Best Birkenstock Shoes & Insoles for Bunions in 2020

The evolution of heels has drawn our feet to ever-high expectations and foot ailments like the bunions. While these are indeed some genetic factors that may predispose these conditions. The ultimate culprit is high heel shoes, narrow shoes having very less room for the toes to spread out naturally. The pointed shoes force the foot into an unnatural position. This creates the perfect storm for discomfort, pain and ultimately disfigurement.

Bunions can be painful and having the best shoes for bunions makes your life a lot easier and the shoes also save you a lot from suffering and pain. Bunions basically develop as the metatarsal bone drifts away from the rest of the foot. This can be the result of the way you walk, the shoes you wear, etc.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Bunions?

Birkenstocks are generally considered a very good option for all the bunion sufferers. The width, which is wider, will prevent it from rubbing against the bunions and aggravating it and also increase your level of pains.

Birkenstocks have a lot more flexibility that can also stretch by enabling you to avoid rubbing against your bunions that can cause discomfort and perhaps, also aggravating your bunion. Wearing shoe size that is a little bigger than your normal size would also help.

This will help the shoe to fit less tight and avoids the issue of shoes rubbing or aggravating the bunion. Birkenstocks having a podiatrist stamp approval, have continued to dominate for a healthy foot option of fashion sandal too.

Because the cork footbed sole is designed in order to support your ankle, and the way the cork actually molds to your foot, they are as orthopedic as they come. Not to miss the natural antibacterial properties of the cork that will keep your feet free from germs and also helps to reduce the odor caused by locked in sweat.

Birkenstock for bunion is designed to promote good foot health, but this goes even further than that. The harder sole and the natural flexibility of the cork, your foot is supported both where it needs the most with each step that causes less shock to your joints and bones.

Does Birkenstocks Insoles Helpful for Bunions?

Birkenstock insoles are a great way to help people feel better and do more. Supporting the foot with proper Birkenstocks insoles can help to eliminate or prevent the vast majority of foot-related problems. Although, bunions are hereditary the symptoms can be kept to a minimum by reducing the pressure.

This can be done by the Birkenstock sandal having a contoured foot-bed and broad base which is low to the ground and supports the heel and arch and thus limits the excessive pronation. The vast majority of the footwear has more than enough cushion but very little support for heel and arch. Finding shoes having an extra depth and wide toe box can be very important. One of the most effective and easiest solutions is to add a simple over the counter insole which provides forgiving support for both the heel and arch.

Since bunions are often associated with flat feet, placing insoles into the shoes which are otherwise flat can help to prevent bunions from worsening. By supporting arches with insoles like the Birkenstocks, you help take the stress off from your toe joint and correct the positioning of the foot.

How to Choose Birkenstocks for Bunions

Wide Width Size

The must-have feature is the wide width size of the shoe. This is important in order to provide enough space for the movement of your big toe. It also provides enough space for the bony bump on your feet and does not create any unnecessary pressure caused by the narrow-width shoes.

Good Traction and Grip

It is very essential feature in every shoe that you buy to get rid of bunions. Without proper grip and traction, you cannot run and walk carefully. You cannot protect or safeguard your joints and bones of the feet.

Your grip and traction are essential in order to avoid any accidental pressure or further injuries to your already affected foot. A shoe having good grip and traction can help to avoid injuries and can expedite the process of recovery for sure.

High-Quality Material

Find the one which has a soft leather material as this will provide the protection and safety for your swollen feet. This does not hurt your bony bump and provides softness for your bone tissues also.


Most people suffering from bunions find difficulties while exercising and walking. If you use barefoot-style footwear, it is possible to avoid accidental fall or slip on the slippery grounds. Your ankles and toes can remain safe by being flexible while jogging and walking. Barefoot style shoes may provide maximum flexibility to your feet. By choosing the Birkenstocks shoes, you will further avoid accidents and internal injuries to your feet.

Best Birkenstocks for Bunions

Birkenstocks Unisex Arizona Sandal

This is the highest recommended sandal for bunion sufferers. The very first factor is its unparalleled and timeless support and comfort ability for the feet. The adjustable leather strap and the comfortable footbed provide the best support and comfort for your feet which are affected with bunions.

This sandal also looks cute and stylish. The ridges on its insoles provide appropriate support and grip to your feet while walking. As far as the arch support is concerned, you are looking at one of the best orthotic sandals out there.

From every angle, this Birkenstock sandal is the perfect choice for bunion affected person. The price is also very affordable and sizing is appropriate for all the normal and narrow width feet. This sandal is recommended for people in search of ideal sandals to reduce bunion effects.

Orthofeet Women’s Sandal

This sandal is supportive and comfortable and is the perfect one for people who are suffering from bunions. The insole of this sandal offers contoured orthotic support. The heel seat conforms to the contours of your feet and is gel padded for extra comfort and support.

This sandal features anatomical arch support and this, along with the extra padding alleviates pain in the heel and foot, and also the knees, hips and lower back.

The shoe is designed with an ergonomic-stride that adds to the stability of the sandal and also facilitates the foot motion, the extra depth and the non-binding nature of the upper are complemented by the wide toe box for bunions. This helps to eliminate the pressure that shoes can place on the bunions.

VIVE recovery Walking Boot

This walking boot is designed to accommodate either the right or the left of the foot. This sandal is fully adjustable with straps to allow the surgical walking boot in order to accommodate either bandages or casts.

The square closed-toe design of the shoe makes it suitable for the feet and is non-gender specific. A rocker sole which is also non-skid ensures the stability you require while walking and supporting your arch and relieving any pressure or pain you may feel on the heel or forefoot.

The lightweight design makes it easy to walk and also comfortable while the wide square toe box acts as a kind of bumper in order to prevent you from hurting your toes or foot. These are a great pair for bunions.

Final Words

Birkenstocks provide roomy toe boxes that allow the toes to naturally stretch out. The above footwear mentioned, absolutely provides excellent media arch and metatarsal support that helps to keep the musculoskeletal structure of the foot in the proper supportive position.

While you suffer from bunions or any other form of foot ailment, it is very essential to get yourself the best footwear you can which can afford you the protection, comfort, stability, support, you can get. Bunions are painful and the shoes which do not prevent you from rubbing against them, aggravating them or bumping them is not something that you require.

Wearing the top quality footwear can help to safeguard and reduce your bunion condition drastically in the long term.

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