Flat Feet Good Or Bad According to Astrology?

People around the world have different astrological beliefs. Most of these astrology beliefs are associated with the body. If some people are having differences in the body, they believe that it happens for a reason, like flat feet vs normal feet. All this is based upon the beliefs that they have in astrology. Flat feet is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

Flat Feet Good Or Bad According to Astrology?

What are flat feet?

Before taking a look at the astrological beliefs that people have about flat feet, it is worthy to understand what flat feet is all about. There is a small arch under your feet. It is relatively small, and most of you will miss noticing it. However, some people are not having this small space in their feet. Due to the same reason, we see how those people are going through numerous struggles. It is possible to call them as people who are having flat feet.

Flat feet can lead a person to numerous problems. Cartilage damage, knee problems, unexplained fatigue, and the inability to take part in athletic events hold a prominent place out of them but still with these reasons there have been multiple famous athletes with flat feet who have excelled at their sports. On the other hand, a considerable percentage of people who have flat feet are vulnerable to getting arthritis as well. 

However, people who believe in astrology tend to have a different picture about flat feet. In fact, it seems like they don’t care about science at all. What they believe is the image given to flat feet by astrology. 

Flat Feet Good Or Bad According to Astrology?

Astrology says that people with flat feet are bringing bad luck

According to astrology, some people say that having flat feet is bringing bad luck. Even though this fact is not scientifically proven, people assume that it happens for a reason. In fact, we can also see how people assume that flat feet indicate widowhood as well. Due to the same reason, mothers of grooms in India went ahead and checked the feet of brides, before giving their blessings to marriage. Even though this is not practiced in most of the areas, we can still see how rural women in India continue with the tradition. That’s because they believe in astrology so hard. 

what astrology says about flat feet

Other things that astrology says about flat feet

We just went through one belief that astrology says about flat feet. Likewise, we can find numerous other traditions and beliefs among people as well. 

One such astrological belief says that women who are having flat feet are capable of bringing in success and good luck. For example, it is believed that women with flat feet are a symbol of Lakshmi, who is the God representing money. Hence, it is believed that these women are bringing in prosperity, no matter where they go. 

In general, it is possible to call that women who are having flat feet are blessed. However, there are situations where the complete opposite of this becomes true as well. It all varies depending on the astrological beliefs of the people. 

How can you figure out whether you are having flat feet or not? 

Based on these facts, you will come across the need to understand whether you are having flat feet or not. There are numerous methods available for you to figure out whether you are a victim of flat feet or not. Both adults as well as kids will be able to do that, it is not clear if flat feet are genetic.

To confirm whether you are affected with flat feet or not, you should stand on your feet on top of a flat surface. This is where you should check and see whether there is an arch developing on the tip toes. If there is an arch developed, you will not be having flat feet. But if you don’t see an arch at all, you are affected with flat feet. You should be careful with this observation as it can be relatively objective. However, you will be able to confirm the fact based on careful observation. Hence, you should take your time and observe your feet to confirm whether you have flat feet or not.

Should you worry about having flat feet? 

Some people believe in the fact that flat feet are good whereas others believe that having flat feet is bad. All these are just beliefs of people according to astrology. There is no science behind these facts at all. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much about having flat feet. You just need to stick to the science and make sure that you overcome the negative consequences that you will have to face because of flat feet that you are having.

Some of the people having flat feet tend to call that as a serious health condition. On the other hand, we can also see how others are ignoring it. You shouldn’t ignore this or worry too much about it. That’s because flat feet is not a life threatening condition. However, living with flat feet can lead you into some negative consequences. Hence, it is important for you to understand how to overcome flat feet along with the negative effects created by it.

Should you worry about having flat feet?

There are numerous treatment options for flat feet available for people. If flat feet are making the life difficult for you, it is possible for you to take a look at these treatment options and go ahead with the best ones out of them. There are home care techniques available for the people to overcome flat feet. However, it is better if you can go ahead with a proven treatment to overcome flat feet. This is where you may take a look at the surgical treatments. If your flat feet problems are not big then getting insoles is a good option like the most known Protalous vs Superfeet would be good for you.

Unless you have a lot of pain or problems with your feet arch sometimes getting the right shoes will help you, make sure to also look into the appropriate shoes for your activities, it is not the same getting the best hiking shoes for flat feet than the best baseball shoes for flat feet, so it is always better to do good research.

Final words

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you need to understand that flat feet is merely a health condition. The reasons on why and how flat feet would happen is clearly explained according to science. Therefore, you shouldn’t believe in the fact that having flat feet is good or bad according to astrology. 

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