Best Lacroose Cleats for Attackers & Midfielders in 2020

Lacrosse is played in more than 30 countries around the world. There are variations of this sport which differ in terms of rules and the total number of players and some other things. But in every single one of them, the role of the players remains the same.

The most agile roles are of the Midfielders and of the Attackers. In a nutshell, a midfielder has to make sure the ball is passed on to the attacker. The aim of the attacker is to make the goal.

This means the middies and the attacker can’t afford to be bogged down by wrong equipment, one of the most crucial one being the cleats. Here is a list of the best lacrosse cleats for attackers and midfielders.

Comparison of Best Lacroose Cleats

Best Lacroose Cleats Our RatingsCurrent Price
Under Armour Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe9.9/10Check Price
Under Armour Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe9.8/10Check Price
Under Armour Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe9.8/10Check Price
New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat 9.7/10Check Price
Under Armour Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe9.6/10Check Price
New Balance Rush V1 Lacrosse Shoe9.2/10Check Price

Best Lacrosse Cleats for Attackers & Midfielders

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

These are easily one of the most slick-looking shoes on the market. The first thing you will notice about them is the collar. It is made of yarn, which gives the user a comfy sock-like fit, but you will lose some protection that comes with the high-cut cleats.

Best Lacroose Cleats in 2020

The entire body is made of TPU yarn which provides good breathability but is also more accommodative of your feet. The in-sole is also very comfortable, it is made of “Super Foam” (as Under Armour likes to call it)It is basically a thick and soft piece of foam that does a good job of impact reduction and it is removable.

A lot of thinking has gone into the outsole of these shoes, the traction is created using a combination of bladed & conical studs. In real life usage though, the traction is just above average. So if you are an attacker, this might not be the best lacrosse cleats for midfielders. This level of traction wouldn’t be able to provide a reliable grip needed while attacking.

They are available in around 11 color options and if you are taking ones with shiny finish chrome finish on the outsoles, remember that the shiny paint will start to wear off pretty soon.

Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

There is no way that you haven’t seen any girl wearing these shoes, that’s how popular they are. The Highlight Mc is one of the most opted women’s lacrosse cleats because they get a lot of things right.

It’s a high-cut cleat so its design features good ankle support and the soft tongue and padded collar makes for a great fit. The collar is not too tough, so high lengthened design still allows the wears to move her feet freely. The footbed uses a 4D foam which is molded so your feet sits perfectly in it. This offers a good fit, but the foam should have been softer.

Best Lacroose Cleats for Attackers

The laces of these cleats start from the middle of your feet, so when you are tying up the laces, you could feel the shoe really locking up to your foot. This is what the entire design language of the Highlight Mc translates to – a great fit. Like I said before, these are one of the most opted cleats, check them out yourself and find out why.

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe

These are some seriously good lacrosse cleats for women and they come at a great price. These are low-cut, so no ankle protection is available here, but the collar has lots of padding and the tongue is very soft. The Finishers carry a really simple and to-the-point design.

Under Armour Women's Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe

The body is made of synthetic leather and there are some mesh windows at the midfoot region. The sock-line is die-cut EVA material which is comfortable but offers an average level of impact reduction.

The outsole is covered with a number of mini lugs that seep into the turf. Remember that these are made specifically to be used on astroturf and dry natural fields. These shoes run really low in size, so go for a size that’s one to one and a half above your shoe size.

New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat – Men’s Lacrosse

New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 is just as good as its predecessors. The collar is made of fabric and there is no separate tongue, but this doesn’t cause any wiggling as these are low-cut cleats. The fit is good and the body is a mix of synthetic and mesh. There are very fewer overlays on these which gives them this pristine and simple look.

Best Cleats for Lacroose in 2020

There is a rubber layer that covers the toe box, so it adds some structural reinforcement and protection to the cleats. The in-soles are not soft, but they are firm and this is not exactly a bad thing unless you are used to cleats which have a soft foam in them. The highlight of these shoes is obviously the TPR out-sole.

New Balance has gone with a completely different take of the placement of lugs with these. The feature that makes the great for attackers is the two-directional lugs on the outsoles, some that point downwards and others which stick sideways. So the attacker gets good traction while moving around and also while cutting and making those sharp turns.

These cleats will encourage the user to bravely take risks in their gameplay, as they can focus more on his/her movements rather than worry about slipping or twisting an ankle.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

Right off the bat, you will notice how tall these cleats are and yes they provide fantastic support and protection to your ankles. The tongue is molded and very stretchable so it helps in providing a secure fit.

Under Armour Lacroose Cleats for Attackers

The body is made of TPU and is very durable, can withstand rough use and has good structural integrity, but there is no breathability whatsoever. So until you get used to them, the heat is going to bother you a lot.

They use a 4D molded footbed, which Under Armour uses in many of their shoes. It is comfortable and gets the work done. Keeping the breathability to the side, the fitting is on point. They feature a TPU outsole with triangular studs, which is a departure from Under Armour’s previous designs. This, in addition to the secondary mini studs (also triangular), offers slightly better traction than the conical studs.

All these make it a worthy choice for an attacker as good traction is vital for an effective attack. The Highlight Mc is on the pricey side, but are very durable and they come in 18 different colors!

New Balance Men’s Rush V1 Lacrosse Speed Shoe

These are the shoes that started the successful Rush series. Featuring a combination of textile and synthetic material that forms an elegant and sturdy upper body.

New Balance Lacroose Speed Shoes

These low-cut cleats come with an insole that is removable and does a satisfiable job of providing comfort to the wearer. There is no mesh anywhere on the cleats, so ventilation is an issue here, but the synthetic doesn’t get too warm even during long sessions.

The TPU studs on the outsole are long, they tend to dig deep in any turf you use them on. So the traction is great just like the fit. Remember to buy a larger size than your usual as they tend to run small.

Even though this model is a little old for 2020, it offers all the qualities that should be present in a dependable lacrosse shoe and at an attractive price.

How to Choose Lacrosse Cleats:

Know your game

Your clothes should match your personality and vice versa, otherwise, everything seems to be out of place. The same is about cleats, your cleats should match your style of gameplay. Remember how you move on the ground while browsing for cleats, they need to compliment your style and make it better.

Are you aggressive? like to make quick sharp turns and can make a pass while in the air? all these things matter. Traction design, the collar, mesh or the lack of it, these things affect your gameplay, so know it before you make a choice.


The traction is what decides the fate of a cleat. The slugs on the outsole are responsible for providing the wearer with a grip that he/she can trust. Conical, round, triangular, small, long, many, few all these are the kinds of slugs you will encounter while looking for your next cleat. The kinds of grip they provide are based on factors like your style of game and the surface on which you are playing.

Ankle support

All of the cleats can be classified into three categories, low-cut, high-cut and mid-cut. These are all the kinds of collars you will find on the cleats.

Each comes with its own pros and cons. The low-cut is great for ease of movements but offers no support or protection to your ankles. Then there are the high-cut ones which provide great ankle support and ankle protection but it restricts the user from making quick and dramatic movements as the ankle cannot move freely because the collar is now covering it.

The middle-ground is the mid-cut. They are exactly what you think they are, they try to offer the best of the other two cuts. Usually, the midfielders go for the mid and high-cut ones, but the attackers go for the low-cut cleats.

The attackers have an aggressive role to play, so the ability to freely moving the ankles helps in attacking.


This matters a lot during those long sessions when you start to feel the walls on the inside of your shoes closing in on your feet. If you are an attacker, they will seriously affect your game.

The comfort of the cleat depends upon the design of the cleat and the insole used in it. Look at the material which forms the body of the cleat then look for the presence or absence of a meshed window. The later provides good ventilation to your feet and the absence can cause sweating and uneasiness.

Then comes the in-sole, whose softness and the style of design not only differs from company to company but from model to model. Look at the way the cleats are designed. Picking up a narrow cleat would be wrong if you have wide feet and vice-versa.


The lower prices shoes tend to be made using cheaper materials like synthetic while the pricier ones are made of TPU or a combination of TPU with mesh fabric. This is a key difference that divides the reasonably priced cleats from the costly ones.

All lacrosse shoes are flexible and all of them come with at least a moderately comfortable in-sole. So all if you are paying a premium price, then you are getting added features with it.

So if you can spend some money and get a pricey pair, then great and if not, then don’t worry as the low priced ones will still get the work done.

Final Words

Now you know some of the best cleats available on the market for attackers and midfielders and also what are their pros and cons. Look at multiple cleats, try to visualize how they will aid in your performance.

Consider the factors mentioned above, and try to find a cleat that has everything (or almost everything) that you are looking for.

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