7 Best Jazz Shoes in 2020: Popular Jazz Shoe Brands

Jazz dance is a lot different than other dance forms, as it involves maintaining a high level of energy throughout. Other dance forms may not require music, but moves in jazz depend largely on the tempo of the music played. This makes it jerkier, involving quick body movements.

All these factors demand a jazz shoe to provide flexibility to the dancer. The shoes preferably should be made of leather or canvas material.

As we go about reviewing the best jazz shoes present in the market, we will simultaneously list down other important features they should have.

Comparison of Best Jazz Shoes

Best Jazz ShoesOur RatingsCurrent Price
Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe9.9/10Check Price
Capezio 550 Junior Footlight9.8/10Check Price
Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe9.8/10Check Price
Bloch Dance Girl's Jazz Leather Shoes9.8/10Check Price
ARCLIBER Leather Slip On Jazz Shoe9.7/10Check Price
Dynadans Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz Shoe9.6/10Check Price
Capezio EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-On9.5/10Check Price

Best Jazz Shoes in 2020

Linodes Tent Leather

Perfecting a jazz shoe is not an easy task to achieve and not many jazz shoe brands have been able to do it. That being said, Linodes Tent Leather shoes are bang on target with the required features.

Best Jazz Shoes in 2020

The upper of the shoe is crafted with soft leather, making them ideal for jazz and gymnasium. The lining of the shoe is made of textile material to increase comfort and durability. This allows a dancer to be more flexible while performing difficult dance moves.

For stability, the shoe is equipped with a lightweight flat heel which also adds to the grip. Along with this, the pair comes with a split sole design that provides more support to carry out jerky movements. Both these features give a dancer a feeling of being in contact with the ground.

With the arch lining inserts, the shoes become flawless for all kinds of feet and it is designed keeping both men and women (unisex) in mind.

The counter-free toe box synchronizes the upper of the shoe with the triple-layered front of the sole and builds on the support delivered. To top all these features, the super-rigid sole does not allow the shoe to wear off easily just after a few dance sessions.

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight

When thinking of buying jazz shoes, a dancer can not afford to overlook Capezio as a brand. One of the front runners in the industry since 1887, the company has manufactured a range of phenomenal products.

Best Shoes for Jazz Dance

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight is not a tap shoe, but is compatible with Tele Tone toe, Duo Tone heel, or Selva Staccato taps, making the shoe rarest among the lot. If you have sweaty feet, the moisture-absorbing brushed microfiber lining keeps your feet dry and ready to dance at a moment’s notice.

The shoe is made for both children and adults, with children’s shoes cut wider. This extends a wide width, increasing support and balance to perform flamboyant jazz moves. While buying, take into consideration, size 1 child is uniform to a size 3 adult and begins measuring ½ a size up from a street shoe size.

Available in two sophisticated colors of black and caramel, they come with buckle closure for providing a custom and comfortable fit. The upper of the shoe is covered with a smooth supple 1 mm PU ensuring your skin’s safety as you move quickly wearing them.

The 1.5-inch plastic heel undergoes detailed testing so that a heel dig is prevented by Achilles notch. They are a bit on the pricier side as compared to Linodes Tent Leather shoes, but for the technology that Capezio 550 Junior Footlight offers, we feel it is worth it.

Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe Slip On

Crafted especially for girls and boys, the shoes are perfect for beginners as well as advance jazz dancing and gymnasium. The affordable price range makes them very attractive for parents to get these for their kids. They also offer some of the most advanced features in the market.

Linodes Jazz Dance Leather Shoes

The upper of the shoes is made of leather, whereas the lining material is made of Leatherette. The leather deals with providing comfort and leatherette make it easier to keep the shoes clean and neat.

Another advantage is, the leather allows your kid’s feet to breathe which can keep them from getting tired for a longer period of time.

Jazz is not just about the moves, it is also the clothes and shoes one wears. The outsole is made up of velvet material, extending a classy look. Just like Linodes Tent Leather shoes, these come with a split sole technology and carries the same advantages.

Flat heel, arch inserts, and smooth and comfortable fabric lining keep the feet grounded. In addition, it provides balance by dispensing the weight proportionately on the foot hitting the ground. This keeps your kid’s legs away from any kind of injury so that they can propel their dancing career ahead in 2020.

Bloch Dance Girls Super Jazz

The company was founded in 1932 by Jacob Bloch and since then, they have implemented some groundbreaking technology in building their shoes.

Bloch Jazz Dance Shoes

Along with Capezio, Bloch as a brand is right at the top of the chain. The shoes are also priced at a range similar to its competitors. But there are certain features that differentiate the two.

The strong elastic top allows you to get in and out of the shoes in no time at all. Bloch Dance Girl’s jazz shoes are made to offer a perfect fit. They are also considered as one of the most flexible girl jazz shoes in the industry.

The upper of the shoes are made with 100% full grain soft leather, these offer comfort and breathability every second you spend on the dance floor or practicing jazz steps.

The split sole design helps you perform the basic dance steps such as the jazz walk and jazz square. Whereas, the rubber sole beneath the shoes helps with the more advanced steps such as the well-known soutenu turns.

An important aspect of the shoe is the cotton lining, which allows smooth inflow and outflow of air, helping a dancer’s feet to breathe easily.

ARCLIBER leather slip-on

Having a low profile design, these are made for your children to have the feeling of being in touch with the ground. The shoes come in either black or brown in color. Black looks stylish and graceful with any dance outfit whereas brown makes a dancer look energetic and more vibrant.

Leather Slip On Jazz Shoes

Understanding that your children’s feet are soft and delicate, ARCLIBER leather slip on’s upper is made with flexible leather. This adjusts according to their feet’s size and shape, allowing your child to be comfortable on the dance floor and during rehearsals.

The arch inside the shoes is covered with a stretchable fabric known as neoprene inserts. It contracts and shrinks as a dancer performs advanced moves, dividing the bodyweight equally for support and grip.

The fabric lining along with the stretchable leather present in the back of the heel, helps the feet to fit properly inside the shoes. Moreover, this prevents a dancer’s feet from slipping out of the shoes.

The split rubber sole and a flat heel, measuring approximately ¼ inch, extend support and grip for dancers. Needless to say, these shoes are extremely lightweight and soft as well.

Dynadans leather slip-on

What makes these attractive is the price range they come in. This is by far over of the cheapest value for money jazz shoes on this list.

Best Leather Slip On for Jazz Dancers

The low price range does not impact on the quality and features offered of the shoes. The split sole design is equipped with EVA for extending increased flexibility. This clubbed with a 0.4-inch flat heel adds to the traction and stability.

The thick and sturdy heels at the bottom mean a better and broader base for dancers with wide feet.

The arch inserts are covered with neoprene stretch, just like ARCLIBER’s leather slip-on. These help a dancer perform jazz moves such as Charleston, wherein one is required to shift his/her weight frequently from one foot to another. And in the process, the neoprene stretch helps with the weight distribution.

0.4-inch flat heel helps in dance moves such as the swing and boogie-woogie, by absorbing the shocks generated by this fast-moving dance style. Boogie-woogie dance form is known for its stomps, jumps, and hops, the synthetic sole helps with the traction.

Capezio women’s EJ2 E-series

Prices a bit cheaper than the Capezio women’s Jr. Footlight, these carry a range of features and specialties. A few similar and a few different ones.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the stretchable fabric with which the shoe is constructed. This 100% leather fabric makes them look small, but once they are worn, the shoe automatically adjusts to the shape of a dancer’s feet.

Jazz Dancing Shoes

The shoe’s size matches the street shoe size to avoid any confusion. Capezio provides a 0.5-inch heel with an Achilles relief heel counter feature for the softer top line.

The Achilles relief technology also helps with a comfortable foot landing and absorbing excessive weight. This keeps a dancer’s feet safe and away from any kind of injury.

A perfect base for any kind of jazz session is offered through a split sole textured design. These shoes offer super-absorbent cotton lining and foam padded insoles, making Capezio women’s EJ2 E-series stand out among the rest and is considered as the best jazz shoes for adults.

Jazz is all about Moving fast and being flexible, hence these shoes offer an EBA outsole for extra traction, which will allow smooth seamless movements.

How to Choose Jazz Shoes

Good jazz shoes will not only allow you to propel dance moves ahead but also your career. Every dancer has different types of feet and he/she should consider buying a pair only after taking certain features into consideration.

So without further a due, let’s look at the characteristics which jazz shoes should have, and try to match them with your requirements.

Rubber vs Suede Sole

Whether to go with a rubber or suede sole largely depends on the floor you are going to practice or perform on.

A shoe with a rubber sole is best suited for a surface made out of cement or wood. They provide great support and traction.

A shoe with the suede sole is a perfect match for dance halls with vinyl flooring or merely floors, providing freedom of movement.

Split Sole Over Full Sole

A perfect fit is usually offered by a split sole designed shoes. More often than not, these shoes are lighter in weight than the full sole and provide much more flexibility.

Finding the Perfect Fit is Important

One of the most important characteristics of a jazz shoe is its fit. If your feet have too much room inside the shoe, it may cause rubbing. And too tight a shoe, you will soon start getting cramps.

If you apply a little bit of pressure in front of your toes and find the region squeeze, the shoes are big. At the same time, if you are not able to curl your toes, the pair might be small.

Leather or fabric

The skin of your jazz shoes should be made out of leather or fabric. Anything made of synthetic material is a strict no! The reason for this is, leather or fabric provides the most comfort, breathability, and flexibility in the shoes.

Size of the Heel

The size of the heel largely depends on the jazz dance form and steps. If the steps demand jazz shoes with heels, we recommend looking at Capezio 550 Junior Footlight. If there are no restrictions on the type of footwear to be worn, a shoe with a small heel tab absorbs shocks and prevents injury.

Final Words

With various types of jazz shoes available in the market, it might sometimes become a tedious task to filter through the lot. We hope this list of 7 shoes along with the added information has provided you the necessary clarity.

It should preferably be Capezio or Bloch if you are looking for a reputed brand to back you up in your rehearsals and dance shows. And if you are price conscious, we have mentioned a few in the list which will suit your purpose.

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