Why Do Some People Have Flat Feet?

Most people will notice a gap underneath their feet when they are standing. In other words, the inner part of the foot, or the arch, is slightly raised above the ground. However, not all people have their feet aligned like this. You will notice how some people are having fallen or flat arches. This can happen due to the health condition known as flat feet. If you are having such feet, you will wonder why do you have flat feet. 

Having flat feet is not something that you need to worry about. That’s because around 20% to 30% of the world population has flat feet. However, it is better if you can have a good understanding of why you have flat feet. Then you can work accordingly and minimize the negative effects that you will have to face because of flat feet as well.

What exactly are flat feet?

As the very first thing, you should figure out what exactly flat feet are. If you have fallen arches, you will need to know that you are affected by flat feet. When you have this health condition, you will notice how one or both of your feet are sitting on the ground flat. Your shoes will sit unevenly. On the other hand, you will also notice how your shoes are wearing down on a specific side more quickly than others.

People Have Flat Feet

It is true that there are no major symptoms associated with flat feet. Most people with flat feet will have to deal with back pain or foot pain. This varies depending on the severity of the health condition. On the other hand, some people will have to deal with uneven distribution of bodyweight as well. This can also lead you to flat feet and fallen arches. 

Pain is the most common symptom associated with flat feet. That’s because the connecting muscles and ligaments can be strained due to this health condition. Other symptoms of flat feet can take place in the form of swelling in the hips, back, and arch area. 

Why do some people have flat feet?

Now you have a basic understanding of what flat feet is all about. While keeping that in mind, you should figure out why some people are having flat feet. There are more than 25 bones in the human foot. These muscles are held together by hundreds of tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Foot arches are in a position to provide all the support that is needed to distribute bodyweight across legs evenly. Therefore, you will be able to use them to act as springs for your legs.

The overall structure of your foot would determine the way you walk. If you want to walk in the correct way, you need to make sure that your arches are durable and flexible. Then you will be able to get them to adapt according to different stress levels. This is how you can get a convenient experience while you are walking on different surfaces.

Why Do Some People Have Flat Feet?

In some people, flat feet can take place due to genetic family history. Some of the studies conducted in the past have proven this fact. On the other hand, flat feet can also take place due to ankle injuries, foot injuries, arthritis, weak arches, and rheumatoid arthritis. This can lead you to dysfunction, damage, and rupture of the tibial tendon as well.

There are situations where people have got flat feet due to muscular or nervous system-related diseases, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spina bifida. A doctor will be able to examine your flat feet and confirm whether you deal with this health condition because of such diseases in your muscular or nervous system.

Flat feet can also take place where the foot bones are coming into contact in an unusual way. Overweight people tend to get flat feet along with time as well. Moreover, it is a common sight to see flat feet among people who are pregnant or diabetes. 

Athletes tend to develop flat feet along with time as well. Injuries that take place on their feet are the main reason behind this. 

While keeping these reasons in mind, it is also worthy to note that some people will never have to deal with any problems or pain related to flat feet. You should attend to flat feet only if you can experience pain or discomfort due to flat feet. Otherwise, it is possible for you to live with flat feet, as it doesn’t have the ability to create a negative impact on your life.

What are the treatments for flat feet? 

There are numerous treatment options available for people with flat feet to be mindful of. You can get in touch with a healthcare expert and go through the treatment options. Then you will be able to figure out the best treatment available for you to follow.

Why Do Some People Have Flat Feet?

The best flat feet treatments available out there will deliver assistance for you to overcome discomfort. On the other hand, these treatments can also provide you the chance to stay away from all sorts of negative consequences that can take place in the long run due to flat feet. In some of the instances, we can see how wedge supports, fitted insoles like Protalus vs Superfeet as the most popular, supportive soles, and cases are being used by people with flat feet. You will be able to take a look at these as an alternative for the treatment options.

If you are experiencing flat feet due to obesity, you should think about reducing weight. Then you will be able to improve the symptoms associated with inflammation and pain effectively. In case of flat feet is severe, a person will need to go ahead with the surgical treatment options available to get relief. The expert doctor you meet will provide guidance to you on that.

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