Best Ice Hockey Skates For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, then you need to consider a lot of things before purchasing a pair of hockey skates.

I tried my best to provide you the best information that’ll help you to decide what are the perfect hockey skates for you.

I highly suggest you take some time and read the whole article that is packed with full of information.

But, if you are short on time, and want a quick summary with my personal recommendation, here are the best hockey skates for flat feet.

Our Personal Recommendation

The best ice hockey skates for flat feet are those which have wide forefoot area. These types of skates are perfect for players who have flat feet and wide feet.

If you play hockey regularly, then you need skates that are stiff & durable, otherwise, they can collapse because of high intensity moves & regular use.

If the overpronation or the extent of flat feet is not very high, then are best for you. These skates have standard volume at the instep, and have moderate width on the forefoot.

If the overpronation or extent of flat feet is severe, then you should go with Bauer Nexus Hockey Skates. These skates have high volume at the instep, and they’re extra wide on the forefoot.

However, if you are an entry level player with flat feet who is just learning, and do not want to spend much money on skates, then I’ll suggest you to take a look at American Athletic Hockey Skates. They’re moderate stiff and a lot cheaper than high priced skates.

But, I personally recommend that you should not try to save money on skates because cheap skates can collapse if you’re heavy or do any vigorous movements.

My personal suggestion is to go with Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates if you flat feet.

Go with Bauer Nexus Hockey Skates if you want extra-wide forefoot area. You can also watch this short video that tells some more information about the Bauer Nexus Skates.

Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet Players

Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates

Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates
  • Comfortable comfort: guaranteed by Anaform bone padding on the ankle and the comfortable insert with EVA footbed.
  • Easy to put on: the two-piece tab allows you to quickly put on the ice hockey skates.
  • Better protection: the ankle pads protect the feet better from possible stick impacts.

The Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates are one of the best ice hockey skates for flat feet players.

They are made for the players who have wide forefoot and flat feet. They are high volume fit, so if you have deep heel, high instep, wide or flat feet, then there is nothing better than Bauer Nexus skates.

In these skates, you’ll get a trigger system for the quick release of the steel blade. If you need to sharpen or replace the steel blade, then you can do that in just a few seconds by quickly releasing the blade by using the trigger system.

The midgrade steel is used in the construction of the steel blade that is stainless and doesn’t get rusted with use.

When it comes to the stiffness, you’ll get moderate level of stiffness. When it comes to stiffness, they are not the stiffest skates on the market, but they are perfect for the players who are still developing their skills, and don’t want to buy some expensive skates.

The black tongue provides support and comfort to the ankle. It is moderate stiff, and gives you both protection & comfort.

Inside the skates, moisture wicking microfiber blue liner give you the feel of comfort and also absorb any sweat to keep your feet dry.

They are not the only ice hockey skates on the market, but when it comes to buying skates for flat feet, then definitely Bauer Nexus 2700 are one of the best.

They are moderate stiff with some good features. They are providing good facility at this price point.


  • Perfect for Flat Feet Ice Hockey Players
  • Moderate Stiffness
  • Moisture Wicking Technology
  • Midgrade stainless steel
  • Moderate stiff tongue
  • Not very expensive


  • 795 grams, could be slightly heavy for few players

Check Details for Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates

Botas Largo 571 Pro Hockey Skates

Botas Largo 571 Skates
  • Recommended use: for professional hockey skating and top class level
  • Upper: durable synthetics with waterproof finish
  • Lining: soft nylon fabric laminated lining combined with synthetic materials

These Botas Largo 571 Skates are manufactured in the Europe, to be more specific, Czech Republic.

They are also one of the top-rated hockey skates for players having flat feet and wide feet. These are slightly costly as compared to other entry level skates. Therefore, they are good for the professional hockey players and for those who play a lot, therefore they need skates that can handle continuous force.

These are made with synthetic leather with waterproof finish. This may look odd to you like why do I need waterproof skates, the company is providing this facility so that you can easily clean your skates without over thinking about they’ll get wet from inside.

The soft nylon fabric is used along with synthetic materials that make them soft from inside.

The stainless blade doesn’t get rusted easily, and you can use them for a long time.

There is an extra room for the toe that provides extra protection to the toes and also helps in the stability of the skates.

The carbon fiber is used at some areas of the skates to provide high level of strength while keeping its weight low.

The premium stuff is used in the manufacturing; therefore these skates are stiff and highly durable.


  • Perfect for Flat Feet & Wide Feet
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Soft from inside
  • Stiff
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly costly

Check Details for Botas Largo 571 Skates

American Athletic Hockey Skates

American Athletic Hockey Skates
  • Grey and Black camouflage pattern
  • Soft boot hockey skate for non-competitive ice hockey and recreation
  • Thick foam padding for warmth and comfort

If you are starting out, and just learning skating, then these are perfect for you because they are not costly.

These inexpensive hockey skates are great for the entry level players who do not want to spend big money on the skates.

When buying these skates, you should note that these are for non-competitive ice hockey. These are not very stiff and durable as compared to the skates that were discussed above. They can be used for the competitive hockey sport, but these American Athletic Skates are for the beginners who are learning, and that’s why they’re so cheap.

The stainless steel hockey blade doesn’t get rusted, and if you use them carefully, then they won’t collapse.

They are wide and perfect for the flat foot & ankle support.


  • Good for ankle support, flat & wide feet
  • Cheap
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Perfect for Entry level players
  • Moderate stiffness


  • Not for competitive hockey
  • Not built for heavy skating

Check Details for American Athletic Hockey Skates

The Final Verdict

These are one of the best hockey skates for the flat feet players.

They are not very expensive, and along with it, there are a lot of features that makes them the number choice of hockey players.

At this price point, you’re getting moderate stiff skates that are wide enough to support your flat or wide feet.

As you play, your feet gets sweaty, but thanks to the moisture wicking technology in them, they’ll absorb all the moisture and keep your feet dry.

Some players think that they are heavy, but you can’t expect skates having weight less than that.

I highly recommend them for flat feet hockey players whether they’re young, junior or senior. Before finalizing your decision, make sure to take a look at Bauer Nexus Ice Hockey Skates. They’re totally worth the price you’ll pay.

Things to Know Before Buying Hockey Skates

There are a lot of things that you should know before purchasing a good pair of hockey skates.

I have shared all the helpful information below. But along with that, watching this super helpful video will be great for you.

How to Measure your Feet Size for Hockey Skates

If you want to purchase proper fitting hockey skates whether you have wide feet or not, then the first thing that you have to do is to measure your feet size.

Watch this short video to learn how you can measure your feet at home.

Popular Brands that Manufacture Hockey Skates

When it comes to manufacturing hockey skates, CCM and Bauer are two leading brands on the market.

There are also some other good brands that manufacture ice hockey skates, but these two are totally dominating the skates market.

The looks of the skates doesn’t affect your performance, but the fitting highly affects your performance.

Both of these brands manufacture 3 different lines of skates. The idea behind creating three different lines is to provide a perfect fitting skates to almost every type of feet that includes narrow feet, wide feet, standard feet, and the flat feet.

If you want to purchase skates that are perfect fit on your feet, then it’s very important to learn about these different lines of skates that are manufactured by these top brands.

When it comes to finding perfect fitting skates, then length and width of the foot are the number one thing that needs to be considered. Along with that forefoot, instep, heel, ankle area of the feet is also considered while making the decision.

Generally, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘EE’ denotes the standard width, wide, and extra wide version of the skates. You can hear about volume of the skates from shop owners and hockey players; that is the amount of space you’ll get in the skate for forefoot and instep. The more volume means it’s wide and contains more space for your forefoot and instep.

So, let’s learn about the different lines of skates.

Different Lines of CCM Skates

CCM Jetspeed Skates

Best Ice Hockey Skates for flat feet

The CCM Jetspeed skates are slightly narrow on the forefoot area. These skates are perfect for those players who have narrow feet.

While, if you have flat feet, then these skates is not be a good option for you because they are not wide enough to support your feet.

They have low to medium volume of space at forefoot and instep area of the feet. 

Super Tacks

The CCM Super Tacks are popular because a lot of players use them. They have medium volume on forefoot and instep part of the feet.

You can also call it as the standard size for the normal players. If you have flat feet, then you can use them. But, it is not 100% guarantee that they’ll be a perfect fit for you. This depends on the severity of the overpronation.


best ice Skates for Flat Feet

The CCM Ribcor line is low volume skates that offer the functionality of custom fitting. You can tighten or loosen the fitting of the skates.

They will adapt as per your feet. This is an unusual feature that is only available in the Ribcor skates.

Different Types of Bauer Skates

Watch this short video to learn more about the different lines of Bauer Skates.

Bauer Vapor

The Bauer Vapor skates are low volume skates that are perfect for the players with narrow feet.

They have slightly narrow forefoot with narrow heel. So, they may not be the perfect choice for the flat feet hockey players.

Bauer Supreme

Bauer Supreme Skates for wide feet

The Bauer Supreme skates are standard volume skates that have standard forefoot volume and standard heel area.

They are good for the people with normal feet. However, players with flat feet can use them if the overpronation is not high.

Bauer Nexus

The Bauer Nexus skates are the perfect skates for the flat feet players because they have wide forefoot and deep heel.

They specially designed for the players with wide or flat feet because they need skates which are wide on the forefoot. It doesn’t mean that if you have some level of flat feet, then Bauer Nexus is the only choice you have. Before buying any skates, make sure to measure your feet, and then decide which one line of skates are best for you.

Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Hockey Skates

Everyone knows that the more money you spend the more features you’ll get.

Let’s talk about it in a little detail that will give you some helpful information so that you can estimate how much money you need to spend on your skates.

If you purchase an expensive skates, then you can expect that they’ll be different in three aspects from average priced skates.

I highly recommend that you should watch this short video that clearly explains how expensive skates are different from inexpensive ones.

These three aspects are:

  1. Stiffness of the skates
  2. Material used in the manufacturing
  3. Features


The more stiffness you get in your skates, better it is.

The expensive skates are stiffer as compared to the cheap ones.

A different level of player needs different level of stiffness. An advanced or professional ice hockey player needs an expensive skates that are very stiff, while for an entry level or beginner player can use cheap skates that are softer as compared to the expensive ones.

But, why do I need stiff skates?

The stiffness of your skates decides the life of your skates and how vigorously you can use them.

An advanced player has to take quick turns, heavy & sudden movements. The inexpensive skates are soft and may not handle such impact. They could collapse middle in the game.


The expensive skates are made with carbon composite and carbon fiber that makes them lightweight and stiff.

While, the cheap skates are made with the synthetic leather and nylon. Therefore, they have a soft structure.

The expensive skates have a hard structure because of the carbon fiber, and therefore, there is a much less risk of getting your skate collapse middle in the game.

In both the skates, stainless steel is used. But, in the expensive skates, premium quality steel is used that protects the steel from rust. The steel used in the inexpensive skates is also stainless, but it is not that effective to fight against the rust.

The quality of the holder (that holds the steel blade) is also much better in the expensive skates because different materials are used in both the skates. You can easily notice the difference in their color because they are made with different materials.

In the expensive skates, all the parts are made with premium materials not just plastic or synthetic leather.

In the average priced skates, tongue is made with synthetic leather with nylon finishing that makes it soft. While, in the expensive skates, premium stuff is used, and that makes it stiff.


The expensive skates have some extra features that are totally worth the price.

In many high priced skates, there is a trigger option to change the steel blade easily and quickly.

lacing system of expensive skates

The lacing system is also better. The less pieces are used in the construction of such skates, which results more strength and durability.

They are also more comfortable with premium materials. The premium liners are used inside the skates that absorb and evaporate the sweat and keep your feet dry.

The liners are also present in the entry level skates, but they are not very effective in absorbing the moisture.

What are Different Size Options in Ice Hockey Skates?

Generally, there are three different size categories in hockey skates.

  1. Senior Skates
  2. Junior Skates
  3. Youth Skates

If you wear a men’s size that is nearly 7 or higher than that, then the senior skates are good for you.

While, if you wear boy’s size from 2 to 6.5, then junior skates are good for you. For players who wear less than 1.5, for them, youth size skates are available.

What Type of Hockey Skates Should You Buy?

If you have flat feet, then you should go with Bauer Supreme and Bauer Nexus Skates from the Bauer line. If you prefer CCM, then CCM Super Tacks and Rigcor are good choices you have.

Having flat feet does not mean that you should blindly buy Bauer Supreme or Nexus. It is possible that you have slightly flat feet, and Bauer Vapor Skates fit you perfectly because your overall foot dimensions are not taking much volume.

Sometimes, it is not possible to measure your feet accurately at home.

In that case, just examine your feet. If your flat feet takes extra volume as compared to the normal feet of other players, then go with Bauer Supreme Skates. If your flat feet are also bulky, takes a lot of space, then Bauer Nexus Skates is a good choice.

Final Words

In the above, you have read about some good hockey skates that can be used by players who have flat feet.

It is not like these skates are limited to the flat footed players, anyone can use them. Like when we did a review of the best golf shoes for flat feet, they are for almost anyone.

But, before purchasing any kind of skates, make sure to check the dimensions of your feet. If you have flat feet or wide feet, then you should buy skates that have wide forefoot area.

I hope that this article helped you to take your decision.

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask your question in the comment section. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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