Kamik vs Sorel: A Detailed Comparison in 2020

Purchasing the right winter boots to take with you while you go out into nature is highly important. Winter boots are a timeless and charming piece of gear. These boots bring back memories of being a kid.

Are you looking to keep your feet dry and warm during these winter months? Would you like a pair of latest trendy boots? Well, it’s not only you! Many people looking for a good deal on the boots as the winter approaches. Sorel and Kamik are the well-known winter boots and have been making the boots for decades! So, which is the best one? Something that provides you grip, keeps you warm and also make you enjoy being in the snow. Let us now know more about this.

Kamik vs Sorel : Main Difference And Similarities

Both Sorel and Kamik Winter Boots are totally waterproof, well insulated and comes up quite high on the calf. The main difference you will notice other than the color is the style of the boot, especially the laces.

The Sorel has only 4 lacing loops, while the Kamik has 6 plus a tie off-hook which comes handy to ensure the bottom half is holding your footwell. Sorel boots do not have that.

The Sorel’s upper is the leather while the Kamik is made of Nylon. Kamik boots are nearly as heavy as the Sorel too.

Comparing Kamik vs Sorel we also find similarities, like both the boots have removable liners which are a necessity. You have to be able to dry your boots out by the fire/heater either because they get a little wet or you sweat in them. This helps a lot in either way.

Kamik boots are a little cheaper while compared to Sorel.

Advantages of Sorel Boots

Ideal to Keep he Feet Dry

Sorel Women's Caribou NL1005 Boot,Buff,7.5 M
  • Waterproof boot featuring D-ring lacing and fleece pile collar
  • Rubber-shell foot
  • Logo at side shaft. Midsole - 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug

While you choose Sorel footwear to get you through the winter you can assure the boots will prevent your feet from getting wet. No matter what is happening outside, the sturdy shell will replace the precipitation and ensure whatever insoles or the socks you have in the boots will remain dry as you reach the destination.

Functional in the Icy Weather

Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Boots, Black/Quarry, 7.5 Medium US
  • Joan of Arctic Collection: A winter style icon, this boot is a Sorel fan favourite
  • Winter Boots Women: Made of waterproof suede upper with faux fur cuff for snowy errand running
  • Quality Outsole: Features handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone outsole

The design also makes people one of their favorites for their winter months. Thanks to the choice of materials that protects the feel without adding any excess weight. The design of the outsole shoe makes it easier to grip whatever surface you walk across and also avoid nasty falls.

All the Comfort Required

For all the practical benefits that come with the Sorel boots, there is also comfort factor to be considered. The cushioning in these shoes is ideal for your arches and the boot materials which lets your feet breathe without allowing cold air to seep in. The result is you can wear these boots for hours if required and also feel as if you just slipped them on.

Plenty of Support

Comfort is one of the important benefits of these boots. You will find the support provided to your ankles and feet are superior to the boot designs offered by other companies. This is very important as you would like to get through the winter without having to see a podiatrist. All thanks to the support offered by these boot designs. You will surely not have to experience the swollen ankles or the aching feet at the end of the day.

Lots of Styles and Colours to Select

Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Wedge Boots, Black, 7.5 Medium US
  • Leather: Cowhide
  • Rubber lug sole
  • Smooth, burnished leather, Concealed wedge heel

Not every manufacturer provides multiple styles and colors for winter footwear. By selecting the Sorel winter boots, you will have quite a lot of choices. This makes it easier to coordinate your winter boots with whatever you are wearing that day.

If simple is your taste, there are colors and designs that will fit right in. Perhaps you like winter boots which come in bright colors, they are also available for choosing! Hence, Sorel accommodates you according to your taste.

Disadvantages of Sorel Boots

A few Sorel Boots are not rugged or warm. This is due to the weight. Because of the rugged construction and significant insulation, the boot tops the scales at over two and a half pounds per boot.

Due to this if your winter activities need a lot of walking in the areas that aren’t full of deep snow or mud, a few Sorel Boots may not be the best choice. Hence, think and read the guide before your purchase. It is always suggested to opt for a lighter boot according to your needs.

Advantages of Kamik Boots

Kamik boots provide a removable thermal-guard insulated liner for added warmth during the cold temperatures. These boots will keep you dry and warm and also comes with an adjustable collar at the top to provide you the perfect fit.

Kamik Women's MOMENTUM2 Snow Boot, Black, 10 Medium US
  • Waterproof nylon upper with faux fur cuff
  • Comfort Rated -40F
  • 200B 3M Thinsulate insulation and moisture wicking faux shearling lining

Kamik boots are durable enough for the snow as well as mud and are comfortable enough for extended wear. Kamik rubber hunting boots are quite affordable and their products deliver superior comfort and durable protection in the most extreme conditions.

These waterproof knee-high boot might seem like they are a little heavy, but the insulated rubber boot made to last will keep your feet warm and dry even during the freezing temperatures. The shoes also provide an optimal level of insulation in cold weather. The moisture-wicking lining inside the boot is removable so it can be taken out to dry.

You can also wear these Kamik boots in warm weather too without the inner lining as in that case, extensive sweating won’t be a that big issue. These boots are made from waterproof synthetic rubber having an adjustable waterproof nylon collar.

Kamik Women's Olivia Rain Boot,Black,8 M US
  • Rubber rainboot featuring decorative side buckle and removable comfort footbed

Kamik boots come with two key factors, comfort and reliability. The footbed are also removable plus the ATRIUM and RAIN rubber outer soles will make sure you have a good traction in the wet conditions.

While you find yourself having to get out in the slushy streets or driving rain, Kamik boots still stay stylish and dry. This is especially with the Elite boots by Kamik. This boot has waterproof PVC upper with sealed seams, a flexible high abrasion rubber outsole for traction on both wet and dry surfaces, cushioned insole. These boots are insulated with Wind Pro Polartec, the grippy snow/rain outsoles provide you solid footing.

Disadvantages of Kamik Boots

There are a few issues with quality control in some Kamik Boots. Pair of boots weighing 3.9 lbs and more might be heavy. Hence, check properly before the purchase. The shaft measures approximately 13’’ from the arch. A few boots lack insulation and foot support when compared to others.

Final Words

With different reviews checked online (find them easily with a quick search of Kamik vs Sorel), it is understood Sorel winter boots are better than Kamik when it comes to the quality and durability. Both the boots are great in their own way. But Sorel boots have a better ranking, reviews and also the best features, style, etc.

If you live in the upper tier of North America you know winter is not really a joke. It can surely be beautiful at times, but you also know there are a few things as tough as walking around in this sub-freezing temperatures with cold feet.

Since it’s winter time you might be also looking for the best ski boots for flat feet.

Hence, the right winter boots are mandatory while you head to the mountains. Always check the reviews and try the boots physically from your nearest store. Your safety and protection is all that matters!

Superfeet for Supination: Best Insoles for Supination?

Struggling with Supination is a problem that surprisingly affects a large number of people. Insoles for sufferers of Supination have to provide strong support and stability for feet that would be inefficiently balanced otherwise, which is a major cause of pain for poorly-aligned feet.

Supination of the foot arises when your weight rolls onto the outer edges of your feet. Another name for supination is underpronation. In a normal stride, your foot has to roll inward a little so that your weight is on the ball of your foot. Then you push off your big toe. If you supinate, most of your weight will fall on the outside of your foot and may push off from your outer toes instead.

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Superfeet for High Arches


Insoles are the perfect option for everything from plantar fasciitis, to heel spurs, high arches and more. However, it is always not easy to find the right fit, especially while considering the range of variables like the length, footbed, arch type, material, etc.

Providing good support for the high arches and ample cushioning for the sole of the foot can go a long way towards relieving pain throughout the feet, back, hips and legs. Let us now know the different types of insoles preferred for high arches and also the importance of choosing them.

What Does High Arches Mean?

High arches are the excessive fixed flexion of the arch in the foot. While weight-bearing stress is typically distributed across the entire in people having normal arches, people with high arches carry their weight mainly on the heels and balls of the feet. This will place undue stress on the ankles and toes which leads to pain and instability.

Since high-arched foot lacks the flexibility to absorb shock it tends to roll outward. This may increase the risk of ankle sprain or fracture. High arches develop at any age and occur in one or both feet.

A high arch may be an inherited condition or may develop at any point in life due to the bone or nerve conditions. The shape of your feet is determined by genes. People with high arches may feel they are born abnormal. But this is not true. Everyone has unique feet, whether they have a flat arch, high or somewhere in between. It is, however, important to note that high arched feet are also caused by a variety of neurological conditions, like spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

While you have high arches, you may find physical activity painful. High-arched feet often tend to be less flexible and more rigid which often leads people to seek out extra cushioning in insoles and footwear. People with a high arch may also have trouble finding the footwear that fits well and may often experience excess friction or pressure at the instep of the foot.

What Type of Insoles are Preferred for High Arches?

Sof Sole Arch Full Length Comfort High Arch Shoe Insole for Men and Women

This insole is designed specifically for use by active people having high arches. They are an excellent choice for both athletic shoes and casual shoes as they provide ample support for walking, running, standing and cross-training.

These insoles provide enhanced arch height, gel cushioning in a deep, supportive heel cup and ”Hydologix” moisture management. These insoles are permeated with the antibacterial agent, Microban, so as to fight against bacteria and odor.

These insoles are reasonably priced and come with a one-year guarantee against defects. Most udders find this arch height useful.

Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

Superfeet Insoles come in different color-coded varieties. The orange model measures two inches high and five inches wide and is designed specifically to accommodate very high arches. Because of its larger dimensions, it is essential to choose roomy footwear that has removable insoles and narrow heel to accommodate the insoles properly.

Superfeet orange is made by using high-impact, vegan, latex-free foam having a natural anti-bacterial, odor-control coating. This full-length insole provides extra shock absorption and cushioning even on the hard surfaces during the high impact activity.

This is bio-mechanically shaped with a slim, narrow heel and deep heel cup which provides superior stability and alignment. The sole of the unit is reinforced to maintain its shape and also provide maximum support with extended and challenging use. These are specially designed to address common foot, arch and heel pain and also the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

The Superfeet Green Heritage insoles have remained fairly unchanged since they were first designed and introduced. The arch support of the insoles measures a full four inches in order to provide the maximum, professional-grade orthotic support to very high arches.

These feature anti-bacterial coating and cushiony, latex-free, vegan construction. This model is especially recommended for people who want to participate in extreme sports or for those who stand for longer period of time on hard surfaces.

Superfeet green provides all the benefits of Superfeet orange for people having high arches. Superfeet green insoles provide professional orthotic support for people with high arches.

Are Superfeet Insoles Good for High Arches?

There are various reasons why Superfeet insoles are a hit among the customers of all the age groups. These insoles are designed to cater to the different needs of different people.

Superfeet insoles improve the fit of your shoes. These insoles are apt for your high-arch and people suffering from knee pain. These insoles provide the widest and the deepest support to your heel.

The thick foam provides a great amount of support at the high arch and also good stability. These insoles do not flatten easily even after long hours of standing in one place. Superfeet insoles are perfect for people with high arches are looking for proper support for their active feel.

Even if you invest well in high-quality footwear, well-made high arch insoles will surely make a big difference in stability, comfort and support. Superfeet insoles are designed mainly for flat feet people with high arches. It gives your feet a solid foundation and helps distribute the weight of your body evenly. They align your knees, hips, ankles and feet and also provide the cushioning to absorb the shock of every step you take.

Final Words

Keeping your feet happy is also necessary and is an important part of enjoying exercise and healthy activity. Never give up your hope saying there is no solution for your high arches. Work with your local specialty running store to find the best footwear and insoles that will help to keep you moving.

Foot pain is something that cannot be ignored if you have high arches. By consulting a podiatrist in the early stage, you may avoid a worsening of symptoms and also correct structural abnormalities in your gait before any other joints get affected.

Differences between Saucony Shoes and Brooks Shoes

There are various shoe brand names on the market and looks like all the athletes have their own choices! What makes the perfect running pair depends on an individual’s aim, speed, running style and also fashion sensibilities. Two of the best shoe models are also the best selling brands on the market.

Saucony and Brooks fight for the ”best running shoe brand” title. Today we will introduce you to the excellent technologies used by both the brands which makes their shoes stand out in the crowd. We will also compare the models to provide you with a clear picture of which brand is really the best.

Differences between Saucony and Brooks

In this section of Saucony vs Brooks running shoe brand comparison, let us compare two marquee shoes: Saucony Ride 7 and Brooks Glycerin 16.

Saucony Ride 7   Brooks Glycerin 16
A few notable features are it has IBR+ and XT-900 rubber materials in the outsole Use of SSL EVA, the premium midsole material Heel to Toe Power Grid. It has Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone from heel to the midfoot Vertical flex grooves in order to provide flexibility Breathable open mesh upper, comfortable sock liner Strobel Last for an Optimum cushioning and underfoot feel   A few notable features are the use of HPR Plus and blown rubber in the outsole to ensure durability, better traction and flexibility Ideal pressure zone in the outsole to disperse pressure DNA Loft cushioning in the midsole to provide a bouncy ride and added durability Breathable upper made of jacquard mesh Use of 3D Fit Print Technology in order to provide a snug fit Internal bootie construction to provide a nice in-shoe feel
This is available in standard length. The available width options are wide and medium which are available for men and women. There are many size options available and hence you will find a proper fit irrespective of the width, length and shape of your feet.   These shoes are true to size. There are a lot of variations available like the toe box is wide and the forefoot and the heel area are medium fit
The shoe is very stylish. There are a plethora of color options to choose For women, there are five color variations and for men, there are four color variations. This is a very stylish shoe. Having a plethora of color options available on the market, these shoes are a favorite among the style junkies.  

Advantages of Saucony

Saucony is a wonderful option for the runners for not just those suffering from plantar fasciitis. This shoe showcases impressive bold designs and also strong color schemes which are mixed with enhanced functionality and also extensive comfort. The designs present with the ISO are some of the boldest across all the running shoes.

Saucony shoes have been touted as the company’s most highly-cushioned running shoe ever. It has a breathable and comfortable upper that amplifies the features with the use of RUNDRY Collar Lining. This lining covers the heel and helps to keep the moisture at bay while running and therefore providing an irritation-free experience.

The presence of Welded Overlays on the upper also provides a seamless fit. The presence of Comfortline Sockliner brings the pressure down by conforming to the shape of the arch and also the heel. Saucony shoes are available for both men and women and you will surely find a proper fit irrespective of the width, length and shape of your feet.

This company shoe has durability and comfort. It uses most of the latest technologies to ensure you get a phenomenal running experience. The shoe comes with patented ISO fit upper too. This adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot. This also allows for stronger and far more personalized levels of support and comfort.

Disadvantages of Saucony

The lightweight of the sole can lead to issues with structural longevity over time. The sizing is actually tricky, it can run too large or too small depending on the ”batch” of the manufacture. It is always suggested to order from somewhere that provides returns.

Uncomfortable overlays may cause blisters. Most of the shoes are not waterproof, hence plan accordingly. Saucony is not good for running on rough terrain.

Advantages of Brooks

Brooks shoe provides a good balance of support and cushioning. It is a great shoe for the runners who need more stability in their performance while also enjoying a great level of comfort and responsive ride.

Brooks provides a high level of support. It is breathable and comfortable. The shoes provide reliable traction on the road. The sole is durable and the shoe is reasonably priced too. The major focus of the brand is to give a technologically advanced and also well-fitted she to the runners.

Technologies like DNA midsole cushioning and segmented crash pad make the stride as smooth as possible with the use of features like ballistic rock shield and nightlife, which makes running a safe experience.

Brooks uses rounded heels with the idea of encouraging proper body alignment. The outsole of most of the brooks running shoes features 3D hex lugs which offer good amount of traction on various kinds of paved surfaces. Brooks always prioritize the safety of the runners and also to provide them a safe run even in the darkest hours. It uses nightlife technology.

Brooks is one of the very few brands which have high-visibility collection for the runners. It uses 3D fit print technology to provide a snug fit. These shoes are true to size, the forefoot and the heel area are medium fit whereas the toe box is wide.

Disadvantages of Brooks

The cushioning is too soft and the small stones get stuck in the snow. The insole of Brook’s shoe moves from its position while running in the wet conditions. It also takes a longer duration of time to dry post wet runs. The shoe can cause hotspots.

Final Words

There is no denying the fact that the two pairs are absolutely amazing in their own way. To find the best pair for you, just figure out what it is that matters to you the most and make choices based on your priorities. However, after going through the detailed Saucony vs. Brooks running shoe brand comparison and their reviews and ratings provided by the existing customers of both the brands, it is concluded Brooks as the clear winner.

With the use of several coming-of-age technologies, the security of the runner and prioritizing the comfort, by paying attention to all the details, and emphasizing the style and looks of the running shoes, Brooks is trending big time!

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Flat Feet People

Flat foot is a condition in which the entire sole of your foot touches the ground while standing.

Flat feet can occur in your childhood if the arches of the feet don’t properly develop, can happen when you suffer from some sort of injury. It can also be a result of the wear and tear with growing age.

Most people might have normal arches by the time they are adults. However, the arch might never develop in the foot of the person from his childhood.

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