Overpronation Exercises Physical Therapy

Overpronation is a common health condition that people who live out there have to deal with. If you are affected with overpronation, you will end up with encountering imbalances in your foot. As a result, there is a possibility for the foot to collapse inward when you are standing or walking. This is where you should think about going through the best physical therapy workouts to overcome overpronation.

Why should you overcome overpronation?

It is important for you to ensure proper alignments and appropriate mechanics in your feet at all times. That’s because your feet are proving the base support needed by your body at all times. If your feet are not properly balanced, you may run into numerous health issues along with time. This is where you should immediately start working on the physical therapy workouts to overcome overpronation.

If you don’t treat overpronation, you will run into numerous other health issues in the long run. Here are some of the most prominent issues out of them.

  • Shin splints
  • Bunion formation
  • Callusing of the big toe
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • IT band syndrome

Physical therapy exercises to correct overpronation

Since physical therapy is the most effective method available to correct overpronation, any person who wants to receive positive results may go ahead with it. This is where you should be focusing on the best physical therapy workouts that can deliver positive results to you.

Jump Squat

Overpronation Exercises Physical Therapy

Jump squat is a proven technique available for anyone to overcome overpronation. To engage with this exercise, you should stand while keeping your feet placed at a distance wider than your hips. You should also make sure that the toes are turned out. While retaining in this position, you should send the hips back and then bend your knees. Then you can lower your body to the squat position. You will need to do that until your butt is placed at a lower level than the knees. Then you should jump up and then land softly on the ground, without allowing your knees to collapse

Single leg deadlift

Overpronation Exercises Physical Therapy

To engage with single leg deadlift, you should stand and move your weight to the right leg. Then you will need to hinge forward from the hips, while keeping the back straight. While keeping this position, you should lift the left leg back and lower the right hand to the floor.

While you do this, you should slightly bend the right knee as well. Then you can perform reverse movement, so that you can get back to the starting position. You will be able to complete the preferred number of reps and then repeat the same with your other leg to receive the best results. 


The effectiveness of A-skip in helping people to overcome overpronation is proven. You will need to stand while keeping the feet together. Then you can start skipping. As you do it, you will be driving the right knee to lift you up from the ground. While keeping the foot flexed, you will need to take that back to the ground and continue to repeat the workouts on the other side as well. 

You will need to make sure that your heel is having very little contact along with the ground when you are doing this workout. This will help you to go ahead with a quick and small skip. As you continue to engage with this, you will be stimulating a run. Hence, you can get the opportunity to improve your cadence effectively. When you are having a faster cadence, you can end up with securing a better stride. 


You will need to lay on your side and proceed with this physical therapy exercise. As you lay on your side, you will need to keep one leg on top of another. You will also need to use a resistance band to get the most out of this workout. In fact, the resistance band should be looped around the thighs. While keeping the resistance band in place, you should bend your knees and open your legs, while keeping feet together. 

Then you should return back to the starting position. You will be using the resistance band as an excellent supportive tool to engage with this workout. Hence, it is important to use the best quality resistance band available out there in the market as of now. It should have a width of around 18 to 24 inches. You will also be able to engage with this exercise without resistance, but it will not deliver the best results.

Jump lunge

Jump lunge Overpronation Exercises

Jump lunge is a relatively convenient workout for you to follow when you are trying to overcome overpronation. You should start this by being in the correct lunge position. You should also be keeping the right thigh in parallel to the floor. While keeping that position, you should jump up and switch the legs while they are in midair. This will make the left leg come forward. Along with that, you should land softly. You will need to repeat this for several times, so that you can receive the best results.

Glute bridge

Many people won’t assume that glute bridge is an effective workout for overcoming overpronation, but it really is. You will need to lie on your back and use a resistance band above the knees to engage with this workout. While keeping this position, you should push out the knees and raise the hips. Then you should lower your back while keeping the outward tension in the resistance band. 

As you continue to follow this workout, you should be pulling the abs in during the overall movement. This will help you to flex the glutes at the top effortlessly.

Final words

Now you have a strong understanding on what you should do to overcome overpronation. Simply follow these and get the best results that come on your way. 

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