Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Players: With Reviews {in 2019}

If you have flat feet, then you already have tried many shoes.

But, if you love playing tennis, then you need shoes that you can wear while playing tennis.

Now, the question arises,

What are the best tennis shoes for flat feet players?

There are many brands that manufacture some good shoes which you can wear while playing.

In this article, you’ll get to know about some of the best flat feet shoes for tennis.

So, let’s get started.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet are one of the most common problems that people face in their daily lives. It is not a serious condition or anything, but just that while growing, your feet do not develop the arch support that was supposed to be developed naturally. 

Best Flat Feet Tennis Shoes

In any case, Tennis players are one of the most affected sportsmen when it comes to having flat feet. Since the sport requires an extensive amount of leg support and movement, Tennis players with flat feet usually go through a great amount of pain.

Due to this, flat feet tennis players are recommended to pick their shoes in such a way that they provide the best support possible during the game. So, for any flat feet tennis player, here are a few things that you must consider before buying tennis shoes.

Arch Support

The one thing that flat feet tennis players do not have is the natural arch support. Therefore, the next best option you have is to wear those tennis shoes that provide the best arch support instead. Hence, it is one of the most important things to consider before buying tennis shoes for flat feet.

Make sure that the shoe you choose has comfortable and flexible arch support that does not cause pain to your flat feet while moving, jumping, and running. Also, make sure to avoid shoes that have too high arch support as they are not well recommended for flat feet.

Size of the Shoe

The size of the shoe becomes a very important factor for the flat feet players since they commonly face the problem of irregular shoe size. Normally, shoes are designed to align with the natural arch support, but since flat feet players do not have it, they feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Therefore, pick your tennis shoes in such a manner that they do not tightly hold the feet inside the shoe and allow you to move freely without any limitations. For this, it is recommended that you buy your shoe half size bigger than usual.


Tennis shoes are basically designed to improve a player’s agility. In the game of Tennis, the player does not only move forward but also has to move in other directions, while performing a number of lateral motions. Therefore, agility is arguably the most important factor that needs to be considered before buying tennis shoes.

Hence, flat feet tennis players are recommended to buy shoes which focus more on improving their agility and not just comfort. If you look for more comfort, then there is a high chance that you might cancel out your flexibility and agility with which you can play.

Shoe Sole

Tennis shoes usually come with a thinner sole, which allows players to have a firm foot on the ground. But as a flat feet player, you might want a sole which is well padded and allows you to move comfortably.

While there are a few tennis shoes that may offer a well-padded thin sole for flat feet players, you can use an insole instead. However, make sure that the insoles you are using are specifically designed for sports and offer your tennis shoes the best possible support.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

There are plenty of good tennis shoes available out there, but not all are suitable for tennis players with flat feet. Therefore, to narrow down your search list, here are the most recommended tennis shoes for flat feet.

Flat Feet Shoes for Tennis Players

Orthofeet Women’s Coral Sneakers

This pair of shoes is an excellent set of tennis shoes for flat feet players. They come with the best orthotic support and are engineered well to provide the best playing support for flat feet players.

With these shoes on, a flat feet person can comfortably walk, run, jump and practice for extended time without putting much pressure on their feet. The shoes have a soft upper along with a padded back collar. It is made of a seam free fabric and has foam padding for extra comfort.

Apart from this, there is a midsole cushioning and an orthotic gel inside along with the air pockets that improve the player’s movement and agility, and also absorbs the frequent shocks that the body experiences from continuously moving. The pros and cons of this set of tennis shoes are discussed below.


  • Provide a comfortable arch support
  • Well-padded for extra comfort
  • Specially designed for flat feet comfort
  • Allows flexible movements and improves agility of the player
  • Features a good shock absorbing design
  • Provides heel pain relief
  • Comes with various other features for an added layer of comfort
  • Comes in three different colours


  • Has a very casual running shoe design
  • Relatively costly when compared to other tennis shoe brands

Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

This set of comfortable fabric made lightweight shoes is one of the most recommended set of shoes for flat feet tennis players. They are well designed and provide a long time comfort for effortless and focused practice.

The soles of these shoes are engineered to provide the best foothold on the ground and also absorb the continuous shocks. The soles are thin, but well-padded and allow comfortable and flexible leg movements that can help you effectively cover the entire court.

With these shoes on, any flat feet tennis player will experience an increased agility and comfort in moving in lateral directions. The frontal lobe of the shoe is also designed wide to suit most of the flat feet people, which allows sudden change in movements comfortably.

Apart from this, the additional benefit is that these shoes also feature a water drain outsole that provides a wonderful traction in wet and slippery areas. The pros and cons of buying these tennis shoes are discussed below.


  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Made of fabric
  • Well-padded and allows flexible movements
  • Improves agility of the players
  • Quick dry feature
  • Water drain outsole which provides traction in wet and slippery areas
  • Thin sole for a good foothold on the ground
  • Allows comfortable lateral motions perfect for playing Tennis
  • Available at an extremely affordable price
  • Available in many different colors


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Not very durable
  • Are not at all padded on the ankle side

ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe is made from synthetic material and has a rubber sole. It is one of the best options to be worn while playing tennis.

It has various size options such as

  • M for normal or average
  • 4E for extra wide

If you have a flat foot, you should go with 4E size. This will provide you with the proper comfort and fit while playing tennis.

It is an outdoor-ready runner with mesh and brushstroke-patterned underlays. It has AHAR outsole rubber in critical high-wear areas. This will help in providing the proper support and stability while walking.

The shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from the arch. The arch provides a good and proper support as it is not flat and gives proper covering on all the parts.

It has Rearfoot GEL cushioning. This will provide you with proper comfort and support to your foot.

It has a trail-specific outsole with reversed traction lugs.

It has a removable sock liner. You can easily change the sole when it’s not comfortable.  It also is accommodated with medical orthotics. Thus, will provide your foot to properly balance and be stable.

You can choose from different colors according to your choice.

They are comfortable and are very popular among the tennis players with flat feet.

New Balance Men’s MX608v4 Training Shoe

New Balance Men’s MX608v4 Training shoe is made from leather and has a rubber sole.  You can wear them while playing tennis and get proper support and stability they provide.

There are various different sizes available such as

·       M which stands for medium or average

·       2E which stands for wider size

·       4E which stands for extra wide

If you have flat feet you should go for size 2E or 4E. These sizes are specially made for you and will provide proper comfort and support while playing tennis.

The shaft measures approximately Low Top from the arch. This provides the foot with the proper area to rest on.

It is a training shoe with 100% Leather upper which features dual-density collar and padded mesh tongue. This will allow your foot to easily breath and properly walk.

It has a lace-up closure with an internal shank.

It has breathable textile lining and EVA footbed. This will allow the feet to easily breathe and not sweat. It will allow you to properly perform while playing tennis or doing similar activities.

It has IMEVA midsole and Non-marking rubber outsole. It provides full-length comfort because of the ABZORB cushioning.

It has a 10mm drop. This will help in avoiding the injuries which can occur while wearing these shoes on.

It can be worn for hours without any difficulty. So, you can wear them for practicing or for your final match. These shoes can be a great and comfortable option for various tennis players which cover people with flat and wide feet also.

It is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet players and wide feet.

They provide the player to play with comfort and provide him with the proper balance and stability while wearing them.

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker is made from both leather and synthetic stuff and has a rubber sole.

It is a sporty training sneaker which provides you support and comfort while playing tennis or while doing some other physical activities.

It has various sizes available such as

·       M which stands for Medium or Average

·       4E which stands for extra wide size

If you have flat feet the best option available is 4E. You should go for wider sizes as it is built to perfectly fit your feet and provide the proper support to your arch.

It is a lace up sneaker with mesh upper which has supportive overlays and padded collar. This will provide you with extra support while you wear them and help in playing you with extra effort and with comfort.

It is made from smooth leather and is synthetic with mesh fabric upper which will provide you in proper comfort, stability and support throughout the game. It has a padded collar and tongue which allows the player to easily breathe. It has Articu-Lyte rubber sole and high traction rubber sole which provides the shoes to be flexible.

It has a cushioned mesh tongue and has memory foam insole.

They have the in-built heel of about 1 1/2”.

The insoles are glued into the shoes and don’t come out very easily.

These Skechers are form fitted shoes and provide you with real comfort while playing.

If the insole gets damaged, you can easily replace them.

You will have to compromise on the color and can only get dark colors. You will not find white color in these shoes.

These shoes can be a great deal if you have flat feet and want to play tennis with ease and without facing much of difficulties.

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 running shoes are specially designed for women. It has a mesh material and has a rubber sole. These shoes can be a great option for playing tennis or various such activities.

It is available in different sizes from which you can choose such as

·       M is the medium size available

·       W is a wide size available

If you have flat feet you should buy ‘W’ size. This size will help you in proper stability and will provide your arch with the proper support.

It has a heel GRID system which offers stable cushioning. The cushioning will provide you with proper comfort and stability. This will help you in concentrating on the game and won’t allow you to worry about running for a long time.

The Mesh upper provides your feet to properly breathe and not sweat. This will help you to keep your feet cool for a long time.

It has a plush tongue and collar.

It will provide you with an arch support but cannot be defined as really good.

A woman wants to see different colors before buying the perfect color which she wants. These shoes will provide her with various color options from which she can choose.

You can replace the sole with orthotics and get better and proper support while wearing them.

They provide you with comfort. That means you can concentrate on the game and not worry about your shoe. It will not act as a barrier, in fact, it will provide your feet with the proper support and stability while doing various activities.

These shoes act as a great support and provide great stability while playing different sports.

Brooks Mens Ghost 10

Brooks Men Ghost 10 shoes have a rubber sole and are one of the best options which can be worn while playing tennis or doing some similar activity.

There are different sizes available from which you can select.

If you have flat feet you can choose anyone from the following

·       EE size can be chosen for extra wide

·       W size can be chosen for wide

You should choose the size accordingly. The size should provide your arch with the proper support and balance if you have flat feet. You should choose the best fit which will help you in to easily walk, run or play various sports.

It has a traditional lace-up closure.

These shoes offer a medium to high arch support. You can choose the arch support according to your needs. If your feet will have good arch support, you will be able to play or run with proper support and stability.

It has an engineered mesh upper which provides your feet to properly breath and not sweat. This will allow you to wear your shoes for a longer time. They also provide you with a proper stretch. The stretch will allow you to easily move.

They have neutral cushioning. This will provide your feet with comfort and you can then easily concentrate on your game.

These shoes are lightweight. The lightweight material will become a great benefit while playing.

They have a removable insole and you can change them whenever you are not comfortable with it.

They are available in 6 different colors from which you can choose.

The soft fabric lining will provide you with a great and comfortable feel.

Thus, these shoes can be a great and comfortable option if you want to buy shoes for playing tennis or performing similar activities.

Final Words

The best tennis shoes for flat feet should provide the person’s arch with proper grip and stability. Proper support should be provided to the arch of the person.

The shoes should provide the person with proper support and comfort while wearing them with no extra stress.

There are wider sizes available for people who have flat feet, you can easily choose from them and get the best fit according to your needs.

You should choose the best shoes which will provide you with proper support, grip, and stability.

There are some of the best options mentioned above from which you can choose one according to your needs.

It can be concluded that you should buy the shoes that provide you the best satisfaction. It should allow moving with ease.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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