Best Shoes for Dog Walking: Dog Walker Shoes

With the beginning of the new year, so the decade, 2020 is undoubtedly the golden year in every aspect, people are socializing more than ever, Instagram and Snapchat are the go-to apps to share their lives, the apps are flooded with people posting so much with their loved ones and amusingly it’s not just humans but dogs as well.

It’s so surprising to see that dogs have become such an important part of peoples’ lives and have changed the way they look at their lives now, in a more positive way.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss about the best shoes for dog walkers in 2020. Let’s get started.

Comparison of Best Dog Walker Shoes

Shoes for Dog WalkingOur RatingsCurrent Price
Skechers Go Walk Evolution Sneaker9.8/10Check Price
Skechers Women's Empire Fashion Sneaker9.7/10Check Price
ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe9.7/10Check Price
Skechers Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker9.6/10Check Price
Sloggers Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe9.5/10Check Price

Journey as a dog walker

For dog owners, playing with their pets is one of the happiest and relaxing times of the day.  A lot of people post videos of them walking their dogs and sometimes even ending up tripping.

 Now, is it because of filming the video that made them stumble or perhaps the uncomfortable and not so fit worn-out shoes they were wearing?

Walking a dog is one of the most crucial and necessary jobs for the people who pet a dog and it comes with great care and responsibilities, to keep a close eye that the dog doesn’t go too far or run away on the road, thus, one needs to be prepared well to encounter such scenarios.

 A dog walker must be on their feet all the time, attentive, if their sweet little mischievous one plans to go a little too far and play around with them, choose a longer route on their way back home on a nice sunny winter morning or a subtle breezy spring evening.

 Just now think, would you like to ruin that time you spend with your dog out on a walk because you didn’t care about the shoes you were wearing and toppled? No, right?

Therefore, it’s really important to have the right and best pair of shoes for when you go out for a playful walk with your dog and have a good time.

Making the right choice

Walking a dog has never been an easy task and apart from being energy exhaustive and draining, it is a tough job as well.

Naturally, choosing the right fit for the job is not as easy as it may look and one must keep in mind a set of parameters while buying a pair of shoes.

The list of these factors can be ever-growing; thus, it is necessary to have the best to be on your toes.

–    It may end up raining while you are out so it’s important to have waterproof shoes so your dog doesn’t have to miss playing in rain.

–    Since walking your dog can be a bit tedious, the shoes must be comforting probably with a padded sole for a hassle-free run on the green bed.

–    They should be sturdy, have a good grip, to avoid uneasiness.

–    Investing a lot of money on dog walker shoes is not a wise decision as the job demands rigorous exercise and is rough, it is best to go for an affordable pair.

–    It is best advised to go for a pair that is lace-free, preferably slip-on or clogs to escape from getting stuck in tangled laces when your dog wants to take that poop!

Therefore, easy to wear shoes are the go-to mantra.

–    The color of the walking shoes can be as per your choice to match that vibe and aesthetics; however, subtle colors tend to get dirty way too early than warm or darker tones.

–    Apart from this, one more aspect the dog walkers should keep in mind is that the shoes should be casually looking and not blingy unless the dog does not feel left out!

Keeping a close check of all these factors while opting for shoes can be helpful that one realizes when out on a walk. Even though, having a quirky, chic pair won’t do much harm but who knows you might have to clean your dog’s poop off it one day?

Best Dog Walker Shoes Recommendations

Now, you might still be wondering what kind of shoes would be fine for the task.

Here is a quick review on some of the best dog walker shoes that perhaps would prove to be a perfect choice!

These shoes fulfil all the aspects mentioned above and come as a complete package thus claimed to be one of the best for the year 2020.

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution sneakers

The Skechers’ Men’s Go Walk Evolution sneakers are conventionally well-suited for the purpose in all aspects.

 These are easy to wear slip-on, for when you are in hurry, simply tuck them in and you are good to go, they are light weighted and comes with an air-cooled mat insole, so you don’t feel like being pulled down and can easily compete with your dog in the race.

Best Shoes for Dog Walking

It has a wide variety of solid colors to choose from, it’s mesh detailing lets your feet breathe, making it it’s USP.

As these are made using cloth, it fits perfectly and adjusts to any foot shape.

The perforated cushion keeps the feet safe from those bumpy roads, thus, making it a perfect pair to opt for.

Skechers Women’s Sport Empire sneakers

For women comes the Skecher’s Sport Empire sneakers which are beautifully designed with faux leather.

Best Dog Walker Shoes

The smooth faux leather heel panel inside gives great comfort and the heel doesn’t get strained due to roughness.

 These too have a woven mesh fabric on the upper side which again makes them breathable and keeps the feet moisture free and dry.

To add that little fun to the design, it has intricated stitching detailing on top of it and an S logo made with perfection.

 Being slip-on, they are no doubt the easiest to wear and its affordable range with vivid color options makes them a steal!

Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoes

Although, sneakers are the trendsetters of the generation with an extensive list to choose from yet running shoes, being old school, are still considered a good option.

Dog Walking Shoes

There are times when your dog doesn’t want to leave the ground and head back. In such situations, the grip becomes a necessity otherwise your dog will be walking you.

Running shoes provide that grip as these are essentially made to fulfil this aspect.

 One of the best options are the Asics Men’s GEL-Venture 5, that are manufactured to offer grip and sturdiness, the rubber sole satisfies the function of being rigid.

The AHAR outsole rubber facilitates running in critical high-wear areas, the rearfoot GEL cushioning makes it comforting at the same time, hence, these are not just good for walking your dog but can be worn in difficult terrains.

They are available in dual-tone colors. The brush-stroke pattern helps in easy cleaning.

Thus, narrowing it down to running shoes, these are very good for their price.

Skechers Women’s BOBS Beach Bingo Dog House Party sneakers

Who wants to make a nice walk in the evening boring with statement colors, a pinch of doodle has never hurt a so-(le)-ul. Has it?

Best Shoes to Go Out with Dogs

This particular pair from Skechers, for women, is a shout out to all the dog lovers.

BOBS Beach Bingo Dog House Party sneakers are one true love!

The vibrancy of shades and quirky design has made all the dog lovers weak in their knees. They have doodles of different breeds of dogs as their design.

One can pair them with any outfit, the attention is going to be all yours, ladies!

These come with a flexible sole and are a 100% textile manufactured.

As streamlined as the look, the fit is equally comforting and with its memory foam footbed, they can conquer the checklist of essentials.

 It’s time to accept invites for all the dog parties.

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoes

A walk on a blooming sunny evening creates a whole mood but what if the heavenly skies wish otherwise?

Waterproof Dog Walking Shoes

 You cannot skip going out, here comes in play the Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden shoes, that come with a plastic upper lining that keeps the shoe and your feet from getting wet when you step in that puddle of water.

The varied floral designs impart a cheerful vibe even during dark skies.

These are so affordable for a pair of waterproof shoes that they are listed under the ‘must-haves’.

Being sliders, they are one go-to shoe and can be considered as a good option.

Of all the categories I have mentioned so far, these are not the only options and there is a vast collection. These best suit the criteria of easiness and comfort.

One is free to choose as per their needs and perhaps, even a basic pair would work fine. These are generalized trend-setters of 2020.

Final words

It is very clear that nobody ever sheds a thought over the kind of shoes they must wear while walking their dog.

Did you think so before reading this article?

Nevertheless, it is important to think about it wisely.

Even dog walking trainers suggest this during the training sessions that shoes play an important role but the dog walkers’ comfort is necessary.

So, the next time you pay a visit to a store to buy booties for your four-legged lover, think of grabbing the right pair for yourself too!

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