Top 10 Best Cowboy Boot Brands

Cowboy boots, used for practical purposes by traditional American cowboys, is now a fashion statement more than anything else.

A good pair of cowboy boots can spruce up your outfit like nothing else. However, finding a good pair is a tricky business, there are plenty of well know brands that we like to compare like cody james vs ariat but we will review even more options. The fit should be right, the leather should be good quality, and comfort is of the utmost importance.

If you buy a wrong pair of boots, it will be your money down the drain but if you find the perfect pair, it will last you a lifetime.

We are here to help you make your journey of getting your perfect pair of boots easier by giving you a list of the best cowboy boot brands that America has to offer!

Top Rated Cowboy Boot Brands

Lucchese Cowboy Boots

To start with list of the best cowboy boot brands we want to present the Lucchese Boots are Texas-based company was established in 1883 and has been a favorite for Americans ever since. They pride themselves on their handmade boots made with the utmost precision and care.

They don’t compromise on quality and understand the importance of a good fit. They integrate classic designs with new-age technology so that the boots suit the needs of a modern man and give him the comfort he needs.

Best Cowboy Boot Brand

These boots are designed to provide comfort in any situation, whether it’s a desk job or a heavy workday at the factory. The two sets of removable and replaceable insoles ensure that everyone can be comfortable in these boots. The boots are mud-resistant, slip-resistant, oil-resistant and lightweight.

They even fulfill ASTM safety standards and are safe to wear anywhere. These are built for daily wear, unlike the fancy pair of shoes sitting in your closet waiting for a special occasion to be worn. Lucchese ensures that no one has a good excuse to not buy their boots by taking into consideration every problem that the modern man can face.

They successfully integrate quality, comfort, and style in a single pair of boots and leave you wanting for nothing more. Lucchese boots are the perfect combination of comfort and fashion that you can find in a pair of boots and are definitely one of the best cowboy boots brands you will find!

Twisted X Boots

Twisted X is a family-owned business based in Texas. It was established in 2005 and has since then become one of the top brands for traditional boots. This brand has dipped its foot into the boot making business completely.

They make boots ranging from traditional cowboy boots to casual, work, and outdoor footwear. Not only this, but they have boots in all shapes and sizes, for men, women, kids, and even infants.

Twister X Boots

Their diverse selection is one small part of the great reputation. Their boots are known for great comfort, stability, and durability. The boots are performance-driven suited for rough, hard-working jobs. Their sole made from special Twisted X five-layer system technology provides support, stability, comfort cushioning, is slip-resistant, and moisture resistant.

The foot bed is detachable and machine washable, ensuring your hygiene. Twisted X has thought things through while making your boots. They ensure you get a great boot by looking after your every need. If this is not enough, they are making sure that they give back to society as much as they can.

They have a special line of eco-friendly boots made from recycled plastic bottles. They are associated with social organizations like ‘Tough Enough to Wear Pink’ and ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’. This is a company that realizes its responsibility towards the environment and strives to give back.

So, if you are a person who wants to own a comfortable, stylish pair of cowboy boots but at the same time are conscious of your carbon footprint, head on to Twisted X and help the environment looking stylish. 

Cody James Boots

Cody James is a line of boots introduced by Durango Boots. Durango is known for its comfortable leather and stylish boots which is way often comes up in list of the best cowboy boot brands. Cody maintains the standard of Durango and usually people like to compare them to other brands like cody james vs ariat boots, in fact, goes beyond it. They come under a variety of styles, sporting a unique twist on traditional looks.

Cody James Cowboy Boots

These boots are head turners for sure. They are made from the premium and some of the most exotic full-grain leather.  The quality of workmanship and materials is impressive.

You won’t find sloppy or second-rate craftsmanship in these boots. The leather of the boots is thick and strong ensuring durability and long life. These are sturdy, form-fitting and supportive boots. 

The genuine steel shank adds to the support needed for all-day wear. The inside is the best part of these boots. With a leather lining, the insole is cushioned for superior comfort. The insole is breathable, so your feet are wrapped in comfort all day. The best thing is that the boot can be re-soled, and you won’t have to throw away the pair only because the soles have worn out.

The thermoplastic heel counter reduces slippage and keeps the shape of the heel intact for support and durability. Goodyear welt is proof of the superior quality provided in these boots. 

These are some of the lightest boots available which means that they can be used for any kind of heavy or light work that you do.  The fancy yet rugged looks make sure that you don’t hesitate to wear these boots to a party or a casual stroll around the city. Cody James will suit your every need. You can’t go wrong with Cody James!

Cody James Men's Flag Western Work Boot Nano Composite Toe Brown 12 EE US
  • Made With Genuine Leather: Made With Real Leather For The Look And Feel Of A Cowboy Boot With The Functionality And Comfort Of A Work Boot To Keep You On Your Feet All Day.
  • American Flag Shaft: Both Sides Of This Western Work Boot For Men Show The Graphic Of An American Flag Through The Leather To Show Off Your Patriotism.
  • Square Composite Safety Toe: A Wide, Square Toe On This Work Boot Allows For A Roomy Fit With Socks Of Your Choice And Room For Your Toes To Breathe. Made With Nano Composite For Your Toes’ Safety As An Alternative To Steel Toe Boots For Men.

Ariat Cowboy Boots

Founded by Beth Cross in 1993, Ariat company found its inspiration and its name from a world-famous racehorse named Secretariat and for some years it has been one of the best cowboy boot brands. Secretariat’s competitive spirit and athleticism is a benchmark to what this company strives to do with its products. 

In Ariat’s words, this is a “different breed of the company” which aims to create new and advanced products, at the same time maintaining its quality and core values as a company.

Their boots are the perfect amalgamation of athletic footwear and equestrian life. Ariat focuses on the science of innovation and makes sure their boots are a thing of the present, not the past.  They innovate new technology and test their products using world-class research groups and testing labs to improve product performance continuously. They are dedicated to giving the buyer the comfort and quality they paid the price for.

Ariat Boots

These boots are made keeping in mind not only your style and fashion but the functionality required by the wearer. Their wide range of collection of cowboy boots, casual shoes, shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories accommodate every need of a cowboy or cowgirl.

Ariat Mens Rambler Western Boot Earth/Brown Bomber 12
  • ALL-WEATHER BOOTS:From Nashville to L;A;, Austin to Boulder,the Rambler is the perfect boot to take you there;Bare bones and broken in, these unlined leather western boots have a rubber sole to wear in any weather to keep your feet comfortable all day long
  • ATS TECHNOLOGY: Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) Technology is a helpful combination of a moisture wicking, gel-cushioned foot bed with a heel stabilizer for support and stability; It is lightweight and ergonomic and provides all-day comfort
  • DURATREAD OUTSOLE: The Duratread Outsole on these western boots for men is Ariat’s blend of rubber compounds, making the outsoles extremely flexible for ultimate performance and wear resistance, making it an excellent choice for slippery surfaces

This is one of the best brands to go for cowgirl apparel with an extensive range of products. With kids’ apparel, your whole family can shop at Ariat’s. Ariat makes sure that a cowboy doesn’t have to look anywhere else to fulfill all his needs and their quality product ensures that he wouldn’t want to look anywhere else!

Tony Lama Handcrafted Boots

Tony Lama company is as traditional as it gets and is one of the best brands of cowboy boots out there. Founded by a bootmaker named Tony Lama in 1911, it prides itself on its handcrafted boots made by the finest materials.

Tony Lama Men's Shoulder CT2032 Boot,Chocolate Shrunken Shoulder/Espresso Vegas,8.5 2E US
  • U.S.A. Handcrafted Leather Upper, Lining, Heel, And Sole
  • Chocolate shoulder leather
  • Cushion insole for all-day comfort

Even though the original brand was bought off by Justin Brands in 1990, the legacy and quality of Tony Lama are still maintained. No one can beat Tony Lama in style, they make everything from dress boots, western boots, casual shoes, to the classic cowboy boots and they make it for everyone, men, women, and kids.

Tony Lama Cowboy Boots

You can find these boots in calfskin to more exotic like caiman, crocodile, kangaroo and many others. Tony Lama maintains the traditional style of the western cowboy boot and makes sure you turn heads as you walk down the street. The Ortholite insert in the boots ensures your feet are always comfortable.

These inserts give your foot much-needed cushion and are flexible and breathable. They are anti-bacterial and can be changed easily and are even odor resistant. These boots are made keeping in mind the users’ ease and comfort.


The handcrafted boots made by the most exotic materials ensure a perfect fit for everyone. It will be a mistake for you to not consider Tony Lama while buying your next shoe because as Tony Lama itself says, these shoes are a “true work of art”.

Justin Cowboy Boots

Justin Boots is one of the most known and top brands in America for cowboy boots. Established in 1879, it is one of the oldest boot brands and definitely a classic. It is a pioneer of western boots in the United States, setting a precedent for all other companies.

This is a company known for its superior quality and fine craftsmanship. They haven’t strayed from the classic cowboy style or comfort, using the same handcrafting techniques to date. Justin Boots has a traditional look to their boots that beats every other company. Their detailed western-styled stitch and sleek style is unique, giving them an edge over all the other boots in the market.

Justin Boots

The boot’s insole is a special technology of Justin which gives the boots extra comfort. The J-flex Comfort System provides extra cushioning and combined with the memory foam midsole; these are one of the most comfortable boots you will ever wear. On top of this, the Ortholite anti-bacterial insert makes sure that your feet stay clean and your boots odor-free.

They have a variety of boots for men, women, and kids. Justin Boots is on top of the cowboy boot market. They have boots for every occasion and need. They are the essence of western life and have been carrying on the legacy of cowboys through their products. If you want to get a taste of that western equestrian life, Justin Boots is the way to go!

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo is path-breaking in the boot industry. Only thirty years old, this company comes with years of expertise. Ernie Tarut and Yan Ferry, the founders of this company, both have immense experience, with Tarut working in leather manufacturing for 30 years and Ferry with a history of European design and boot making.

Old Gringo Western Boots

Both sets of skills of these two brilliant people can be seen in their boots as a fusion of traditional cowboy boots with modern European design. Old Gringo pushes the boundaries of equestrian boots and comes up with something entirely new while at the same time sticking to the original style.

Cowboy boots are not known to be a part of fashion trends, but Old Gringo brings them to the forefront. Their unique designs with their 100% handmade craftsmanship make the boots one of the best in the world. However, the style is not the only thing Old Gringo is giving you. These boots feel as great as they look! Old Gringo doesn’t compromise on the quality of the material or the comfort of the shoe in any way. The soft and plush leather in the inside of the boot makes for very comfortable wear. Very form-fitting and true to size, these boots won’t trouble you in picking your size online.

These boots, unlike others, doesn’t require any break-in period and are ready to wear from the moment you take them out of the box. Old Gringo gets better with age, which means that they are going to be with you for a long, long time.

Old Gringo’s use of bold colors, fringes, studs, fancy embroidery makes it one of the best cowgirl boot brands. They even have a wedding collection for women! Old Gringo’s out-there looks allow for self-expression to the wearer. These shoes make you feel liberated and confident with your every step. If any of these things struck you like something that you want in your pair of boots, then look out for Old Gringo.

Nocona Handcrafted Boots

Founded by Lady Enid Justin in 1925, the Nocona Handcrafted Boots brand is the epitome of elegance. Enid Justin found her passion for boot making from her father HJ Justin, the founder of Justin Boots, and never held back. She was fearless and confident, a personality which her boots also possess.

Nocona Western Boots

With a minimalist and elegant design, these boots embody class with every look. The classic stitching and leather make it that much better to look at. These boots stand out with their unique styling and patterns that cannot be missed once you wear them. If you love clean matte looks without any shine or glamour, Nocona is where you should look.

Without any over the top decorations or fancy embroideries, Nocona steals our hearts with their classy looks. You will have no complaints from this brand in comfort or fit. With extremely comfortable, cushion soles, these boots fit like a glove. Easy pull-on straps make the boots super easy to wear and a single welt stitch ensures stability and sturdiness in the boots.

You can count on these boots to last you a lifetime, as Nocona pays special attention to the quality of cow leather it uses and the build of the shoe. The cool designs and warm color combinations make sure that you can pair these boots with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Nocona Boots stands true to the statement “simplicity is the best form of sophistication”.

Anderson Bean Boots

Anderson Bean is a relatively new brand, only 30 years old, but has still made its mark in the boot making market. This brand is rooted in the Texas tradition and style and strives to serve customers who value the same ideals.

Anderson Bean Cowboy Boots

They work for every single one of their customers to provide custom-made boots and dedicate their time to satisfying them. They pride themselves in handcrafting every single boot, preferring to do things the old-fashioned way, without any shortcuts.

They use premium quality leather and use special hand stitching techniques to give it a personalized look. No synthetic hides are used in the boots, they are 100% leather. The pure leather design makes them the best not only in style but also comfort. It also ensures that these boots last you a lifetime.

You can find every kind of leather in this brand, from stingray, ostrich, crocodiles, to the simple cowhide. Their leather quality is a testament to their high standard of production. Anderson Bean works with only seventeen basic designs, again prioritizing quality over quantity.

Their limited selection makes the boot even more personal for the wearer as if they are designed especially for you. The sole of the boots is also pure leather which gives the boot comfort and sturdiness. The rubber pads at the balls of the feel provide that extra comfort that you need. Anderson Bean chose to go back to the basics of boot making rather than invent new technologies. They have perfected the art of boot making.

Every single boot of Anderson Bean is perfect because that much care and precision have gone into making it. Their devotion towards their customers is unparalleled and is what makes Anderson Bean so special. So, if you are passionate about boots, don’t look any further than Anderson Bean Boots because they are as passionate as you.

Stetson Western Boots

Everyone has heard the name of Stetson. World-famous for their hats, Stetson is rooted in the American tradition. They have won hearts all over America with their perfect make and quality that can be seen in every single hat. With the same standards and precision, they bring to you their unique boot collection.

Stetson Western Boots

If you have ever owned a Stetson hat, you know that you will get the best product, the same is true for their boots. Made from the finest leather, these boots exuberate class. The boots range from traditional to modern, chic looks. The color combinations and fancy designs grab your attention instantly.

Stetson Men's Outlaw Eagle, Distressed Black, 11 M US
  • Stylish western boot featuring laser-cut eagles at front and back of shaft
  • Layered metallic cracked leather at ankle harness, toe, and

Every part of the shoe including small, seemingly insignificant things like the stitch, minute designs, and even the sole of the shoe is made with precision and care. This attention to detail is what completes the overall look of the shoe and makes it perfect.

The pure leather exterior and interior makes the shoe extremely comfortable. Even the insole is lined with soft leather which gives it a cushiony surface. The sole is attached with lemonwood pegs which are perfect for leather boots because they expand with the leather and won’t lead to tearing of the shoe. The stitch is double welt ensuring a long and durable use for the wearer.

Each shoe is handcrafted, making sure that there are no imperfections in the look or the make. Stetson leaves no space for complaints to the customer. These boots are masterworks and if you want to buy cowboy boots, don’t miss out on Stetson.

Chippewa Boots

Started in a small factory on River Street in downtown Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in early 1901, Chippewa continues its heritage of providing its customers with the best quality material and the finest boots. 

Chippewa Western Boots

The boots are made in honor of the workers and engineers who helped them start this journey and aim to serve their comforts and needs. Their boots reflect their history of craftsmanship, that is why they provide one of the best boots in terms of performance and durability.

Chippewa Men's 12" Snip Toe 27868 Harness Boot,Black,7.5 EE US
  • Vibram® outsole for supreme durability
  • Goodyear leather welt construction
  • Leather lined for extra comfort

Appropriate for any kind of working conditions, Chippewa boots won’t disappoint you. The company has paid special attention to the comfort of these boots as they are made for the harshest work environment. The Ortholite insert is flexible, breathable, anti-bacterial, and washable.

It won’t flatten over time, like other insoles, which makes it durable and comfortable. Dri-lex moisture-managing system absorbs that extra moisture and gives your feet a breathing room.  Garde steel toe protects you from any accidents that may occur in your workplace. Thinsulate Ultra Insulate is thick and comfortable and will give you the ultimate warmth while still leaving room for movement.

These boots fulfill every safety standard and are safe to wear in absolutely any work environment. Chippewa boots are safe, comfortable and stylish. They have a rugged and simple look that will go great with a pair of jeans and a plain shirt.

The leather uppers give it the finishing touch it needs to make it go from good to great. These boots are for everyday extensive use. They are not a pair of boots that you keep in your closet waiting for a day to wear them. Even after daily use, these will last you a long time.

Chippewa has made one of the most versatile and functional boots available in the market. If you are looking for something durable and tough don’t overlook Chippewa. 

Corral Boots

Corral is one of the leading brands of unique and snazzy cowboy boots. Established in 1999, this relatively new brand has out-of-the-box designs and high quality, handcrafted boots. Instantly eye-catching, everyone falls in love with these boots. Beautiful patterns, bold colors, with intricate designs and stitching, make these boots one of a kind.

Best Cowgirl Boots

Progressive and eclectic designs suited for the modern man; Corral pushes the boundaries of boot making. Each boot is handcrafted, and hand-painted by some of the most experienced boot makers of Leon, Guanajuato, and Mexico.

They broke all the rules of cowboy boots and came up with something entirely new of their own. You can find embroidery, overlay, studs, fringe, buckles and so much more which you won’t find on a traditional cowboy boot.  The boots are made using top-quality leather and exotic skins.

They are 100% leather from the inside out. Flexible and resistant leather gives these boots durability and comfort. Unlike other boots, Corral boots don’t require a breaking in period.

You can wear this for hours on end from day one. Corral brings function as well as a form to their boots. Boots as beautiful as these and comfortable? What more can you possibly need! Corral has redefined the standard of western boots. It is definitely the pinnacle of the western market right now and is the revolution of cowboy boots!

Frye Boots

The oldest bootmaker in America, Frye established the boot market in America. They are one of the largest manufacturers as they have been making boots since 1888. Frye made its first pair of cowboy boots in the 1940s and never looked back.

Their boots were worn by the US soldiers in World War II and were a significant factor in their great success. This is also the brand that essentially introduced cowboy boots as casual wear for the youth. They released campus boots in the 1970s as a symbol of rebellion and freedom and changed the perception of cowboy boots forever. 

Frye Western Cowboy Boots

Another contribution of Frye to the boot industry is the invention of Harness Boots. Inspired by the soldiers of the Civil War, these boots have a signature feature of harness rings and studs. They also have a wide range of boots for men, women, and kids that satisfies everyone’s style needs.  They even have a range of winter boots with a lining of cozy shearling, giving you warmth and comfort at the same time. The rubber sole at the bottom makes the shoe comfortable to walk in and makes it slip-free.

FRYE Men's Billy Pull-On Boot Dark Brown Calf Shine Vintage 8 M US
45 Reviews
FRYE Men's Billy Pull-On Boot Dark Brown Calf Shine Vintage 8 M US
  • Western boot with pointed toe, classic embroidered shaft, and dual pull handles

The leather used in making these boots is full-grain, which is the top layer of the animal’s skin, best leather for boots as it is durable, ages well, and gives the shoe a nice patina.

All of Frye’s boots are made using Goodyear welt which gives the shoe extra durability and water resistance.  Attractive and modern designs combined with all the other things make these boots absolutely perfect. Frye is a part of not only America’s history but its heart. Frye redefined boot making and changed our lives for the better.

Dan Post Western Boots

Dan Post was created with the idea of providing a better grade boot to the customer who wants authentic western boots. Established in the mid-1960s, Dan post is synonymous for “Handcrafted Cushion Comfort”.

Best Brand for Cowboy Boots

They are recognized for superior comfort and premium quality. They are the innovators to incorporate built-in comfort in every pair. Technologically advanced materials ensure comfort from your first wear to your very last. 

Every boot is handcrafted with the finest exotic skins and premium leathers. With revolutionizing innovations, Dan Post has been path-breaking in its comfort. Every boot is fitted with signature Dan Post Handcrafted Cushion Comfort design. This consists of a removable AirFlow Orthotic which is moisture-wicking, anti-fungal, breathable, shock-absorbing, and cushioned for maximum comfort and support.

The Diamond Pro outsole is lightweight and flexible and is also oil and slip-resistant. The sole is constructed using the Goodyear welt, making it even more durable and supportive.

These boots are made to be used in tough jobs for daily wear. Steel Shanks protect your feet from any kind of heavy work environment. Dan Post makes boots for real cowboys and cowgirls, providing real solutions for their problems. Their traditional, rugged, and stylish looks will attract any cowboy or cowgirl. If you are serious about buying a good pair of boots that will fulfill your every need, you just can’t go past Dan Post.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands: Final Words

Finding a good pair of cowboy boots may not be easy, but the effort is worth it if you end up with a comfortable, durable, and good-looking pair of boots.

It is important that if you are putting a good amount of money into something, you get the best out of it. A good pair of boots may be expensive, but they won’t ever disappoint you.

Cowboy boots are an investment, but once done right they will always keep you happy. Knowing what brands to look out for and who makes the best cowboy boots is important for making the right decision.

So, we hope this list of cowboy boot brands helped you make a smart and well-thought-out decision to buy your perfect pair. You can also check our review of Sorel vs Kamik for the best winter boots. Start the year off on the right foot with a brand-new pair of cowboy boots!

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