Best Brooks Running Shoes for Flat Feet in 2020

Have you ever had trouble in finding the perfect shoes for your flat feet? While each individual’s physiology and the running gait are unique and, having flatfeet generally means when you are standing, your whole foot is flat on the ground having a little to no arch present. As people with flat feet generally have flexible arches, a great running shoe will provide you sturdy support under the arch.

If you have flat feet, overpronation may also be something you are experiencing too. There are so many good shoe choices providing correction for overpronation. Brooks for flat feet are one of the best choices. Brook’s stability running shoes have been engineered to provide support, great comfort and motion control, making them the best running shoes for flat feet. Wondering which is the best shoe to be picked? You have visited the right place! Read on for the best Brooks shoes for flat feet.

Are Brooks Good for Flat Feet?

Brook’s shoes are a great way to support flat feet. Brooks offers stability and carry the heritage of high durability with a protective running shoe for most of the runners. If you have flat feet and need a wide or an extra wide width, these Brook’s shoes are the perfect ones!

The shoes from Brook’s check all the marks for the best shoes for flat feet that include a comfortable insole which can reduce shock, a specially designed midsole for improved flexibility and an internal system that acts as a shank in order to maintain the shape and support for the foot.

Having breathable mesh panels on the sides and also the upper part of the shoes your feet stay comfortable and cool all day long. These shoes also offer plenty of strong cushions inside in order to absorb the shock from running.

Are the Brooks Insoles Helpful for Flat Feet?

The footbed surface of your shoe can help or hurt your flat feet. If the insole does not provide proper arch support, you may experience an increase in the pain as you walk, run or stand. Brook’s having a good insole will shift the insole of your foot so that your ankle is in the more neutral position.

This will prevent your foot from rolling inward and help support the sole of your foot so that the tendons and fascia do not put any unnecessary stress on your bone structure. If you are not a runner but you are on your feet all day, these insole shoes can help withstand the stress that your feet experience.

Brook’s having good insoles allow your foot to function normally while providing extra support. Researchers have found using orthotics for flat feet can help to encourage normal foot motion and to maintain the fundamental integrity of the foot.

These shoes can also help to eliminate the pain in your ankles, hips and legs that may be caused by compensating for your flat arches. However, if you are already experiencing joint or foot pain, from your low arches, you may find relief with your supportive Brooks shoes. If your low arches do not cause any pain, wearing the right running brooks insoles can help to prevent you from developing problems down the road.

How to Choose Brooks for Flat Feet?

Shock Absorption

As flat feet cannot absorb much shock on their own, it is especially important for your shoes to do it. Shoes having a proper shock absorption in the overall design and also the inner cushion can relieve the shock placed on your joints to prevent any kind of injuries while running.

Motion Control and Stability

Motion control refers to the ability of your shoes to hold a strong shape in order to prevent your feet from pronating as you run. Shoes with upper support and extra side are specifically designed to control the movement of your feet may prevent the injury and pain for flat-footed runners. The idea behind motion control is to provide enough stability in the feet and ankles.

Arch Support

It is very important to have an insole that will prevent pronation for flat feet so that your feet stay in the proper position while running or walking. This is to prevent damage to your ligaments and joints. Most insoles are specially designed for flat feet that will have more support on the inner part of your foot than the outer part to keep your ankle in a neutral position, rather than the rolled inward.


You need to spend a little extra to get the proper insoles for flat feet that stand up to normal, everyday wear and tear. While an insole loses its shape, it can no longer support your foot properly.

Flexibility and Comfort

The comfort level of your shoes is of the utmost importance, regardless of the shape of your feet. Much of the comfort that comes from your running shoes relies on the flexibility so as to move with your feet as you run. The best running shoes for flat feet have to provide plenty of support for motion control and also the stability while balancing those factors with adequate flexibility and comfort for extended wear.

Best Brooks for Flat Feet

ASICS Gel-Venture 6

This is a strong outdoor shoe designed for support and protection during the trail running and other sports activities on rough, uneven and outdoor surfaces. It is durable and also flexible that allows space for medical orthotic insoles of any style or shape through a removable sock liner which helps to provide a high level of support for flat feet.

Brooks for flat feet

The midsoles are designed for comfort and this features gel cushioning with extra padding on heels. This helps to mitigate the impact on shocks on your ankles and feet, reducing some of the potential issues with the flat feet. Removing the padded sock liner provides sufficient space to include a medically recommended orthotic insole for foot correction. This helps to gait problems and allows for the maximum support for flat feet.

Brooks Women’s Addiction 13

These shoes are well-designed and are also effective running shoes for flat feet. They feature advanced foot support technology like the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, or PDRB, which is a sole component designed to guide your feet into a straight gait. This gives a high level of motion control which helps to correct the gait problems inherent to flat feet.

Brooks shoes for flatfeet

The outsole is designed for road running and this features sufficient cushioning in order to protect your feet and ankles from the impact shocks of running on the hard road surfaces. These are the wide fitting shoes which makes them particularly appropriate shoes for flat feet as the extra width easily accommodates the flat feet.

This is an excellent pair of shoes for flat feet that combines performance and support for a well-designed premium running shoe experience which supports and protects your feet throughout the long runs.

New Balance Men’s 860v9 Running Shoe

Designed specifically for orthotic use and medical support, this shoe offers high-quality support and protection for flat feet making them the best running shoes for flat feet. The lightweight construction and the breathable mesh upper of this model for flat feet keep your feet comfortable and cool at all times.

Best Brooks Shoes for Flat Feet

The supportive and yet lightweight blown rubber sole protects your feet from impact shock-related injury and provides a springy, weightless feeling to your steps, which encourages a more natural barefoot-style running gait in order to minimize the problems of pronation.

Final Words

I hope you found this guide useful while you are in search of the best brooks for flat feet. There is no denying that there are lots of great options on the market when it comes to running shoes for flat feet men and women. You should have no trouble finding the perfect pair of brooks for you.

Flat feet can be a real pain. Wearing proper socks and shoes as well as strengthening exercises, you may also overcome the discomfort and live a healthy active lifestyle. Ensure to check the reviews online of any product that you purchase. Luckily, most of the running shoes are designed only for the flat feet. You may also cut back on your budget even more by using the insoles that slide into the shoes you already have! Hence, think and purchase shoes while trying them out physically by visiting your nearest store could also be the best option!

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