White Mountain Review: Sandals, Shoes, & Much More

Almost every woman in America owns or at least knows about White Mountain footwear. If by any chance you don’t, we are here to get you out from the rock you live under and introduce you to the greatness of this company.

With fancy designs, modern styles, superior comfort, high quality, durability, and affordability, what more could you want from a company?

Review of White Mountain Footwear

There is nothing in which White Mountain is lacking.

So, if you are looking for a new pair of sandals, or boots, or shoes, flats, heels, clogs, all of which they have, don’t miss out on White Mountain. 

This review of White Mountain Shoes will help you make sure that you make the right decision choosing your next pair of footwear.

History of White Mountain Shoes

In 1979, Lisbon, New Hampshire, four shoemakers combined their immense experience of shoemaking to start a new company.

With White Mountain, they aimed to provide stylish, affordable, and quality footwear to women. They have successfully achieved that goal in the forty years this company has been running.

White Mountain Company gradually broadened its horizons and became the White Mountain Footwear group with five different brands of footwear running under it. Cliffs, Rialto, Summit, and Seven Dials are three brands beside White Mountain operating under the umbrella group.

With each new brand, this company proves itself to be better than it has ever been before, without ever compromising on customer satisfaction. Four decades of experience makes this company one of the best in quality and comfort.

Popularity of White Mountain Shoes

White Mountain established its presence with its affordable comfort, style, and its wide range of footwear.

They focused themselves on only women footwear, paying attention to every single need and want of an American woman. They understand the modern woman and cater to only her.

So, it is not surprising that they are one of the top and one of the most popular brands in America. Their popularity and demand are only increasing with every new brand and the new styles they bring out.

They leave no woman behind, with their variety of range. That means everyone will have their desires met at White Mountain.

It is one of the most favorite brands of women in America, and why shouldn’t it be when White Mountain has learned the secret of making a woman smile.

Are White Mountain Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

Are White Mountain shoes good for plantar fasciitis? Yes, White Mountain shoes are good for plantar fasciitis. Looking at reviews from several people with flat feet and plantar fasciitis we have seen people like them a lot. The arch support on White Mountain shoes does help with plantar fasciitis problems and reduce the pain it causes.

White Mountain shoes are not commonly recommended for flat feet problems but not because they are not good, just because they are not as popular as other brands. Still, we recommend to ask your doctor to make sure they will be good for you.

Different Styles of White Mountain

They have a wide range of footwear in various styles. From shoes to boots, sandals, heels, clogs, wedges, they have it all which make them perfect for traveling in different environments, there are multiple blog about travel like the following links where you can get ideas of the type of travel you want to do and then the type of shoes you want to buy . They include every style that a woman could desire. They use a variety of materials. Pure leather, man-made, suede, and fabric, all of the best quality and comfort.

White Mountain Sandals Review

Sandals are all-year-round wear. You don’t have to worry about the season or the time of the day to wear a pair of sandals. A good pair of sandals is one which you can wear daily, with any outfit, and still, look stylish.

White Mountain Sandals Review

So, it’s important that when you buy a pair of sandals, they are the perfect one, not only in looks but also comfort and durability. 

White Mountain is a company which gives you all of this. Their sandals are extremely comfortable and will last you a long time. They are made from some of the finest materials, whether its leather, suede, or fabric. 

The material adds to the durability of the sandal. The construction quality and craftsmanship are one of the best you will ever find making every buy very reliable. The soft cushioned insole gives your foot comfort for long hours.

Straps across the sandals, besides spectacularly adding to the overall look of the sandal, tightens the grip on the foot and gives comfort so that you don’t slip. They even have a special ‘FOOTBEDS’ collection with a special feature of an extra soft suedette lining making it extremely comfortable.

Their designs are inclusive of every age group of women. Teenagers who like an out-there fancy look, or a middle-aged woman who wants a sandal that goes with every outfit, or a working woman who wants a semi-formal sandal with a little heel for the office that is party-wear by night, all of their needs are met by White Mountain.

The best part is that all of this comes at an extremely affordable price. So, there is no way you could go wrong with these sandals.

White Mountain Shoes & Boots Review

Boots are one of the few things that are a must in a women’s wardrobe. They are some of the most stylish things you can own and can immediately spruce up a simple outfit.

People often find buying a good pair of boots tricky, because they are usually expensive and often end up being uncomfortable. However, when you find your right pair of boots, you can rely on them to give you immense comfort and last you a lifetime.

Review of White Mountain Boots

White Mountain is the best place to find that boot for yourself. They have an extensive range of boot collection of different styles and materials which means you will have no difficulty in finding your style. Their boots are made with comfort in mind that can be seen in every inch of the boot. You can enjoy all-day comfort with the cushioned insole.

The outsole is flexible and soft, giving you a comfortable fit. The material on the shoe is soft and very comfortable, whether it’s a fabric or leather. On their leather boots, the leather is soft and pliable, which makes for not only comfort but a long life. The superior construction quality also adds to the life of the boot significantly. 

Every boot adorns a different unique style. Whether its buckles on the side, a zipper on the back, fringes, or embroidery, every shoe is chic and elegant in its way.  They even have special boots for winters with a faux fur lining in the inside of the shoe.

Unlike other boots, these come at a very reasonable price. So, now you can buy another pair without breaking the bank. If you want a good pair of boots, that are comfortable, stylish, and durable, all at the same time, White Mountain is definitely the place to go.

White Mountain Flats Review

Flats are one of the most comfortable footwear you could ever own. Without the presence of heels to torture your feet, these give you the utmost comfort while still being fabulously stylish.

If you are looking for something for casual, daily wear, there is no way you could go wrong with a pair of flats. White Mountain flats collections are extremely stylish and comfortable.

White Mountain Flats Review

They are made with superior craftsmanship ensuring a long life of every pair of flats you own. Every flat has a flexible outsole which will give you a perfect fit for your feet and makes the flat slip-free. The super-padded insole makes sure that your feet are super comfortable and makes it suitable to wear for long hours.

Some of them even have arch support, specially made for people who need that extra support for their feet. Besides, fabric materials, they also have flats in leather, making a simple pair of flats exotic and extremely stylish.

The range of colors, and designs they have in their flats, ensure that you have one for every occasion. From flats with neutral colors and sublet designs suitable for workwear to bright colors and fancy flats designed for parties and casual events, you will never feel that you didn’t find your style in White Mountain.

The Babylon, Karen, and Dianna flats are some of the best in terms of looks and comfort. All of these are at an affordable price so you will never have to worry about money when buying your perfect pair of flats.

White Mountain provides for everyone and every occasion. If you are looking for a pair of comfy, casual, good looking pair of footwear, check out White Mountain flats collection for sure.


White Mountain makes its shoes for women from all walks of life. They are a go-to brand for women in America and has been for years. This is a brand that is a perfect amalgamation of comfort, durability, style, and affordability.

You can’t find all of that in any other brand. Their variety of footwear ensures that you won’t ever have to look at another brand again and their style ensures that you won’t ever want to.

This is not a brand you could go wrong with. So, if this brand has not been in your list of till now, we hope that after reading this review you will head onto White Mountain and buy your next pair of shoes from here.

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