Best Cowboy Boots for Flat Feet in 2020

Cowboy boots are regarded as a specialized form of traditional riding boots. The traditional riding boots of the early 19th century had unique heels and tall tops that were later adapted to withstand the harsh environment of the American West.

These boots were coined as cowboy boots, and the features are still prevalent in the cowboy available today. Cowboy boots have a signature look that includes a high shaft, Cuban heel, and either a rounded or pointed toe section. Typically made out of cowhide leather, cowboy boots can be made out of various animal skins like the lizard, snake, elephant, buffalo, elk, alligator, etc. A few modern cowboy boots are made out of faux leather so that no animals become endangered in the shoemaking process.

Types of Cowboy Boots

Classic Western Boot

This is the standard and also the most iconic cowboy boot design out of all the western boots you are familiar with. It features a one and a half inch angled heel, and this aims to keep you in a saddle.

More traditional western riding boots have little higher heels, but the low heel design of the classic western boot will make it easy for the wearer to ride and walk around without having any kind of foot pains.

This boot typically features an overall height measuring around 12 inches with a shaft. This will hit the mid-calf section of your leg. In regards to the design, this classic western boot will consist of no laces and will contain a toe box which effectively protects your toes if a horse were to step on them.


Similar to the style of a cowboy boot, Stockman contains a hybrid boot design which is ideal for individuals who won’t be getting in and out of a saddle anytime soon. Stockman boot’s scallops have noticeably deeper dip than any other cowboy boots. For those who do not know what does the scallop mean, it is the top of the boot in which the shaft ends.

Also, the wide toe box and the rubber sole particular to Stockman boots also share similarities in regards to function with the cowboy boots. While you talk about the style, the stockman boots also feature detailed and colorful stitching which mimics the look of the classic western boot.

The fundamental difference between the Stockman boots and the other cowboy boots is it is deeper scallop.

Western Work

As the western work boots are used for practical purposes, it costs less while compared to the other cowboy boots. This low price is due to the cheap cowhide leather which is used as well as the small amount of artistry that is applied to the overall design of this cowboy boot.

This boot predominately features roper-style heels which measures 1 and 3/4th inches or less. This means that they are ideal for walking than riding the boots which feature heels that measures 2 inches.

Western work boots come with shafts which mostly rest on the mid-calf portion of your leg. The shaft on the western work boot will measure about 9 to 12 inches in height. Western work boots have toe boxes which are either rounded or slightly tapered. This provides a comfortable fit and makes walking around a pain-free experience.


This comes with the most flair in regards to the design when compared to all the other cowboy boots. Buckaroo’s primary distinguishing feature is its elongated shaft which measures more than 14 inches in height. A few shafts are so high that they will reach your knees and this ensures your legs are protected during the rodeo show.

These boots come with high heels which measures more than 2 inches in height and makes them ineffective for a walk around but is excellent for riding. Buckaroo’s are similar in style to Stockmans since both of these include deep scallops, but that is where the similarities end.


Ropers are an innovative take on the classic western boot design. Rodeo cowboys have to perform calf roping events in which the cowboy has to ride the horse behind a calf to rope it and then continues to get off the horse. This can then run down the rope to effectively stop the calf from moving.

The entire calf roping process is smoothly performed if the cowboy were wearing short-heeled cowboy boots that are unique to the roper boots. In fact, the purpose of the ropers was to make the jobs of rodeo cowboys easier by aiding them to rope the calves quickly during any competitions or shows.

Majority of the roper boots feature a round toe shape and also a flexible sole which guarantees an extremely comfortable fit. Keep in mind a few roper boot feature a lace-up design which promotes a conforming fit and also proper ankle support that makes walking around with them on an easy endeavor.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Cowboy Boots


A good pair of boots will be very hard leather at the bottom and soft at the top. This is to keep the top of your leg mobile, breathable and comfortable. The bottom has to be much harder as this is what will go through the most wear and tear.


A pair of boots that you purchase has to be comfortable enough for your intended activity or they are not worth the consideration. Comfortable lining, a cushioned footbed and cushioned insoles are very important. Other things to consider are gel footbeds and removable orthotics which is made of breathable materials.

Leather Quality

This is almost the entirety of the boot. Hence ensure your boot is of good quality. It is very easy to spot poor quality leather. For starters, good leather smells like the actual leather while the poor quality leather smells like the chemicals or plastic. If something says ”original leather” or ”genuine leather”, it does not necessarily mean the leather is of good quality. Good leather always comes with the best stitch and is also smoother to touch.

Heel & Sole

The bottom of the shoe is doing most of the battle against the ground and hence, you will need a thick sole. Cheaper boots will use rubber or synthetic soles and nice boots will use a more dense leather sole too.

Depending on what you need the shoe for, keep in mind the angle and the size of the heel can drastically vary.


All the leather cowboy boots do not size the same. The general rule of the thumb is to buy a size larger to provide yourself a room, but these days, this isn’t true. Check for the reviews and also try for some boots in any of the local stores. Ensure you look into wider size adjustments too. Your boots will last you a while and hence ensure you get them sized well.

Your Shoe Purpose

Do you just want the ability to add a few wild west to your wardrobe? or are you an aspiring equestrian? Whether you make a fashion statement or require something to work in, there is a western-style cowboy boot for you.

Maybe you need some dancing cowboy shoes or may the cowboy work boots. Knowing the different types of western boots will help to find the best one for you.


You better not be paying more than Dollars if your boots aren’t leather. While it comes to good quality leather boots, you may find something in between one and two hundred dollars. Don’t overpay for something which is synthetic, and don’t buy boots which claim to be leather for under a hundred dollars as they are lying.

Best Cowboy Boots for Flat Feet

Handmade Lucchese Women’s Cowboy Boots

When you plan to purchase Western shoes, you always want them to feel yours, special and unique. This is possible only if they are made manually, by the hands of professionals. This is exactly what Lucchese bootmaker offers.

The shaft measures 12” approximately from the arch. The heel measures approximately 1 ¾ centimeter. The style, tradition, the spirit and most importantly, history makes the boots even more special. This brand has 130 years of experience in the cowboy boots making, the values that pass from generation to generation.

These handmade Lucchese features the highest quality materials of construction which includes channeled leather insoles, soft cream linings, all-leather stacked heels, ¾ welts with lemonwood pegging, original, exclusive twisted-cone last.

Justin Cowboy Boots

The brand approach is combining the modern and tradition innovation in a classic pair of western shoes. These boots implement leading technologies like J-Flex and Flexible Comfort System in order to provide full feet support during the long walks, horse rides or physical work.

This boot is made of 100% leather. The boot opening measures around 13”. It is amazing how the brand managed to combine modern designs, cutting-edge innovations, and 130-years traditions. These boots are an icon in western culture and their heritage will always have a presence in the western character and breathes and lives today.

This pair of chic dark brown boots will allow you to look distinct from others. These boots are surely the most recognizable brands in footwear!

Frye Boot Company

Many people wish to pay a huge amount to get high-quality show wear. This is 100% made of leather. The shaft measures approximately 11.75” from arch. The heel measure approximately 1.5”.

One of the top-rated cowboy boots comes from the Frye Boot Company. Their manufacturing process involves excellent production standards, and this is one of the reasons why they sell awesome cowboy boots around the world and to be one of the best quality cowboy boot brands.

Frye’s roster includes countless styles ranging from the timeless American classics to the modern lifestyle boots. This company uses some of the finest leather materials and it relies on the skilled craftsmanship which allows the footwear brand to offer iconic leather boots which boast unparalleled quality.

Frye has centuries of experience in the boot making process that makes the trade and hence it is no wonder this brand is one of the leading makers of all-American boots.

Final Words

Cowboy boots are really great! You will instantly be equipped with some style when you wear a pair of western boots. These boots go well with all your casual outfits and also your formal ones. But if you plan to buy a pair, make sure you think well and do it right.

Ensure you know what style you are getting. Do you need the traditional cowboy look or do you want something more functional like the western work boot? Or do you require the in-between option of the roper?

Ensure you got a good quality pair of boots. Unless you are in search of some dancing cowboy boots, purchase some real leather. Do not get fooled into overpaying and don’t get swindled into paying for a cheaper product that you thought was a better one!

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