Best Nike Shoes for Nurses in 2020: With Reviews

To be honest, Nike as a company needs no introduction at all. But it might come as a shocker to you if I tell you, they also make some of the best shoes for nursing in the market.

Standing for multiple hours straight, without rest, and walking around on the hard floor of a hospital is not an easy task. This gets even more difficult if a dress code, involving proper nursing shoes is made a compulsion to be worn during working hours.

For these instances, we list down the best Nike shoes for nurses.

Comparison of Best Nike Shoes for Nurses

Nike ShoesOur RatingsCurrent Price
Nike Women's Court Royale Sneaker9.8/10Check Price
Nike Women's Ebernon Low Sneaker9.8/10Check Price
Nike Women's Running Shoes9.7/10Check Price
Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Sneaker9.6/10Check Price
Nike Men's Air Max Torch 4 Shoe9.6/10Check Price

Best Nike Shoes for Nurses

Nike’s Women’s Court Royale AC Sneaker

Nike’s Women’s Court Royale AC shoes successfully merge an old-school sneakers style with a modern retro tennis shoe style. But these sneakers are not just about their good looks. The quality is far superior to the fashion statement which they offer.

Best Nike Shoes for Nurses

The lace-up entry feature of the shoe makes sure a secure and customized fit is provided to the one stepping inside. A nurse’s feet won’t feel claustrophobic at any point in time. Plus, the laces can be adjusted accordingly for adequate relief and allowing extra air to flow in.

So why do this Nike for nurses provide high breathability?

They are equipped with vulcanized fuse, making them lightweight and comfortable to be worn. The breathability is also increased because the upper of this nursing shoe is made with a simple yet durable leather and the classic stitching by Nike.

The sneakers come with a cushioned collar and tongue along with a soft fabric lining, providing a comfortable footbed for resting one’s feet. This footbed makes it possible for a nurse to wear these sneakers for a prolonged period of time. Without a shadow of a doubt, these sneakers are the best Nike for nursing.

Clearly, Nike has a big tick in front of quality, but what about longevity? Well, the brand has proved itself in that front also. The sturdy outer sole of the shoes is made with solid rubber, ensuring that a nurse gets long-lasting traction.

All these factors make Nike’s Women’s Court Royale AC as one of the best Nike nursing shoes present in the market.

Nike Women’s Ebernon Low Sneaker

If you are an 80’s kid or someone who really loves any fashion statement dating to those years, Nike has got you covered with their women’s Ebernon Low Sneaker. Inspired by a basketball style, these can be worn for multiple purposes, including for nursing.

Nike Nursing Shoes

Fashion is not the only aspect that Nike touches, as these sneakers are pretty light on the pockets too. For a nurse, these sneakers act as a life savior because it is very easy to clean them. After a long and hard day of standing and walking around at the hospital, cleaning a sneaker would be the last thing on your mind.

Ample arch support in the shoes keeps your feet and heal safe, away from any causes of knee pain. For a nurse with a flat fleet, this extra arch support, and low-cut silhouette allocates pressure equally and protects against excess overpronation.

The upper is constructed with tumbled leather, providing durability. It is stocked with a rubber sole, traditional tongue, and laces for giving a secure fit. A shoe that checks out most of the features, surprisingly these are extremely light as well, making them good Nikes for nurses.

Nike Women’s Running Shoes

These Nikes are the cutest and you are bound to attract some attention from fellow colleague nurses at the hospital. Nike once again proves why it is one of the best companies, as it does not leave it’s customers high and dry with just good looks.

Nike Shoes for Standing All Day

The upper is made with a combination of leather and synthetic leather, providing the shoes a feathery feel and lightweight. This feature perfects the Nike shoes for working in a hospital.

Originally released in 1972 with the aim of providing superior cushioning, Nike has carried the shoe’s legacy to date. Though the shoes look minimalistic in design, they distribute adequate cushioning, allowing a nurse to be on their feet for a longer period of time.

These were initially branded as lightweight running shoes, but over the years the company has made small tweaks, which has made them a good walking and nursing shoes as well. One of the features includes a foam midsole and a rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for increased traction while walking and standing on hard hospital floors.

One need not worry about water or dew soaking in as they provide good resistance against all types of weather as compared to other shoes for nursing.

To add icing on the cake, the shoe comes packed with a breathable mesh lining, along with a padded footbed for keeping your feets happy.

Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Sneaker

The extra padding at the collar of the shoes,improves the fit and makes them comfortable wear for all-day purposes. Nike women’s Air Max 90 Sneakers are designed for providing ultimate cushioning and walking in them feels like floating on air.

Nike Women's Shoes for Nurses

The low-top design of the shoes gives them a soft and comfortable feel that they are known for. Originally designed for running, it makes them good Nikes for nursing as the comfort level is really high. Plus, the extra cushioning keeps your feet safe and away from any type of injury.

To increase durability, comfort and to highlight the iconic 90’ look, these shoes have stitched overlays and TPU accents.

Many Nikes are equipped with the air max technology, but only a selected few amongst them are as good as these for nursing. The rubber waffle sole is made for long term purpose which also furnishes traction and a heritage style.

The skin of the shoes is made with a combination of leather and mesh upper for providing support and increasing breathability. The shoes protect nurses with flat-feet with flex grove technology, which keeps legs from overpronating.

The max air technology also makes the impact of legs on the ground less forced, delivering protection against ankle and knee pain.

Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoe

In the first instance, the shoes look bulky, but weighing at around 13 Oz for a size 11, they are actually light. The bulky look comes only from the thick upper mesh and outsole design, which is made to protect your feet and extend comfort.

These lightweight shoes are a good pair to be worn at the gym. And the stylish design makes them perfect for casual occasions. The crux of these shoes is the thick mesh allocated in the upper part, making them really comfortable to be worn.

Best Nursing Shoes by Nike

The shoes have an aerodynamic shape, which cuts the air and makes them a perfect wear for walking around in the hospital. On rough terrain, a nurse will find the carbon outsole offering high traction and support.

TPU overlays render a snug feeling and make it an easy task to get into the shoes. Nike air max torch 4 is not exactly made to last for longer runs. But they are crafted especially for walking, standing and casual everyday purpose, which makes them the best shoes for a nurse to have.

The cushioning aspect is particularly given importance as an air max unit is clearly visible under the heel portion. The forefoot is covered with a phylon midsole, which again adds cushioning and makes the shoe lightweight.

When it comes to traction, a 1000 carbon fiber rubber waffle outsole seals the deal and delivers the experience of a lifetime.

Things to Consider Before Buying Nurse Shoes

As stated in The Permanente Journal, in an average 10-hour shift, a nurse walks for almost three and a half miles. To do this task day in and day out, proper footwear is essential. Hence, we have listed the most important factors to be considered before buying nursing shoes.

Lightweight and comfortable

This is a point that is quite imperative because a nurse has to be on their feet for a long period of time. You do not want a bulky and uncomfortable shoe to spoil your mood while attending to patients and providing healthcare.

Does not slip

Clean and shiny hospital floor is a delight for eyesight, but if nursing shoes do not have proper traction and grip, you might slip.

For the best slip resistance, we would recommend any of the Nike sneakers for nurses. Most of them come with a high level of traction, thanks to their rubber outsole.

Arch Support and Cushioning

As a nurse, if you have a flat-feet and overpronation, it is all the more important for you to consider having an ample amount of arch support and cushioning in your shoes.

Overpronation causes ankle and knee pain in the longer run. Hence, Consider buying tennis or running shoes, as these are usually packed with good arch support and cushioning.

According to Work Function

If the majority of the work of a nurse involves sitting at a desk, lightweight and soft shoes would be the best option. If the job demands standing and walking around from one place to another, and switching gears frequently, we will suggest, you get a pair of shoes that are high slip-resistant.

Padded Soles

If your feet get tired easily, add an extra layer of gel inserts. Remember to get shoes with padding along their soles, as these help a nurse to stand on their feet for longer durations.

Water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain

Water-resistant will help your feet from getting soaked easily. The feature might come in handy at the environment existing at the OR or maternity wards.

Go for leather or synthetic leather

Shoes made with leather or synthetic leather material dispenses the maximum level of comfort for an extensive period of time. This feature is perhaps the most important one for a nurse to have in their shoes for nursing.

Sneakers and shoes such as Nike’s Women’s Court Royale AC Sneaker and Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Sneaker are one of the best ones available in the market at present. These are made of leather or synthetic leather material.

Final Words

In order to extend good healthcare for others, nurses have to look after their health first. If this can be achieved with a simple yet good pair of shoes, why not get them?

Step 1: Consider the important factors and match it with your own expectations from the shoes

Step 3: Be amazed, just like us, to find Nike has most of the features that you ask for.

We hope you propel your nursing career ahead in 2020 and continue the good humanitarian work.

A Londoner, extreme sports and shoes aficionado whose been dealing with flat feet I have plenty of experience looking up for information and trying out the best shoes to perform sports at the highest level. Not trying to give medical recommendations just describing what has worked for me. Enjoy!

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