Superfeet for High Arches


Insoles are the perfect option for everything from plantar fasciitis, to heel spurs, high arches and more. However, it is always not easy to find the right fit, especially while considering the range of variables like the length, footbed, arch type, material, etc.

Providing good support for the high arches and ample cushioning for the sole of the foot can go a long way towards relieving pain throughout the feet, back, hips and legs. Let us now know the different types of insoles preferred for high arches and also the importance of choosing them.

What Does High Arches Mean?

High arches are the excessive fixed flexion of the arch in the foot. While weight-bearing stress is typically distributed across the entire in people having normal arches, people with high arches carry their weight mainly on the heels and balls of the feet. This will place undue stress on the ankles and toes which leads to pain and instability.

Since high-arched foot lacks the flexibility to absorb shock it tends to roll outward. This may increase the risk of ankle sprain or fracture. High arches develop at any age and occur in one or both feet.

A high arch may be an inherited condition or may develop at any point in life due to the bone or nerve conditions. The shape of your feet is determined by genes. People with high arches may feel they are born abnormal. But this is not true. Everyone has unique feet, whether they have a flat arch, high or somewhere in between. It is, however, important to note that high arched feet are also caused by a variety of neurological conditions, like spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

While you have high arches, you may find physical activity painful. High-arched feet often tend to be less flexible and more rigid which often leads people to seek out extra cushioning in insoles and footwear. People with a high arch may also have trouble finding the footwear that fits well and may often experience excess friction or pressure at the instep of the foot.

What Type of Insoles are Preferred for High Arches?

Sof Sole Arch Full Length Comfort High Arch Shoe Insole for Men and Women

This insole is designed specifically for use by active people having high arches. They are an excellent choice for both athletic shoes and casual shoes as they provide ample support for walking, running, standing and cross-training.

These insoles provide enhanced arch height, gel cushioning in a deep, supportive heel cup and ”Hydologix” moisture management. These insoles are permeated with the antibacterial agent, Microban, so as to fight against bacteria and odor.

These insoles are reasonably priced and come with a one-year guarantee against defects. Most udders find this arch height useful.

Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

Superfeet Insoles come in different color-coded varieties. The orange model measures two inches high and five inches wide and is designed specifically to accommodate very high arches. Because of its larger dimensions, it is essential to choose roomy footwear that has removable insoles and narrow heel to accommodate the insoles properly.

Superfeet orange is made by using high-impact, vegan, latex-free foam having a natural anti-bacterial, odor-control coating. This full-length insole provides extra shock absorption and cushioning even on the hard surfaces during the high impact activity.

This is bio-mechanically shaped with a slim, narrow heel and deep heel cup which provides superior stability and alignment. The sole of the unit is reinforced to maintain its shape and also provide maximum support with extended and challenging use. These are specially designed to address common foot, arch and heel pain and also the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

The Superfeet Green Heritage insoles have remained fairly unchanged since they were first designed and introduced. The arch support of the insoles measures a full four inches in order to provide the maximum, professional-grade orthotic support to very high arches.

These feature anti-bacterial coating and cushiony, latex-free, vegan construction. This model is especially recommended for people who want to participate in extreme sports or for those who stand for longer period of time on hard surfaces.

Superfeet green provides all the benefits of Superfeet orange for people having high arches. Superfeet green insoles provide professional orthotic support for people with high arches.

Are Superfeet Insoles Good for High Arches?

There are various reasons why Superfeet insoles are a hit among the customers of all the age groups. These insoles are designed to cater to the different needs of different people.

Superfeet insoles improve the fit of your shoes. These insoles are apt for your high-arch and people suffering from knee pain. These insoles provide the widest and the deepest support to your heel.

The thick foam provides a great amount of support at the high arch and also good stability. These insoles do not flatten easily even after long hours of standing in one place. Superfeet insoles are perfect for people with high arches are looking for proper support for their active feel.

Even if you invest well in high-quality footwear, well-made high arch insoles will surely make a big difference in stability, comfort and support. Superfeet insoles are designed mainly for flat feet people with high arches. It gives your feet a solid foundation and helps distribute the weight of your body evenly. They align your knees, hips, ankles and feet and also provide the cushioning to absorb the shock of every step you take.

Final Words

Keeping your feet happy is also necessary and is an important part of enjoying exercise and healthy activity. Never give up your hope saying there is no solution for your high arches. Work with your local specialty running store to find the best footwear and insoles that will help to keep you moving.

Foot pain is something that cannot be ignored if you have high arches. By consulting a podiatrist in the early stage, you may avoid a worsening of symptoms and also correct structural abnormalities in your gait before any other joints get affected.

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