Are Hoka Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Finding a good pair of shoes is always a difficult task for the flat feet runners.

Hoka One one offers premium comfort, stability, and style. That’s why; they’re becoming more and more popular.

But, are Hoka shoes good for flat feet?

Let’s find out.

Are Hoka Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

If you ask, are all Hoka shoes good for flat feet, then answer will be NO.

Some Hoka shoes provide right amount of support, flexibility, and width that is good for flat feet, while other Hoka shoes are good for narrow feet.

But, Yes, Hoka One One manufactures some really good shoes that provide relief in the over pronation. If you have flat feet, then you should give them a try.

Which Hoka Shoe is Best for Flat Feet?

Which type of shoes will be good for you depends on so many factors. So, giving any shoe a tag of the ‘Best Running Shoe for Flat Feet’ is not right.

But, when it comes to the choice of majority of flat feet runners, they choose Hoka One One Bondi 5, Hoka One One Arahi, and Hoka One One Gaviota Shoes.

They’re not the only shoes for flat feet runners, but certainly the best from the Hoka One One.

How Hoka Shoes are Different from Other Shoes?

The HOKA ONE ONE exists with only one goal in mind, to make the running easier.

The Hoka shoes have a different look and you can easily spot them. Along with an eye catching design, they use special technology that makes their shoes stand out.

The Hoka shoes are one of the most comfortable running shoes for flat feet people. The premium cushioning makes them so much comfortable that everyone who wears them will become a fan of it.

Premium Cushioning

They are keeping improving their cushioned midsole year after year, and now the premium cushioning that you find in their shoes is more responsive, lighter, and durable without any effect on the performance.

Low Heel-Toe Drop

The heel-toe drop is the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe. This drop is responsible for how your foot strikes on the ground when you walk or run.

The Hoka shoes have far less heel-toe drop as compared to the traditional running shoes. You can say that the Hoka shoes look quite flat. The running in the Hoka shoes will feel like you’re running barefoot, and that’s impressive.


Shoes for Overpronation

To provide stability and comfort in your Hoka shoes, J-Frame is installed in them. It has this name because it is in the shape of “J”. It supports and guides your foot in a proper manner without using any rigid or heavy materials.


Best Running shoes for flat feet by Hoka

The HOKA One One use specially designed dual-density midsoles in their shoes. These special midsoles provide softer cushioning in the heel and firm foam in the forefoot area of the shoe.

This way, after wearing the Hoka shoes, you will land comfortable, and push off quickly. This helps a lot when you’re running because it provides a great forward lean and toe off. That’s why, Hoka say, “Why run, when you can fly?”

Fitting (For Flat Feet)

The Hoka shoes are great for all runners whether they have flat feet, wide feet, high arches, or just the normal feet.

These softly cushioned Hoka shoes provide right amount of support to your feet.

But, it does not mean that you can buy just any Hoka Shoe and expect that they will be comfortable for your flat feet.

Some shoes are designed for wide feet, some are for narrow feet, while there are some that supports high arches. So, it’s not a good idea to purchase any Hoka shoe and expect they’ll be a perfect fit for you.

The one of the best HOKA running shoes for flat feet is HOKA One One Bondi 5, that is comfortable and provide great support for your flat feet.

Price & Durability

If you are thinking about Hoka Shoes because they are super comfortable for your flat feet, then be ready to spend more than $100, in most of the cases.

But, many consumers who buy Hoka shoes confirm that they last longer as compared to the traditional running shoes.

This way, the overall cost comes down.

So, if you have flat feet, then investing in Hoka shoes can be a good decision because they’ll last longer as compared to the other running shoes. Along with that, they’ll support your flat feet, which is what you want.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hoka Shoes

Are Hoka shoes good for flat feet

Arch Support

Whether you’re buying running shoes for fallen arches or high arches, some amount of arch support is necessary. The flat feet runners should look for a structured arch shank. You should choose those kinds of shoes which provide enough arch support, but not that level of support which do not let your feet do the work.

Just right amount of arch support helps your feet to keep working and also prevent the flat feet problems. This way, your feet will develop strength over time, and it’ll reduce the over pronation over time.

You should not treat your feet as fragile. If you prepare them to be strong, they’ll get strong. So, pick a right amount of supportive shoes.

But, how much support you need?

That depends on your shoes and level of pronation you  have.


The Hoka shoes are available in the wide versions. If you have flat feet, then your feet acquire extra space inside the shoes, and they start to appear wide, even if they’re not.

Therefore, getting wide shoes is a good idea for the flat feet runners.


 The Hoka One One shoes are known for stability and cushioning. The more cushioning you have in your shoes, the more comfortable they’ll feel.

The premium cushioning in Hoka shoes make them one of the most comfortable running shoes.

So, if you are thinking about Hoka One One, then you don’t have to think about the cushioning. You’ll get the best one.


If you are more performance oriented and speed matters a lot to you, then go with lightweight shoes.

However, runners who face over pronation, they should look for the arch support and width as the primary factor for decision making.

The Final Verdict

The Hoka shoes provide premium level of comfort in their shoes. The long distance runners love them because of the PROFLY functionality that gives them a great forward lean.

But, these shoes are two to three times costly as compared to the other normal running shoes.

If you have fallen arches or high arches, or other foot problems, then Hoka shoes can be a good choice for you because for the foot problems not all shoes work well.

Vijay Singh is the Editor at The Flat Feet. With years of research, he knows how to deal with flat feet. Whether you are a baseball player, runner or a nurse, he can suggest you the right footwear to you.

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