Best Chacos for Flat Feet: Are Chacos Good for Flat Feet?

Flat feet occur during childhood if the arches of the feet do not develop, after an injury or from the wear and tear of aging. Most people do not have any symptoms associated with flat feet. But some people with flat feet experience foot pain which is particularly in the heel or arch area.

Chacos sandals are the best for any activity but are Chacos good for flat feet? We will review this in this article and will also tell you which are the best Chacos for flat feet. The footbed is specifically non-slip and if you hike through water, kayak or raft, these sandals are great. The Chaco footbed is well-known in the footwear game for its smooth and supportive BioCentric technology.

Best Chacos for Flat Feet

Chaco Flip Ecotread Flip Sandal

Chaco Men's Flip EcoTread Sandal,Black,10 M US
373 Reviews
Chaco Men's Flip EcoTread Sandal,Black,10 M US
  • Flip-flop featuring water-friendly webbing strap and logo at side heel
  • Luvseat polyurethane footbed with slip-resistant diamond pattern
  • Non-marking EcoTread outsole with 25% recycled rubber
Chaco Men's Flip EcoTread Sandal,Black,7 M US
  • Flip-flop featuring water-friendly webbing strap and logo at side heel
  • Luvseat polyurethane footbed with slip-resistant diamond pattern
  • Non-marking EcoTread outsole with 25% recycled rubber

Chaco offers a simple but effective flip sandal for women and men, this version is one of the best Chacos for flat feet. This Flip Ecotread comes in multiple top strap color options so you may enjoy endless summer adventures in total style and comfort. Man-made materials provide comfortable and durable wear regardless of the terrain or the weather conditions of your summer excursions.

In this sandal, Polyurethane material is textured for a slip-free experience. Aggressive arch support and deep heel cup work together to correct severe over-stabilization of feet. Ecotread rubber sole is non-marking which is made with 25% recycled materials and this develops specifically to absorb extra shock so that you can focus on your excursion while avoiding health issues and foot pain altogether.

All-purpose thread ensures to keep you safe and secure throughout the season. This colorful flip-flop goes way beyond the average while considering summer sandals.

Chacos for flatfeet

Check Details of Chaco Flip Ecotread Flip Sandal

Chaco Women’s Z/Cloud X Sandal

Chaco Women's Zx/1 Cloud Outdoor Sandal, Rose Gold, 7
  • UPPER: Limited-edition polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot and through the midsole for a customized fit
  • Adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers Injection-molded ladder lock buckle
  • MIDSOLE: Women's specific LUVSEAT PU midsole Chaco Cloud cushioning for active comfort Vegan-friendly construction

If you have a very flat foot and have found that the arches on the other sandals are a little high, then this is the sandal recommended. This is an excellent choice for those with wider feet. It is a double-strapped polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot and also through the midsole which is for a customized fit.

It is an anti-microbial application for odor control. This sandal is adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers. It also features performance ChacoGrip rubber outsole and a top layer of ultra-soft PU for instant-cushion underfoot.

Every pair of Z/Cloud X comes standard with podiatrist-certified LUVSEAT PU footbed for all-day support and comfort. This high-quality sandal is thoughtfully designed and it is also suited as a general all-purpose sandal having great performance.

best Chacos for flat feet people

Check Details of Chaco Women's Z/Cloud X Sandal

Chaco ZVolv

Chaco Men's Z/Volv Sandal, Black, 10 M US
  • Casual sandal featuring crisscross webbing straps, adjustable buckle closure, and logo-accented heel
  • LUVSEAT PU midsole
  • EcoTread outsole with 25% recycled rubber compound

Featuring contemporary aesthetics, classic chaco ZVolv design has softer underfoot and 20 percent lighter than any other classic sandals. The ZVolv is ultra-light sandal that you would always require.

It has a polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot and also through the midsole. This is for the ultimate customized fit with adjustable and durable high tensile webbing heel risers. It also features a one-piece PU footbed, outsole and midsole that offer durability, support and traction without compromising the LUVSEAT. The LUVSEAT PU midsole offers all-day comfort and the best support.

These sandals are made with the performance and fit that you need and is also ranked the topmost in every single rating of the website.

Best Chacos for flat feet

Check Details of Chaco ZVolv

Are Chacos Good for Flat Feet

Choosing Chacos for flat feet is one of the best choices. The Chacos shoe comes with a special design that offers orthodontic support to those suffering from flat feet. It is also stylish enough for everyday activities.

Not only that, there are many other benefits you can enjoy with these sandals. These shoes minimize the pain arising from your problem and enable you to stand and walk comfortably. Having an excellent arch position, you can align your body smoothly. The arch support also distributes pressure throughout the feet to have a comfortable and balanced experience.

This will thereby reduce your foot pain and various other issues related to improper support and balance. You can never carry out or complete any important task as far as you are under the worst experience of having irritation of foot pain.

Adding to the reasons why Chacos are good for flat feet we have to add that Chacos have the perfect arch position in its shoes which has the ability to align your entire body smoothly. Arch is the best thing to give your body ultimate support and these shoes also have the ability to improve your overall posture and the perfect balance.

Some of you may have the need to use the sandals that have the ability to provide specialized support to your feet with ease. The ones suffering from the plantar fasciitis can get the best benefits from the chacos sandals. These sandals are also helpful to prevent your arches from collapse.

Does Chacos Insoles Helpful for Flat Feet?

Chaco insoles having strong arch support will improve the way your body communicates with the ground. Stretching and strengthening the calves and arch will help to relieve the pain associated with flat feet. But finding supportive insoles for flat feet will provide long-term arch support that your feet require.

To find the right insoles, one has to identify the type of flat feet. The rigid flat feet are flat when you stand on them and are flat when your feet are unweighted. If you put your foot over the opposite knee and your foot still looks flat, it means you have a rigid flat foot. People having rigid flat feet usually prefer a low arch height.

Flexible flat feet are flat when you stand on them but it shows an arch when they are unweighted. If you put your foot over the opposite knee and the arch appears, it means you have flexible feet. People having flexible flat feet prefer a medium arch height. Hence the right insoles depend on the type of feet.

How to Choose Chacos for Flat Feet

Closed-Toe or Open Toe

You may go with open-toe hiking sandals if you do not expect to do anything serious hiking on trails with rocks and other debris when you may injure your toes.

Arch Support

Even if the shoes for flat feet do not come with any feature, it should possess excellent arch support. Getting this feature in a sandal may be challenging. This is because almost all of them come with a flat design which is just like your feet.

Chacos are usually lightweight with little or no support, shock absorption or cushioning. Even the sandals provide more support to the upper side of your foot and as such, this applies unnecessary stress to the other sections of the feet.

Shock Absorption

The main reasons why shoes are designed with arches are so that they can absorb shock naturally. Up to 150% force of your entire body is sustained by your foot while you walk and run. So, when you purchase a sandal for your condition, always look for those having cushioned insoles. If the sandals offer maximum cushioning, you will have the assurance of comfort all day long.

Let the material of the sandal come from rubber and EVA which performs the best. Just make sure you find the one that provides you the best feel.


While you have flat feet, you can only be comfortable in Chaco sandal that is wider. This is the only one that enables you to flatten your foot on the entire surface which is why Chacos are good for flat feet. But first, you need to get appropriate arch support in a sandal and then look for the sandal having the right fit in width.

Most comfortable sandals are adjustable that allows personal customization to your perfect fit. Most manufacturers produce different width of sandals. This means that the outsoles are a little wider for your foot to have proper support and protection all day long. If you plan to wear narrow sandals, you are opening yourself to ailments. A perfect fit is essential when you want to get the best sandals for flat feet.


When you want to purchase the best sandals for flat feet, check the material of its upper. Normally footwear for the hot environment requires to come from lightweight and breathable materials. The nature of the material prevents excessive irritation or sweating during the day.

The material has to be stretchy so that it can provide a perfect fit and still make room for your feet to expand. High-quality material should also be in the shoe’s inner lining so that they feel breathable, soft and fast to dry. Additional anti-odor and antimicrobial treatments are also beneficial as they can stop the production of fungal infections, odor formation and bacteria.


When you buy the best Chacos for flat feet, they ensure you choose the one that can adjust its fit. You need to get the sandal that offers a secure upper fit to avoid putting on excessive stress on your heels and ankles.

It is advised to purchase the sandals that have complete adjustment and safety buckles that ensure having no wear and tear after much use.

Final Words

Enduring the pain that comes as a result of flat feet is quite challenging for those whose lifestyle entails standing or walking, that is why you need get the ideal shoes for you and looking for the best Chacos for flat feet is important now that you know that Chacos are good for flat feet.

If you go through the above products of Chaco, you will understand they can aid you in your journey. They come with the perfect fit, great cushioning effect and support and will make sure to deal with your problem.

Although, flat feet is something that becomes really hard to bear with the pain. The above sandals are specifically designed to treat these problems and the one suffering from flat feet can find the best in use.

If you want to have a better lifestyle and try to maintain good health, you need to be careful about getting comfort in your life. The best combination of purchases and smart acts can ensure to improve the quality of your life with ease.

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