Best Nike Shoes for Zumba in 2020: Zumba Nike Shoes

Who wouldn’t want to burn hundreds of calories in just an hour by indulging themselves in a fun-filled Zumba workout session?

Turn over a new leaf with the commencement of 2020and add sparks to your fitness resolutionsby choosing the perfect instrument for your Zumba sessions. The essence of the Zumba costume is the right footwear.

Of all the brands, Nike stands out when it comes to shoes that are specially tailored according to the needs of a person engaged in Zumba.

Check out thebest Nike shoes for Zumba sessions which have been especially chalked out just for you!

Comparison of Best Nike Shoes for Zumba Workout

Best Nike ShoesOur RatingsCurrent Price
NIKE Women's Tanjun Running Shoes9.9/10Check Price
Nike Women's Tanjun Running Shoes9.8/10Check Price
Nike Women's Low-Top Trainers9.8/10Check Price
Nike Women's Flex RN Running Shoe9.7/10Check Price
Nike Women's Downshifter 9 Sneaker9.6/10Check Price

Best Nike Shoes for Zumba

Nike Tanjun Running Shoes

Tanjun is the classically designed pair, keeping in view the comfort of the wearer. As the Japanese word ‘tanjun’indicates the shoes are crafted in a ‘simple’ design.

Best Nike Shoes for Zumba

The shoe presents itself in a streamlined shape with a round toe box which has been proved to be helpful when it comes to cutting through the air while twirling on the beats of your Zumba music, providing the comfort to your toes and keeping any toe injuries or wearing skin at bay.

The roof of the sneaker is very light-weight and breathable, making it an instant sweat-absorber sneaker, providing your feet with the facility to breathe and stay cool throughout the session.

The lightphylon cushioning in the regions of midsole and outsole is made to absorb sudden shocks in accidental cases of ankle twist and prevent injuries.

Rubber sole and synthetic inner lining make the Tunjanan excellent gripping foot instrument and add comfort laced with grace which will automatically show up in your elegant Zumba moves.

The lace-up closure secures the feet and the light body of the sneakerkeeps the body in control and beautifully coordinates while performing out the dance moves.

Tanjun has a well-builtshaft which rises to a low height from the arch level. The arch is supported remarkablyby the light padding and synthetic lining. It has a seamless design which makes it look more minimalistic.

The sneaker is individually designed for men and women, keeping in mind, the width of the feet. These Indonesian manufactured products come in a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, with a textured outsole.

The shoes offer an amazing lift to one’s height by it’s escalated heel and you can show off your tall and bold side to your pals, escalating their admiration or jealousy (the latter is more obvious)!

Nike Roshe One Trainers

This model was launched in 2012, instantly bringing in an excellent admiration of the product.

Its upper part is made up of the one-piecemesh layer, they provide excellent ventilation, offering a moderate atmosphere for the feet and sweat-free Zumba experience.

Zumba Dance Nike Shoes

It’slow-top cut and light body allows ankle mobility whereas the lace-up closure allows the user to tighten or loosen the hold on the feet. The collar is lightly cushioned and provides excellent ankle support which is much-needed while dancing your way off.

The waffle type outsole delivers traction and phylon foam is laid along the length of the midsole which provides great cushioning and support is provided by the overlay which rests on the mid-foot region. The durability of the manufacturing materials is very well taken care of.

The shoe has several stitched panels and the soles are shaped in a block style which provides the perfect grip and easily avoids dirt and debris from making way to the sole voids.

The shoe model presents itself in a wide range of exotic color combinations, ranging from classy black and white to vibrant and harlequin colors. The model, apart from color variety, is available in cool prints and patterns which levels up their look and emanates amazing vibes.

It is a great option to add vibrancy to your Zumba classes and it has the potential to convert yourself into a classy and aesthetic grace.

Nike Flex RN 2018 Shoes

This model is constructed up of fly meshmaterial which helps to regulate the temperature inside the shoe and keep your feet by absorbing sweat.

Nike Shoes for Zumba Dance

The stylish sole is made up of ultra-flexibleease and lets your feet operate in its natural mode. Strutting on your favoriteZumba moves cannot be easier and effortless! The honeycomb or tri-star patterned sole is appropriately designed and is super handy when it comes to enhancing flexibility.

The dynamic laces are intertwined with the wide webbed strapping to keep the feet in place either by a tight or loose knot.

Being a versatile pair of shoes, the durability and flexibility go hand in hand. The low heel supports the rear foot region and also has cushioning to provide comfort and convenience.

The midsole uses a combination of two different kinds of Injected Units (IU) ofcore foam. A soft IU core foam to keep the feet in utmost comfort and a firm IU carrier foam to provide the necessary support.

The shoe successfully provides great arch support which is a super positive point for the Zumba freaks out there as it will be able to avoid unnecessary damage to ankles and joints.

The Nike brand has a history of narrow shoes and so the width may not seem satisfactory. So, it is suggested to buy a size bigger than your usual fit.

Nike Downshifter 9 Sneakers

These shoes are more flexible in nature, allowing the dancers to perform difficult Zumba moves without worrying themselves about any injuries or firmness.

Best Shoes for Performing Zumba

They also have a breathable atmosphere in them and the wearer can feel the breeze all in there, making it a light and agile, nimbly experience for the Zumba-Jumba freaks and lets the user be in check with the control and coordination. They are light as a feather and are made up of mesh material which is the best when it comes to letting air pass through and are excellent for the summers as they keep your feet cool enough.

The sole is made up of rubber and has flex grooves for a fine grip. The shoes also have a phylon-foam cushioning in the midsole region. Rubber soles are known for lasting durability, less wear-tear and also flexibility, folks!

The shoes come in a large variety of colorswhichare usually the solid, vibrant shades which give them a majestic look and they can be effortlessly styled with an amazing Zumba outfit.

How To Choose Zumba Shoes

Nike does not primarilyfocus on the development of Zumba Shoes and so one needs to hunt for a healthy catch in the river.The features required for perfect Zumba shoes are not so difficult to spot out and you just need a mini-guide to help you out.

So don’t you peeps worry at all! We’ve got you covered through the very medium of this article! We’ve tailored one of the best guide for helping you select the bestNike shoes for Zumba.


The material from which the shoe products are manufactured is the ‘sine qua non’towards selecting the right kind. It depends on the type of feetyou have. For example, if you have got extremely sweaty feet then you should definitely buy yourself the pair which is made from mesh-fabric material which allows adequate ventilation and helps regulate sweat. But if you have no sweating problem then you may spend on leather designed pair of stylish shoes.


The Nike brand is known to make narrow shoes and often disappoints users as it is often not true to its size. So, it is advised to buy one size larger than your original shoe size when buying Nike shoes.


Taking care of flexibility and firmness at those points where it is actually needed is very important. So, one should always check these features before spending out on a pair of Zumba shoes. The traction should be good enough, for which, the sole should be having honeycomb pattern, ribbed pattern, etc.


Most Nike shoes have Phylon-foam cushioning which keeps the wearer’s comfort in mind. Cushioning helps in absorbing shocks and deliversrelief while working out.Proper cushioning is a mandatory checking point while hunting for the right Zumba-Jumba shoes.


Dancing requires a person to be very natural when it comes to performing moves. Twisting and twirling your body on the mellifluous beats of Zumba music needs you to feel lightweight and you should not wear any heavy pair of shoes which becomes an obstruction when it comes to executing a nimble-feet move. So, it is advised to buy feather-like lightweight shoes to make you feel like you are in the clouds.


Last but not least, color contrasts and patterns mark a great impact on the ones around you. Wear your signature style and strut in your amazing sneakers, showing off your elegance!

Final Words

Everybody takes dramatic resolutions on New Year’s Eve but to adheretotheir bucket list is easier said than done.Get the ball rolling off by taking up a Zumba work out resolution this year rather than pledging up for a gym membership. Zumba is much more fun than the daily heavy workout sessions as it adds music laced up with amazing dance moves which actually helps out in full body-cardio.

While you are busy selecting the best Nike Zumba shoes, don’t just see and drool over the trendy shoes’ pictures, but do buy them too! Believe us, you won’t own your fitness resolution until you own the right instruments!

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