5 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet Players: With Reviews (in 2019)

Perhaps, you may be looking for golf shoes that are specifically designed for flat feet players.

So, now the question arises,

What are the best golf shoes for flat feet players?

Are there any shoes really available that you can buy?

Yes, there are some shoes that are perfect for flat feet golf players.

Here, in this article, I’ve shared the reviews of top 5 golf shoes that you can purchase if you have flat feet.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes for flat feet golf players


Who does not want to show off a little, just a little while going for a match of golf? Golf is known to be one of the classy most games and a golf player is expected to dress to the nines. So, while buying golf shoes, the first thing to be considered is the style of the shoe. But choosing the right golf shoe can be a dilemma for people with flat feet or overpronation as not all golf shoes can be worn by them.

People who overpronate or have flat feet can suffer a lot while standing or doing any activity. Luckily, there are shoes made to deal with overpronation and they come in various styles.


A perfect snug is not too hard to find but if you have flat feet, it could be quite daunting a task. One thing to keep in mind is while buying golf shoes for flat feet, look for the size ‘W’. Your feet should be hugged properly by your shoes but also not so much so that they are way too tight for your feet. A size ‘w’ is made in such a way that it supports the arch of the person and makes him comfortable all day long.

Look for midsoles. Midsoles usually help you not feel hurt while you are wearing them.

If your shoe is not designed for flat feet, being a golfer, you will not only play worse but will also be in pain throughout the game and even after that.


Usually, the calfskin leather is more expensive but is more useful than synthetic leather which comes cheap. The craftsmanship of the shoes is nice and made just right of the calfskin leather. It gives you a good grip while you are in the middle of a game of golf However if you are against animal cruelty than synthetic leather is your thing.


To pair your golf shoes with compression socks is what makes you get rid of cramps and restlessness. For you to walk around, the compression is a deciding factor. It makes your walk feel easier and with compression socks, you usually need one size of your shoes less.


For a golfer, to pay attention to the material of the shoe is one important point to be considered. The best quality the shoe is crafted from the highest quality leather. If you look for, you can also find waterproof leather.


Reports say that a 6-21% increase in performance when one wears a perfectly fit golf shoe. However, 70% wear the wrong size according to data. Measuring your foot width is the most important step while choosing your perfect pair of golf shoes.

The rule of thumb to know if you are wearing the right width is by putting your thumb between the top eyelets. The gap should be a thumb apart. Not too much, not too little.

However, a person with flat feet will have other requirements and the rule of choosing the right shoe differs a little. People with flat feet usually should go for size ‘W’ which means wide size or extra wide sized shoes. The size ‘w’ provides the support your arch requires and the stability.

Different Types of Golf Shoes

There are again shoes to select from a range of golf shoes. They are mostly categorized under spiked shoes, spikeless shoes, golf boots, golf sandals.

Spiked shoes

If you are looking for the classic spiked shoes, you are a golfer who looks for comfort, class, breathability and stability and water resistance. Today’s market has a wide range of spiked shoes that offer you what you need.

Spiked golf shoes are such a hit as they offer a perfect grip and stability for the swing. This is the one key advantage of spiked shoes.

Today, however, the traditionally spiked shoes come in different developments like lightweight ones, the ones that offer serious stability for the swings, etc.

Spikeless shoes

These are also known as the low profile shoes which were initially designed for comfort and style. In most shoes, rubber studs and dimpled holes are used in place of standard golf spikes which makes it perfect for the 19th hole or for the driving range like surfaces.

Spikeless shoes are not just for the casual golfer but also many professionals use them now. Initially, there were concerns about the durability of the spikeless soles. However, with latest technologies developing, claims have been made by the manufacturers that these new soled shoes will outlast the natural longevity of the spikeless shoes.

Golf Boots

Golf boots are a little bit on the expensive end as the material used is thick and to resist water and other climatic conditions. However, these are a bit heavy and might cut down on the freedom around the ankles.

Golf Sandals

These are very breathable sandal shoes for summertime golfing. Apart from your feet being cool, these golf sandals do not really prove to be a great support. They could also create blisters if walked around a lot on these.

The Requirement of Insoles for Golf Shoes

Golf enthusiasts are fond of using mostly wool insoles in their shoes. These wool insoles help to regulate the temperature of your feet. In scorching summers, wool insoles keep your feet cool, quite contrary to what you think it might feel like. Wool insoles have insulation properties which help in regulating the temperature inside.

Golf shoe insoles are designed to be tighter fitting than normal footwear. Usually, a cushioned arch support or semi-rigid orthotic arch support is featured in golf insoles to keep the arches of your feet supported entire day, provide comfort to your feet, and help fight foot fatigue. They also support your heel and ankle and help to improve posture and alignment.

However, for a person with flat feet, ordinary insoles won’t help much. They need special insoles to alleviate their pain. Special insoles for flat feet are a life saver for golfers to play without pain while wearing their favorite shoes. There are insoles available for people with flat feet, paying a little extra can land you with more supportive insoles which take the shape of your foot and make it comfortable.

5 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet Players

Shoes for Flat Feet Golf Players

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0WD Golf Cleated

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 WD Golf Cleated are made from textile and are synthetic. They have a rubber sole.

They are a beneficial option for men who want to play golf.

They are available in different sizes such as

  • M is the medium size
  • W is the wider size

If you have flat feet you should buy the ‘W’ size. This is made in such a way which will support the person’s arch and provide him comfort and support while playing.

The lightweight mesh and synthetic upper provide your feet to easily breath. It will provide your feet to easily breath and not sweat while playing. The comfort soft EVA insole provides these shoes the lightweight comfort.

They have 6 spike configurations cushioning with thintech low-profile technology which improves the traction and stability. The stability will help your feet to be stable while performing various tasks.

These shoes are not waterproof. This means that your feet might get wet if it is submerged in water or when you walk in the wet grass. So you should not wear them in the places where there is a chance of the shoes to be submerged or get drenched in water.

The spikes of the golf cleats are removable. So you can remove the spikes whenever you don’t require them.

They are available in 5 colors to choose from. You can choose the color which you like the most amongst all.

They provide the person with great comfort and stability in order to perform better. These shoes can be a great option while playing golf.

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe has mesh and synthetic fabric. They have a rubber sole. They can be one of the options if you are planning to buy shoes to play golf. The mesh will allow your feet to easily breathe and cause no sweat.

There are different sizes available.

If you have flat feet you should choose ‘2E’ or ‘W’ size as an option. They will provide the needed support to your arch. If you have proper support for your arch, you will be able to properly perform in the game.

They don’t have much color options and are available in only 3 colors.

It has opti-soft Eva midsole. The midsole will provide the shoe to be soft. These shoes will not hurt your feet while you are wearing them.

They have 5mm EVA sock liner.

They have an Opti-vent mesh liner for heat management. It will provide you to wear these shoes in severe hot temperature. It won’t make your feet uncomfortable and provide you with comfort while playing in hot temperature.

These shoes are not waterproof. But will keep your foot dry in some of the wet conditions. But you can’t trust them in an area which is all surrounded by water. The water will reach your feet easily if it gets properly drench. This will become an obstacle while walking or playing.

They have dubra rubber spikeless outsole with multi-directional traction control lugs. They don’t have spikes attached to them. It will still hold on to the ground and provide it with a proper grip. A proper grip will help you in easy walking and play.

The Opti-vent mesh spikeless golf shoe with dubra-rubber outsole will help in providing maximum stability and comfort. Even though they have no spikes but will definitely provide you with a proper grip.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2 Golf shoes are designed in such a way that they can be really helpful while playing golf.

These shoes are made from leather and have a synthetic sole.

They are available in different sizes

·       ‘W’ means the wide size

·       ‘M’ means the average or medium size

You should opt for ‘W’ size if you have flat feet. This will provide your arch the pattern and the stability your arch require.

They are made up of breathable leather. This allows your feet to properly breath and sweat. This will allow you to play longer with ease.

It has 5gen cushioning. This cushioning will allow your feet to easily rest on the soft surface.

The heel of this shoe is low drop.

They have durable grip tpu bottom plate. This helps in providing your foot the grip and play properly. The grip will allow you to play easily.

They are waterproof. Thus, allowing you to walk through areas which are filled with water in the field. They will help to keep your feet dry in the wet areas.

These shoes will add style to your look.

There are various color options available from which you can choose the best for you.

You can choose them if you want to have a style with proper comfort and grip.  They are also waterproof and will not drench your feet while you walk in the water. They can be considered a great option which can be chosen for playing golf and similar activities without any difficulty.

New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Golf Shoe

New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Golf Shoe is made from Microfiber leather and has synthetic leather. They can be a great option if you want to play golf.

They are available in different sizes.

·       M size stands for Medium

·       2E size stands for Wide

·       4E for Extra Wide

If you have flat feet you should choose 2E or 4E size. They will help your arch to be in the proper position while playing. They will provide you with extra comfort while playing on the field or performing similar activities.

They have premium water-resistant microfiber leather upper. This will help you in walking in drenched areas or areas with excessive water.

They have REVlite 10mm drop midsole which provides the shoe to be lightweight.  This will not add any weight while the person is wearing it.

It has Tpu outsole. This provides the person with stability. It also helps in flexing the natural motion of your foot. Thus, adding no extra weight on your feet while you wear them and play.

They are available in 4 colors. You can choose the color according to your need.

They have Champ slim-look removable cleats. This will help your foot in better contact with the ground. They have removable insoles. This means you can remove the insoles when they are not providing you the comfort and change it with the comfortable insoles.

The durable material is lightweight and they also have low- profile champ slim-lok cleat system which will help them in proper contact with the ground.

You can opt for this shoe if you want comfort and style together. It can be added to your collection if you are looking for a stylish and comfortable cleat which will also provide you stability and proper grip.

FootJoy Mens DNA 2.0

FootJoy Mens DNA 2.0 shoes are made from leather and synthetic fabric. They can be one of the best options which can be opted while playing golf.

They are available in different sizes. You can choose the best fit for your foot.

You can choose 2E size if you have flat feet. This will help you in comfortably playing and performing similar activities.

It provides you proper gripping action with the FootJoy® DNA.

It is available in many colors. You can choose the color according to your need.

They have lace-up closure and textile lining.

It has FTF™-foam footbed. This foam will provide your foot the softness while you wear them. The foam will provide the softness which your feet require while playing and will be comfortable.

They have spikes. These spikes will provide your shoes the proper grip which is required in order to walk.

These shoes are waterproof. This means that you can easily walk through areas where water is settled without getting much affected.

You can choose these shoes for playing golf.

These shoes are lightweight, have a foam bed and their spikes provide the proper grip and the stability to walk. In addition, these shoes can also help you in walking through various watery areas without getting much affected.

The weight of size 11 shoe is 1 lb 1 oz and with width M. The measurements can vary according to the size you require.

You can choose these shoes if you want to have a proper grip and stability. They are also lightweight and are waterproof.

Final Words

There are various things to be considered before buying the perfect shoes for playing golf. As the shoes will help a lot to maintain a great balance and posture while performing.

You should buy the best size which is available for your foot to get in and then be comfortable even if you wear them for a longer time.

If you have flat feet you should go with the wider or the extra wider sizes which are offered by the company. They will easily help you to maintain your arch on the proper point and will provide you the grip and comfort required while playing.

You can opt for the best shoes and the most important things which are to be considered is that whether the shoe will provide you the perfect support, grip, and stability which is required.

It can be concluded that whichever shoe you buy, you should be comfortable wearing it and it should provide you with the best stability.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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