Best Nurse Shoes for Flat Feet: Flat Nursing Shoes

Work can prove to be tedious, especially when one’s job or profession involves staying afoot for a greater part of the day. And, is there any other profession which demands constant indulgence in physical activity as much as that of a nurse? I surmise not.

From running amongst different rooms to fetch equipment, to standing beside a patient to check his condition, nurses put a lot of stress on their feet. For the nurseshaving flat feet, the stress seems to be worse.

To assist, and primarily, to enable nurses having fallen arches to dissolve their woes of standing all day, a good pair of flat feet nurse shoes is considered to be absolutely indispensable.

So, get your choices right in 2020 and treat yourself, even during work hours, by opting for the bestnursing shoes for flat feet available!

Best Nurse Shoes for Flat Feet

The best flat feet nursing shoes, in our opinion, are listed below.

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

True to their name, these shoes definitely give joy while walking.  Lightweight and flexible, they have a responsive 5Gen cushioning,parametric cushioned 5Gen midsole, especially for additional comfort for flat feet,and synthetic soles. Instead of leather, they have a breathable mesh, which is quite in the trend these days. However, it does not help in facilitating water resistance.

The pair comes in eleven different colors – Black, Black and White, Charcoal, Taupe, Navy and White, White, Black and Grey, Coral, Turquoise, Light Grey, and Red. The shoes look simple yet stylish and they can be worn post working hours too. They are washable and can be air-dried. The soft fabric lining and padded collar, along with the cushioned insoles make them very comfortable to wear.

Nurse Mates Harmony

Made of full-grain leather, the shoes have a man-made insole and a slip-resistant outsole. A uniquely designed orthotic, with the Align technology, these shoes ensure the distribution of body weight between the flat feet, evenly. They are even suited for the purpose of walking all day long!

They can be categorized as the shoes for walking and standing all day due to their structure and design. The arch is very supportive and accurate. They come in two colors – Black, and White, and in many sizes. They are true to their size, but some people prefer to wear a size up, according to their requirements of ease.

Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

Are they more persistent than your determination? Buy these to check the fact out, and maybe they will wear out later than you! Having an upper made of smooth faux leather, durability is out of the question. They have a slip-on design, with side elastic fabric panels, which welcomes your flat feet and keeps them intact for hours.

The front part is covered with patterned mesh, and side and front overlays feature stitching accents. The presence of side panels helps in keeping the flat feet cool, and the cushioned sole facilitates the warmth of easement for flat feet.

Dansko Professional Clog

Need shoes for standing and walking all day? You are at the right place!

They are pure leather and have polyurethane sole. These flat feet nursing shoes are highly durable and lightweight because of the materials used in the making of their uppers and soles, respectively. The outsole and the rocker bottom serve as shock absorbents. 

The padded instep collar provides comfort while walking, and enables the proper alignment of the legs. These are available in numerous colors and designs, the most favored one being the Antique Brown for work. The shoes are well-cushioned and good traction on all surfaces is provided by them.

An instant hit and well known for their comfort, style, optimal support and stability, the shoes have been praised by the best of both, the culinary and the healthcare worlds.

New Balance Energize Athletic Shoes

Synthetic, but they are worth it! New Balance, being the great brand that it is, clearly impresses with its athletic-cum-nursing shoes for flat feet. They have a ‘casual yet chic’ look to them and can be worn outside of the work premises also. They have memory foam and slip-on uppers with lace support. They are slim looking and lightweight, having good length and extra width giving them the benefit of being breathable. The color choices are limited to only four.

Coming to the limitations, the sneakers are not water resistant. However, they dry up quickly. They can be rated as good shoes for nurses having flat feet.

Skechers Go Max- Athletic Shoes

Skechers truly believes in the notion of ‘the more the merrier.’ Making it to the list with yet another pair of shoes for flat feet, the brand continues to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

They have a slip-on design with extra padded heel, enabling one to wear them on almost quickly, with no unease, and the heel heightens a person as well as his good mood. They too have a 5Gen sole and a rubber sole which renders them stability, durability and impact absorbance. The cushioning is high-rebound, and the upper is constructed out of breathable mesh cover. The shoes are available in four colors – Black, Black and White, Charcoal, and Navy and Grey.

The shoes might be narrow for some, so a check on the size is imperative. Apart from that, overall, the shoes are comfortable for athletic walking, even in the case of flat feet, and durable if taken proper care of.

How do flat feet affect Nurses?

The absence of a curving arch in front of the heel of the foot can cause more troubles than imagined. From pain in the feet to problems in knees and ankles, flatfeet can contribute towards the alteration in the alignment of one’s legs.

Nurses suffering from flat feet, or students pursuing nursing, who have flat feet, often find it really difficult and painful to stand and walk all day long in the hospital. They do not have the legitimate foot arch required to spread the weight of the body, evenly on the feet. Owing to the lack of it, the body weight gets redistributed anomalously amongst the feet, knees, the hip area and even the backbone. As a result, nurses having flat feet might suffer from ailments arising out of the same.

How to choose Nursing Shoes for flat feet?

An opinion paired up with a bit of guidance never goes in the wrong direction.We know that short listing the best out of the lot is as irksome as going to a dozen shops and trying each piece of clothing on!

But before scratching your heads in distress, take a brief look at some of the most helpful points adumbrated to help you through the selection process.

Quality of Material

The ideal material combination for a pair of nursing shoes is leather uppers and non-slip rubber bottoms. A leather upper not only looks stylish, but it durable too. The rubber soles are quite flexible and slip resistant.


Nursing shoes as manufactured by the aforementioned brands are true to their size. However, one size up shall be fine depending on the comfort required by you.


For regular use, you might want to seek out a pair which is more durable. Leather lasts longer than its synthetic substitutes, and breathable mess uppers prove to be equally good.

Flexibility of Sole

The sole of the shoe must be flexible and the best material for it is synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber, as compared to natural rubber, is durable and cheaper. It is also easily available as most of the shoes sold on a daily basis are manufactured using it.


Sneakers and clogs are the two main kinds of nursing shoes you can choose between. Clogs spare you the hassle of lacing and unlacing your shoes every time you wear them, while the laces of sneakers have to be tied well. One advantage of sneakers, however, is that they are better shaped and can be worn while maneuvering through unlikely surfaces.

You can opt for one over the other by simply looking at your own need and comfort.


Light weight is desired in all the cases. Your shoes should carry weight sufficient to keep you on the ground, but not to hold you down! Hence, to be with your patients on time and to lead the way during emergency, feathery shoescan come to your rescue.

Final Words

Do not get disheartened if you have been bestowed upon with flat feet. Just an extra bit of caution in making a sage choice amongst various shoes can relieve you of most of the mental tension as well as the physical pain.Do not let flat feet render a flat slope to the trajectory of your dreams! A medical condition, which can be kept at bay, ought to be the last thing posing as an obstacle on your path of hard work and determination.

Sufferers and Bearers, it is high time you command your agony, “Not today, not ever.” Step out and step out more often! We hope we have given you reasons enough to do so.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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