Best Nurse Shoes for Flat Feet: Flat Nursing Shoes

There are many brands that manufacture shoes for nurses.

Even, you can find various high quality nurse shoes.

But, the problem comes when you have flat feet.

The shoe companies don’t manufacture shoes for flat feet nurses.

Actually, some companies manufacture best nurse shoes for flat feet. But, they don’t advertise them as “Hey, Flat Feet nurses, these shoes are perfect for you”.

So, before moving to the reviews, let’s find out what are the things you should consider before buying nurse shoes for flat feet.

Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Flat Feet Nurses

Flat Feet Shoes for Nurses
  • Size: As you have to wear these shoes on your duty every time, you should buy the proper size which will fit your foot. If you buy a loose shoe size or a tight shoe size, you won’t be able to walk properly and it will all the time keep you bothered. So consider buying the perfect size which fits your foot in order to give your best at the duty.
  • Stability: You should get a pair of shoes which will provide you with proper stability and balance to your feet in order to walk properly.
  • Comfort: You should buy a shoe which is comfortable. If the shoe won’t be comfortable, you won’t be able to concentrate on your duty. The shoe should provide you with full comfort and not let you be stressful at your foot. So you should buy shoes which are the most comfortable.
  • Material: The best material will help you to function properly. So you should select the best material in order to get the best result and durability. A bad material will affect your foot and it can start paining. This will not allow you to concentrate on your duty and make your foot pain. So you should get the best material which will allow your foot to breath and not cause pain.
  • Lightweight: The material of the shoe should be lightweight. They won’t cause any interruption while walking around in the different areas. If they are not lightweight, they will add extra stress on your foot and not allow you to work properly. So you should choose the shoes which are lightweight and will not add any stress while walking.
  • Flexibility: The shoes should be flexible and allow you to properly and freely move from one place to another in your workplace. This will allow you to easily move. So you should buy a pair of shoes which are flexible and will allow you to move freely.

Best Shoes for Nurses with Flat Feet

Shoes for Nurses with Flat Feet

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove

This Nurse Mates Dove Lites Slip-On Nursing Shoe is a part of the Lites collection. It can be a great option if you are looking for a shoe for your duty as a nurse.

These shoes are made from full grain leather upper which provides durability to the shoe.

They are available in various different sizes such as

  • S or 3A for X-Narrow size
  • N or 2A for Narrow size
  • M or B for the Medium size
  • W or C/D for the Wider size
  • X-Wide for the Extra Wider size

You can choose the wide and extra wide size if you have wide feet. It will provide proper support to your arch and will help you in walking properly.

If you have flat feet you should select the proper size in order to walk properly and provide proper support to your arch and help you in walking comfortably at your duty.

The full-grain leather allows your feet to easily breathe and provide them to be durable. The upper leather will provide the shoe to have a stain resistant finishing which also helps in giving the shoe a fresh look.

These shoes are lightweight and won’t be any extra stress on your duty or to your feet while walking continuously. You can easily walk in these shoes for a long time and feel no extra stress even after wearing it for a long time.

The EVA outsoles are really light and feature rubber inserts which in turn improves the wear and slip resistance. It will thus allow you to easily maintain the grip and provide durability with no extra stress on your feet.

The heel height of the shoe is 1.5” and it has sturdy steel shanks which will provide your arch with the perfect support. This will also help you in reducing fatigue without adding any extra weight to your shoes.

The removable EVA insole will add another layer of cushioning and arch support. This will help your foot to be stress-free and provide proper support to your feet while walking.

The collar is padded and the elastic at the opening will provide you the best room with the perfect and great fit.

These shoes are available in various colors from which you can choose and buy them.

These shoes are perfect for the people who want to buy nurse shoes which provide proper comfort and are lightweight at the same time.

Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule

Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule is made up of suede leather and has a rubber sole. The sole will provide the durability to the shoe and help it in lasting longer. These shoes can be a great option for nurses.

They are built and available in different sizes such as

·       B or M for Medium size

·       W or C/D for wide

·       XW or E for extra wide

If you have wide feet you should choose the W or XW size in order to perfectly fit your feet and provide proper arch support.

The flat feet people should also choose according to their size. This will help them in providing full support to the arch and foot. This will decrease the pain and provide proper support to the person wearing it.

The shaft doesn’t measure from the arch.

The platform of the shoe measures about approximately 0.75

The cushioned insole will provide you the perfect comfort and feel while walking through the different areas of the hospital. The comfort will help you in making the best use of the shoe and not get easily stressed when walking and performing various activities inside the workplace.

The flexible outsole will help in providing the flexibility which is required to easily move from place to another with ease. This will hence allow you to flexibly and easily move to different areas of the hospital and do your work with ease without much of getting stressed on the feet.

They are available in different color options from which you can choose from.

These pair of shoes can be your perfect combination which can be bought for your nurse duty.

Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip resistant shoes are made with leather upper which provides the shoes to be durable and feature a lace-up casual comfort work shoe design. This will provide you to be comfortable every time you are wearing it.

These shoes can be one of the best options while looking shoes for the duty of nurse.

There are various sizes which are available in these shoes such as

·       B or M for Medium size

·       W or C/D for Wide size

·       XW or E for Extra Wide size

These are some of the size available.

If you have wide feet you should go with the wider size or with the extra wider size.

If you have flat feet and want to buy these shoes, you can go through the sizes and decide the size which will be a perfect size. The size should also provide you with proper arch fitting. So choose the best size according to your foot.

These rugged work shoes feature soft fabric lining which helps in providing the softness to the shoe. The softness will help your foot to be comfortable and provide you to be stress-free when at work.

It has memory foam topped cushioned comfort insoles which provide your feet with the comfort when you are wearing them at your duty. It will also provide you with protection while you are wearing it.

The slip-resistant rubber traction rubber traction outsoles will provide you with the top-notch comfort. This will allow not slipping and having proper grip while walking.

You can choose from the 2 different colors which are available in these shoes.

You can choose these shoes for your nurse duty as these shoes will provide you with extreme comfort and the proper grip which is required while walking in the areas.

These shoes can become your perfect and the best choice while choosing for your duty and will also provide you the comfort.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-on is designed in a way which will deliver you with all-day comfort and anti-fatigue to those who make their earnings while on the feet whole day.

It is available in various sizes such as

·       B or M which is available for the medium size

·       W or C/D is available for the wide size

·       XW or E is the extra wide size

You can choose the size according to your feet.

There are various sizes available for the people who have wide feet and you can select according to your choice.

The heel measures approximately1.75” and the platform of the shoes measure approximately 0.75”.

If you have flat feet you should properly analyze and select the size which will be best for your feet.

The Anti-Fatigue technology will help you not to get stressed and not get tired easily while walking with these shoes.

It features a heel-to-toe rocker sole and an anatomically shaped oblique last for all-day comfort. This will help you to be a comfortable whole day long while being on the duty. It will reduce the pressure. Thus giving you the perfect comfort while walking through the various areas.

The full-grain leathers and microsuede upper linings will offer you an outstanding and durability.

3 M Scotchgard protectors will give the shoes to be stain resistant.

Dryz Intelllitemp X-Static combined technology sock cover will provide you with super moisture management, temperature, and silver fiber-based antimicrobial protection. This will help in maintaining a good and effective temperature inside the shoe and help you to be sweat free throughout the day.

Bi-fit tri-density footbed will provide you with the maximum and utmost support throughout the day and will help you to be in a comfortable position at the work. This will allow you to easily work.

They are available in 2 colors. You can choose one of them.

These shoes can be a great option and choice if you want the shoe to get the perfect fit while at work.

Klogs USA Women’s Naples Mule

Klogs USA Women’s Naples mule is made of leather and has a synthetic sole. This helps in providing the durability to the shoe.

The various sizes available in these shoes are

·       3 or SA is for X-Narrow

·       N or 2A is for Narrow

·       M or B is for Medium

·       W or C/D is for wide

·       XW or E is for extra wide

You can select any size which is according to your foot.

If you have wide feet you should go for W Or XW size in order to get the proper stability to your arch.

If you have flat feet you should properly measure and then select your size. It should perfectly support your arch.

The shaft measures approximately   Low-Top” from the arch and the heel measures approximately 1 inches.

It provides you with the extreme cushioned comfort with removable polyurethane anti-slip outsoles which are tested and approved for wet and oily wet conditions outsole. It will allow your feet to be comfortable and allow you to remain stable even in the wet and oily conditions.

The outsoles and insoles both are long lasting, durable and will provide you with extra support and comfort.

It is a great option for everyone who has to stay on the feet all day long. They are great for plantar fasciitis.

They are available in various different colors from which you can choose.

It is a comfortable choice if you want to choose a shoe for your nurse duty.

Final Words

As the nurse is a job in which you have to stay on foot all day long. So you should be comfortable and feel no extra weight on your feet while walking and performing all your stressful duties.

If you have flat feet you should consider buying the perfect size according to your feet size that will provide you with the proper support and comfort with no extra support.

So you should buy the perfect shoes according to the material and comfort which shouldn’t provide your feet with you with any stress.

It can be concluded that you should buy the best material with the cost according to your budget.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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