Best Softball Cleats for Pitchers: Top Pitching Cleats

Softball is a fun sport to play. It went from being indoors sports to being included in the Olympics. However, you need to be dressed right to have that fun.

Especially the pitchers need to wear the right footwear as footwork is essential in pitching. Correct footwear can prevent potential injuries along with improving the gameplay. Softball cleats are worn by players to achieve the right footwork and stability.

Here are some of the best softball cleats for pitchers that need to be on every pitcher’s cart in 2020.

Best Softball Cleats for Pitchers

Best Softball Cleats for Pitchers

New Balance Velo V1

New Balance womens Fresh Foam Velo V1 Tpu Molded Softball Shoe, White/White, 7.5 US
1,022 Reviews
New Balance womens Fresh Foam Velo V1 Tpu Molded Softball Shoe, White/White, 7.5 US
  • Full-length Fresh Foam comfort midsole
  • Lace Cage tongue to keep laces tucked away
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper With Tpu Reinforcement

New Balance’s Velo V1 is one of the best cleats in existence for women who play softball. New Balance is a reputed name known for quality sports equipment and these shoes are no exceptions.

Velo V1 has metal cleats that provide a solid grip with the ground which is essential for stability while pitching. These shoes are laced with a soft Fresh Foam midsole that provides comfort and more flexibility to the shoes. If the shoes are not flexible it can not only spoil the technique but also lead to foot cramps and injuries.

The shoes are made strong enough to take care of themselves as well. The vamp of these shoes is a one-piece probed synthetic that will resist tearing up under exerted force.

The vamp is also designed to allow some space to breathe. The shoes look beautiful with all the various color combinations available. The black/white, orange/white and the red/white especially look really good. The shoes also feature a lace cage where you can tuck your laces instead of leaving them to hang out. This makes the shoes look even slicker.

The shoes also weight just 302 grams which are really lightweight despite having metal cleats. The size range varies from 5 to 15.

Best Softball Cleats for Pitchers

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Under Armour Women’s Glyde

Under Armour Women's UA Glyde TPU Softball Cleats 9 Black
496 Reviews
Under Armour Women's UA Glyde TPU Softball Cleats 9 Black
  • Durable synthetic upper & lightweight textile toe provide sneaker-like comfort|Padded ankle collar & tongue construction for increased comfort|Abrasion-resistant TPU film on toe cap for enhanced protection & durability|Full-length EVA midsole provides ultimate cushion, shock absorption & cleat dispersion|TPU cleats placed under the heel & forefoot for lightweight traction

Under Armour’s Glydes are designed with the aim of integrating the comfort and lightness of sneakers into sport shoes. These shoes are laced with rubber molded cleats that offer a good grip with the ground.

Along with cleats the shoes also have flex grooves that provide extra support and better footwork. The upper has a light mesh structure that leaves some space for air. The upper is laced with leather overlays that provide more support to the foot.

The shoes have full-length Micro G foam midsole meant that acts as a cushion. It’s mean to absorb the shock produced thanks to explosive landings. The heel too has an added cushion that provides more foot comfort.

The sockliner is a die-cut EVA ( Ethel Vinyl Acetate ) sockliner aimed at providing excellent comfort & durability. There is an outsole made of rubber that’s non-marking which increases the durability of shoes as they go through a lot of rough and tough when worn by a pitcher.

The shoes only weigh 283 grams which are really light. The shoes have a size range of 6.5 to 10.

Softball Pitching Cleats

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Mizuno Women’s Swift 5

Mizuno Women's Swift 5 Fastpitch Cleat Softball Shoe, White/White, 5.5 B US
256 Reviews
Mizuno Women's Swift 5 Fastpitch Cleat Softball Shoe, White/White, 5.5 B US
  • Developed to provide optimal fit and feel for fastpitch softball
  • Mizuno Wave Technology provides the right amount of cushioning and stability
  • 9-Spike outsole configuration is designed for superior comfort and built for aggressive traction

Mizuno’s Swift 5 are just made for playing. The shoes are studded with 5 metal cleats along with 9 spikes. This setting of cleats and spikes provides aggressive traction with the ground. These shoes have benefits more inclined towards fastpitch softball players.

The shoes are laced with a midsole based on Mizuno’s popular Wave technology that has been existing since 1997. The midsole is designed like a wave with extra cushioning to maximize shock absorption and stability. The tongue of the shoes is padded as well for increased comfort. The toe of the shoes is reinforced for durability that prevents any tears over long term usage.

The shoes weigh around 317 grams which are not heavy at all. The size of the shoes ranges from 5 to 12.

Softball Shoes for Pitching

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Under Armour Women’s Glyde Metal

Under Armour Women's UA Glyde ST Softball Cleats 8.5 Black
353 Reviews
Under Armour Women's UA Glyde ST Softball Cleats 8.5 Black
  • Durable synthetic upper & lightweight textile toe provide sneaker-like comfort|Soft suede-like panels for enhanced breathability in the midfoot|Added cushion around the heel & tongue provide ultimate, step-in comfort|Abrasion-resistant TPU film on toe cap for enhanced protection & durability|Plush sockliner molds perfectly to your foot|Charged Cushioning midsole converts impact into explosive speed & power on the diamond|Lightweight

Under Armour makes another appearance on the list here. These shoes are laced with metal cleats instead of rubber cleats which mean more durability and more traction.

There are nine metal cleats on these shoes. Aside from the cleats, the outsole has a rather low profile and thus lightweight structure. It does have forefoot flex grooves that increase traction with the ground more for a better balance and grip.

The upper is designed in a mesh pattern that doesn’t pack the feet tight and leaves some space to breathe. There is a 3D rubberized toe cap that protects both the shoes and player’s foot on the field. The toe cap is resistant to abrasion that takes place over a time of usage.

On the inside, there is a bootie pad that reinforces the shoes and gives them a comfortable feel as well. The midsole is laced with Under Armour’s own Charged Cushioning technology.

It absorbs any impact coming its way and returns it to the person’s foot in the form of bounce that works as extra cushioning. The inside also includes a die-cut EVA sock liner. The size range goes from 5.5 to 11.

Best Pitching Shoes for Softball

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Women’s Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone

Nike needs no introduction and has made a name for itself in sport’s shoes. The Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone is no exception either. The shoes have a solid thermoplastic polyurethane outsole that is laced with 12 rubber cleats for traction and balance.

The upper is made of durable synthetic leather in a mesh design that leaves some space for air to move in and out. The midsole is made of phylon which is a light material and thus provides cushioning while keeping the shoe lightweight. The shoes have a low-top silhouette that gives them a low-to-the-ground feel.

The size range varies from 5.5 to 12. There is a wide range of different color combinations as well.

Best Nike Cleats for Softball

How to Choose Softball Cleats

There are tons of softball cleats out there from different brands and of various. It can get tough trying to choose the right ones. We have tried to ease it down a little bit, in the end, everything depends on personal preference.

Choosing one out of the ones that we have picked might become tough itself too. To make it easier we are going to list the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying softball pitching shoes.

Types of Cleats

Cleats in these pitching shoes can be of three types; metal, turf and molded.

Metal cleats provide a better grip and better balance. They are lighter than other cleats as well. However, metal cleats raise safety concerns as they can cause severe injuries to other players in case any accidental collision happens. Fastpitch softball pitchers should be inclined towards metal cleats.

Turf cleats are the most comfortable type of cleats among all the cleats. However, they provide a lesser amount of grip than metal and molded cleats. These cleats are perfectly suited for slow pitch softball pitchers.

Molded cleats are made of molded plastic. They have rubber studs that are safe on the playground and do not cause any injuries even if a collision happens. These cleats are more durable than the other cleats. The amount of traction produced is more than turf cleats but lesser than metal cleats.

Check The League Requierements

One of the most important things to check when you are buying Softball cleats is to check the league requirements on the type of cleats allowed. Usually, the amateur leagues would not allow their players to wear metal cleats since they are not as safe as the other types but most professional leagues as okay with them. But to make sure, check the league rules.

Cleat Length

Cleat length is another factor that can affect a player’s game. Different cleat lengths have different benefits based on the type of ground you play on. Shorter studs work better on harder fields. Short studs can make you lose balance om softer fields where they can dig inside. Longer studs work better on softer fields.


Fitting is the most important part of choosing any kind of shoes. It becomes even more important when it comes to sports. Cleats should always be a tight fit instead of being loose.

Being loose can cause blisters on feet over time as it leaves room for the feet to move inside of the shoes. The shoes shouldn’t be too tight either as it can cause discomfort, cramps and even potential injuries.

Toe drag

Softball pitchers need to drag the front of their feet across the ground while pitching. This obviously takes a toll on the cleats over time. Cleats without reinforced toe area start to wear down quickly.

The cleats that have reinforced toe caps last longer without any tears. You need to look for cleats with reinforced toe caps that are durable as well as comfortable.

Ankle support

Cleats are of two types based on structure; low-cut and high-cut. High cut cleats provide ankle support for players and can be helpful for people with ankle problems. However high cut cleats are heavier than low cut cleats.

Low cut cleats do not have any ankle support but provide more ability to pitchers. But as there is no ankle support, risks of ankle injuries while pitching are higher for people with ankle problems in low cut cleats.

None of the two is better than the other but if you have any ankle problem then high cut cleats should be the choice.


Material is a matter of preference but it can be a deciding factor. Traditional leather cleats allow feet to breathe better but can not be preferred in wet or muddy conditions. Synthetic material cleats work better in such conditions. The shoe needs to be not too heavy as well. The shoes need to be made of durable material as they are to be used for long time periods.


Pricing is obviously a major deciding factor when buying softball pitching cleats. You need to choose cleats that are light on your pocket as well as being light in weight. However, you should not ignore quality over money either.

Can You Use Molded Cleats For Artificial Turf?

If you have been playing in other types of turf’s but now you are going to venture into Artificial Turf with your molded cleats we recommend you to NOT do that! There is a reason why Turf shoes exists, metal or model cleats wont give you the traction you need.

Final Words

Footwear is an important part of any sport and softball is no different. A correct pair of shoes can not only make your game better but also keep various injuries from happening.

Thus it becomes very important to choose only the right pair. We hope you can find the right pitching cleats based on the cleats and the criteria listed above and keep on playing.

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