Vionic Shoes for Flat Feet: Are Vionics Good for Flat Feet?

What if I told you that Vionic manufactures shoes that provide comfort in various foot problems?

Sounds good, right?

What about flat feet?

Are Vionic Shoes good for flat feet?

Yes, the Vionic Shoes for flat feet are one of the best choices. The specially designed orthotic shoes provide comfort & right amount of support at proper direction which helps to reduce overpronation.

Let’s learn about in detail how Vionic is perfect brand for flat feet people.

Are Vionic Shoes good for flat feet

How Vionic is Different from Other Brands?

Vionic is different from other brands.

They do not just make shoes that look nice. Their main focus is on providing essential stability and support to your feet.

After a lot of research, Vionic design their each shoe, slipper, and sandal that supports the natural alignment.

The famous America’s doctor, Andrew Weil, MD highly recommend the Vionic shoes because these shoes really help in relieving the pain in a natural way.

As other brands focus on making shoes that looks nice, but Vionic’s shoes are comfortable, stylish, and provide essential support to the feet, even for flat feet and high arches. That’s why, many of their shoes are recommended by American Podiatric Medical Association or APMA.

Their many shoes have APMA Seal of Acceptance; you can read about it in the next section.

APMA Seal of Acceptance

The APMA Seal of Acceptance and Seal of Approval are awarded to only those products that are found to be good for foot health.

The APMA Seal of Acceptance is provided to the shoes, insoles, socks, and other equipments that are beneficial and support good health of feet.

Vionic Shoes APMA Approved

Before awarding the Seal of Acceptance, a group of APMA Podiatrists reviewed each product whether it is shoe or insole to ensure that it is good for feet. They also take a close look on the quality, control, stability, and the safety of the product.

A lot of Vionic Shoes have been awarded with APMA Seal of Acceptance because they are comfortable, stable, and good for foot health whether it is flat feet, wide feet, or high arch feet.

Even, it is clinically proved that orthotic arch support reduces excessive pronation. Even, if you have plantar fasciitis, these shoes will help to avoid fallen arches or flat feet.

Do Vionic Provide Good Support in Every Shoe?

Yes, Vionic shoes come with high-quality orthotics that are good for shock absorption, stabilization, and reduce pronation.

However, it depends on you which type of orthotic inserts you want in your shoes. The 3/4 length or full-length orthotic inserts.

These orthotic inserts can easily be adjusted in many different kinds of shoe including cleats, boots, cross trainers, and many more.

The orthotic inserts are designed in such a way that they provide stability, support, and added motion control.

Whether you want Vionic shoes for running, walking, fitness or for sports activities, you’ll find them comfortable & supportive.

What is Orthaheel technology?

The Orthaheel Technology is a clinically proved orthotic that is built into the insoles that helps & support natural alignment from the ground up. The Orthaheel Technology is podiatrist-designed to provide relief in the flat feet condition, and also in the kee & back pain.

Difference between Regular Insoles and Orthotic

The regular footbeds or insoles are not designed to deal with the flat feet. They’re only for shock absorption and to provide some cushioning effect. They feel comfortable initially, but they do not provide any relief in flat feet condition.

 The high-quality orthotics like Orthaheel not only provide shock absorption & cushioning effect, they also provide relief in the over pronation. They’re designed to support your natural foot alignment.

Who Can Benefit from Wearing Vionic Shoes?

Any person whether he has any foot problem or not can wear the Vionic shoes with orthotics.

These shoes are not only comfortable but also provide a great support.

People over 50+ Age

The foot muscles and ligaments start getting weak as we get old. Along with that, the cushioning effect reduces for the feet bones as the fatty padding under our feet thins out.

As people with some fallen arches get aged, the muscles also get weak along with the thinning of fat tissue that result in heel spurs. This is very common problem that 50+ people face.

In that case, the vionic shoes provide proper cushioning and support your feet right way to avoid such conditions.

People Who Stand All Day

The nurses, teachers, factory workers, salesman, people in retail stores, and those who work in other industries have to stand all day on their feet.

If you have some kind of foot problem, then standing the whole day on hard surfaces like concrete can result in low back pain, aching feet, and other problems. Therefore, the Vionic Shoes can be great for nurses with flat feet, and other similar standing all day jobs.

Women who need to wear dress shoes with heels often face aching legs and pain under the ball of the foot.

Athletes and Runners

The athletes, runners, and sportspersons put so much pressure on their bones & muscles that are much higher than the stress received by the bones in normal conditions.

The Vionic shoes with orthotics play a big role to avoid sports injuries like shin splints, knee & joint pain, and Achilles Tendonitis. Along with that, if an athlete is comfortable in his shoes, then he can perform better.

Overweight People or Pregnant Ladies

The excess weight can cause foot pain, and the situation can get worse if you have high arch or fallen arch.

The perfect support along with the proper alignment can change the whole thing, and can you an instant relief from the pain.

Do Vionic Shoes Provide Relief in Flat Feet?

Yes, the Vionic shoes provide relief in flat feet. The specially designed orthotic insole provides support at the right place that reduces the flat feet pain, and helps to give a quick relief.

People with Flat Feet in Vionic Shoes

Do Vionic Shoes Take Time to Break In?

The orthotics is comfortable for most of the people just after taking them out of the box. But, the experience can be different for some people and for a certain type of boots.

For that break in, it is recommended to wear new footwear for at least few hours to a few days. This time period will allow your feet & shoes to adjust accordingly.

Final Words

When it comes to manufacturing shoes for foot problems, the Vionic is one of the best.

Their main focus is to design shoes that provide comfort to people who have foot problems whether it is high arch or fallen arch because the flat feet can cause pain in knees, back, legs and in other areas of body.

The Vionic is not the single brand that manufacture shoes for foot problems, but they certainly one of the best on the market.

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