impact on your legs each time you pound behind the ball on the tennis court.

The shoes, weighing in at 255g, fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. This makes sure the your flat feet are comfortable and don’t take excess strain.

Well, these shoes are an excellent example of how shoes with attractive designs that can last you years doesn’t need you to mortgage your home to even think about buying it.

The only downside is the sizing. Some users felt it was narrower than what they were expecting so it is advisable to buy a pair that’s a size larger for yourself.

But that being said, these are one of the best shoes for tennis players with flat feet because the sock-liner can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic!

JOOMRA Lightweight Sneakers

Designed by taking inspiration from a feather, this light-weight shoes keep your feet cool and breezy. The woven intricate grid pattern lets the shoe hug your feet like a snug blanket so the shoes can move in synchrony with every movement of your feet like two well-matched dancers performing a routine.

If you’re a person who pays attention to detail, you will notice how the laces are connected through concealed eyelets. If you want to play tennis but are too lazy or impatient to lace up the shoe, this shoe will solve your problem.

The low-cut silhouette and the pull tab at the back helps you put on your shoes with minimum effort. Do you prefer all-black or wine red? You will be spoilt for choice with the 11 colour options.

New Balance Arishi V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

The New Balance fresh foam running shoes is like a vacation wrapped around your feet. The mesh on the upper layer of the shoe keeps your feet cool and well-ventilated while the rubber outsoles pamper you and keep you comfortable by absorbing the impact created while running on the tennis field. The shoe fits your feet and wraps it gently. The no seam technology used in the manufacture of these shoes ensure that you can avoid an angry battle between the seams and the feet which eventually leads to irritated skin. If you’re a tennis player with flat feet, the support for the feet is of high importance. The fresh foam insole made from single foam piece provides plush support for the fallen arches. The foam moulds to the shape of your feet and the lightweight shoe (the shoe weighs 199g) makes sure that the impact on your ankles, legs and hips are not excessive.The colour range is more muted when compared to other shoes. This means it would be easy to pair these shoes with a number of outfits. Wearers also said the shoes would be a good match for casual wear. I should warn you to be careful to not use these for rough terrain running as these shoes don’t have lugs that are necessary for traction. The shoes are definitely worth each buck spent on it considering the range of features it sports.

New balance Nergise

These shoes may have a classic colour range that comprises of black, white and grey which is easy on the eyes but these shoes pack a punch. Carefully concealed beneath the fabric upper is REVlite midsole foam that is perfect for tennis players with flat feet. The midsoleis designed to be thicker in the area beneath the arch of the feet. This, combined with the updated lacing system accommodates the shape of your feet and provides a snug fit that takes care of your flat feet. This also improves the overall stability which is necessary as flat feet compromises your stability on the tennis court. For added comfort, the NB Memory Sole insert can be used along with the shoes. The perforated mesh at the top keeps the feet dry even during the most intense workout sessions. The design of the shoe allows it to be worn while hitting the tennis court or for a casual walk to the park. And the best part? It is easy to slip on and off, saving you the pain of loosening and tying the lace every time you wear it or remove it.

Puma Tazon 6 Fracture FM shoe

Now, I know that fracture isn’t a word you would feel comfortable with when you’re out shopping for a shoe but don’t be put off by the name. Once you get to know the shoe, you will truly understand that the shoe is a classic case of a person with an alarming name and a wonderful personality. The first thing that draws attention is the visuals of the shoe. The shoe sports T-toe construction which gives the toe box a squarish look. The shoe looks like an unconventional and slightly eccentric love child of sport shoes and dress shoes that plays by its own rules. This makes the shoes a fun companion on the street and while hitting those aces on the tennis court in style. The shoe has an unconventional synthetic leather upper featuring fracture graphic and a rubber outsole for grip. The Eva heel pod cushions the heel and absorbs shock. The midsole saddle provides stability for the arch. The EcoOrthoLite sock liner improves fit and comfort. The only drawback is the limited colour range.


You’ll be cool if you wear these shoes. Literally. The air-cooled memory foam insole and the mesh upper keeps the air flowing in your shoes and keep your feet cool. This no-nonsense black shoe is light on your feet. The shock absorbing midsoles and the relaxed fit is perfect for accommodating the fallen feet that tend to be wider than arched feet. Now, the last thing you want is to lose your balance on the tennis court. You can kiss your fears goodbye because these shoes are like your best friend. They have your back and make sure you don’t fall face-first. These shoes are easy to get along with- you don’t need to go through the awkward and painful period of breaking into your shoe. It’s as easy as buying a pair, slipping it on and hitting the court. What’s more, you can also rest happy with the knowledge that this is an electric hazard safe design.

How does flat feet affect tennis players?

Flat feet, also called fallen arches is a condition in which the feet have little to no arch. The arch of the feet acts like a spring and absorbs impact created while walking. This ensures that the ankles and legs have reduced strain. In the absence of an arch, the impact is transferred to parts of the ankles and legs which can in turn cause pain and increased chances of injuries. Tennis is a high-intensity sport which requires the player to run constantly. A player with a flat foot would over-pronate constantly and have issues with balance and would also be more likely to have injuries.

How to choose Tennis shoes for flat feet

Flat feet require support in the arch of the foot. It must also be built to help compensate for over-pronation. But don’t you worry, here is a list of things you must keep in mind while buying shoes for fallen arches.

  1. The toe box must be wide. People with flat feet naturally have wider feet. Shoes manufactured for people with neutral pronation would be too stuffy and uncomfortable for optimum performance.
  2. Rubber soles that can absorb impact would be a gift for your feet. This further helps in relieving the excess strain places on other parts of your leg.
  3. It would be helpful if the shoes can accommodate insertable orthopaedic sole inserts or if they come with a sole that can support the fallen arch. The sole must be flexible and must shape itself to your feet while also providing maximum support under your foot’s arch.

Final words

While being tennis players with flat feet is admittedly more challenging and more prone to injuries than the playing with a normal arch, with the right footwear, it is definitely possible. This 2020, choose the best shoes for flat feet tennis players that support your fallen arch and your tennis ambitions, all while helping you be the most fashion-forward person on court.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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