About Us

The flat feet is also known as by the name of fallen arches. It’s a postural deformity in which there is little to no arch or the arches of the foot collapse. Due to this, the entire sole of the foot makes contact with the ground.

A large number of people are suffering from this condition but unfortunately, there are not many resources that guide them to buying a perfect pair of shoes for their flat feet.

If you have flat feet, and you wear shoes which do not provide the right amount of support & comfort, then you’ll feel uncomfortable. Even, it can also cause foot pain, knee pain, and other problems.

Who We Are?

We are a group of individuals that are determined to provide the content about the flat feet. Every article that we produce is the result of hours of research and discussion. Before publishing an article, we closely investigate it whether it fulfills our standards or not.

The Team

V. Deol – Site Owner and Main Editor

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona BA on PE

I am the owner and main Editor at The Flat Feet. With a degree in PE, years of suffering of flat feet but always playing different sports gave me the opportunity to research the best shoes for flat feet regarding the sports for my own good.

That’s why I decided to start this blog, even though I am not a medical student and maybe I don’t have the scientific knowledge some other people have, I feel pretty confident on my own experience and ability to understand the problems of people who suffer of flat feet like me to share them what I think are the best options to excel at whatever sport they practice.

At theflatfeet.com we don’t claim to give you medical advice nor believe anything you find written by me or our team will make you get rid of flat feet, but based on our experience if we review a pair of shoes or suggest any exercises to ease of the pain then those might help you a little.

We hope you enjoy our reviews and content. If there is anything you personally want to share with me please feel free to contact me at v.deol@theflatfeet.com

D. Grover – Main Writer

Extreme Sports and Shoes Aficionado

A UK born but California based expert on extreme sports and fan of sports shoes who also suffers from fallen arches, decided to share some of my own experience when researching the best shoes for flat feet.

Knowing that extreme sports requires you to be at your optimal performance, same as any other sport, having the right equipment is essential. That is why I am always excited to share my experience, I know from first hand how important it is so hopefully anything I share on my socials helps you to be the athlete you always wanted to be.

Feel free to reach me out at d.grover@theflatfeet.com

How We Find the Right Shoes for the Flat Feet?

The flat foot is a condition in which you can’t expect the comfort & proper fitting in just any shoe. If you have flat feet, then your shoes will be different from the normal ones.

When we are on the hunt of finding a perfect pair of shoes for the flat feet, we do extensive research. For writing a perfect article that shares good information about the shoes for people having flat feet needs a lot of research.

First, we take a close look at the product. The cushioning of the shoes, the right amount of support, forefoot and heel area of the shoes, and other details.

The next thing we do is to get information from the company.

Taking a close look at the customer reviews is another essential thing because the best way to find what other real customers think about it is looking at the reviews.

Why Should You Trust Our Advice?

If you are purchasing a pair of shoes for your flat feet, then you should not just buy any pair and expect it’ll fit you perfectly. The expert advice is required if you’re purchasing shoes online, otherwise, you may waste your money.

Here, we take advice and information from the shoe experts and podiatrists. They have devoted their lives to the shoes and treating foot disorders. So, we can trust their advice.