Kayano vs Nimbus: Difference between Kayano and Nimbus

From an Asics perspective, Kayano and Nimbus are pretty much the creams of the crop. They have been iterating and improving the Kayano and Nimbus from the past 20 years. With each different edition, their aim is to move closer to the ultimate goal of creating the perfect long-distance shoe for running purposes.

There are a lot of differences and similarities in the Kayano and Nimbus. Let us now know more on the same.

Difference between Kayano and Nimbus


Nimbus is a neutral running shoe.

Kayano is a stability running shoe.


Nimbus is designed for people with normal arches who have been running in neutral/normal shoes for years.

Kayano is designed for people who overpronate.


Nimbus has more cushioning than Kayano.


Kayano offers medical support to make a better shoe for overpronators and the Nimbus adds SpEVA foam.

Nimbus provides good superlative support but sub-optimal arch support and harder footbed.

Kayano provides heel cap, optimal truss support, ortholite sock liner and snug upper which can provide great overall support.


While it comes to comfort, nimbus is quite comfortable with the plush midsole and upper, it is best in class cushioning, but slightly cramped toe box.

Kayano provides snug but flexible support, additional padding around the ankle, and a dual-density midsole.


Nimbus is a firm, more minimalist ride which is not ideal for neutral runners.

Kayano has Asics high abrasion rubber, flyte foam technology and shallow flex grooves that provide the maximum grip and flexibility for varying terrains.

Toe Box

Kayano has wide toe box.

Nimbus has a narrow toe box.


Nimbus is used for a firm ride only and is not apt for the neutral runners.

Kayano can be used for gym workouts and also as casual shoe wear too.

Advantages of Kayano


The FlyteFoam technologies allow the comfort to roll from the front to the back of your shoe. It is a silicone-based gel that supports the rearfoot and also the forefoot for consistent support and comfort.

FlyteFoam utilizes super organic fibers which prevent ”packing out”. This happens with lower density foam supports. Flytefoam which is combined with the rear-foot and the forefoot gel cushioning system supports all the multiple areas, as your foot moves through the gait cycle.


Asics FluidFit technologies use both multi-directional stretch mesh and various other stretch reinforcements to adapt to the shape of your foot. These technologies contribute to a comfortable, but a tight fit which is just like a glove custom-tailored for your hand, but, for your foot.

The same Fyltefoam technologies which provide your feet with comfort are also used to give your shoe a no-slip grip. Stability is crucial in a running shoe.

Color Choices

For both men and women, this shoe comes in a variety of color combinations. Men can enjoy everything from the traditional black and white shoes to the dark forest and yellow color shoes, to vivid directoire blue and hot-oranges shoes.

Women can also enjoy most of the different colors like the bright ”flash coral”, prune with a pink glow, and white with blue-purple and safety yellow. Whether you are into colorful designs or neutral colors, you will probably find all your favorite colors.


The cushioning of Kayano are strong, yet lightweight. These are also gender-specific, thicker foam for men and more breathable, lighter foam for women, with a high-quality composition of materials.


These shoes provide impressive arch support which is common for those looking for ultralight shoes.


Asics High Abrasion Rubber and FluidRide are both technologies utilized to create a durable shoe. FluidRide allows for bounce-back and cushioning with both strength and reduced weight.

Additionally, AHAR is placed in crucial areas of the outsole for more durability. It is also important to keep in mind that these shoes are made the best for running on-road rather than other terrains. These shoes are extremely durable for daily runners.

Disadvantages of Kayano

While the comfort-per-dollar is really wonderful, the price point is the highest amongst the shoes. If you have funds to shell out for these shoes, we recommend you to do so, as the next iteration comes out and the price goes back up.

Kayano may cause ankle in the pain and blisters in the heel. It is heavier than many other options available.

Advantages of Nimbus

Flytefoam technology means the foam located in the Asics Gel Nimbus sole will hole up to repetitive impact strain while running compared to alternatives. Also, this shoe provides ample arch support for plantar fasciitis and has lasted through the test of time.

These shoes provide some of the softest, thickest foam soles in all of the running shoes for plantar fasciitis. They have a solid bounce back and impact absorption. The upper is lightweight, stretchy and breathable. The lightest midsole formulation that ASICS makes, delivers continuous cushion.

The outsole of this shoe features AHAR and ensures durability on various kinds of surfaces and protects the shoes from wear and tear. The midsole utilizes both, rearfoot, and also forefoot cushioning systems. The use of silica-based gel is beneficial as this is an excellent shock absorbent. The upper is constructed by using Jacquard mesh that guarantees extra breathability.

The gel cushioning and the robust rubber in the outsole provide exceptional shock absorbing capability to these shoes. The supporting detail ensures to keep your foot in place while running or working out. The OrthoLite sock liner prevents moisture and provides extra cushioning. High responsiveness is one of the most celebrated features of these shoes.

Disadvantages of Nimbus

These shoes have a relatively narrow toe box which may cause issues for those who prefer to have their toes splayed out while exercising. Though there are stability features like Guidance Trusstic System and the heel clutching system, these shoes are helpful for the neutral runners only.

Price and staleness also come to mind. Asics haven’t made many extensive changes to the Nimbus line of shoes in a few years now. Regardless of this, they still keep increasing the price. Apart from the price, the shoes are immediately comfortable but takes a few running workouts in order to get rid of the heel slippage.

Nimbus can stay a lot of miles and stay comfortable too. The traction is surprisingly grippy.

Final Words

Now that you have a basic idea about the pros and cons of Kayano and Nimbus, which is the best product from the above? Although both these shoes are laden with excellent features, we also have a winner here.

While comparing both the running shoes based on various parameters, Kayano shoes are better than Nimbus. While it comes to the running shoes, the stability, flexibility, responsiveness and the comfort provided by Kayano are unbeatable.

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